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Thinking about Academy of Art University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Academy of Art University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Academy of Art University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Academy of Art University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Academy of Art University experience. These Academy of Art University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Is saying so. No, this is so I hear your balls. Okay, so it's kind of loud, but I'm currently in my global marketing class. It's basically teaching us how to be a marker and different parts of the world just in two different countries cultures. I like classes here because these student to teacher ratio is actually very small. It's actually between six two when he students per one teacher. So you actually get to know the teacher. You really need help with something. You can ask questions. So it's a personal setting. I am going to show you around my door. I live in the over twenty one buildings. There are a few that the only about thing about twenty one and over is that a lot of them are away from the actual class buildings. But we do have shuttles like shuttles of school owns that take us from place to place. So I currently live in a loft. I am going to show you around in a little bit, but I like this one because it's bigger. We have more freedom here. We don't have security, so people aren't watching is twenty for seven. But the building is still secure because it is locked. The only way to get in is with your i d. Which is basically with most buildings. So that's our front door. Our entrance is at the top of the stairs. And yes, there was a cat there. We are allowed to have you say you don't know what Yes, it is. It's emotional support animals, uh, come down stairs and we have the bathroom right here. Back over here. Room's a little bit dirty right now because I'm trying to get my life together. Uh, this is, uh, my roomie in eyes. Our space. This is ours. Come over here. And it is our laundry space. Once you move into twenty one and over most dorms, you don't have to pay for laundry, but under twenty one, all have to pay for laundry. Um, Since this is a loft building, we have an open space. So all of our desks right here, our dining table and a very large window, and then we have our kitchen space over here. Don't buy the mass. Who world cooking earlier? Uh, yeah. And that upstairs is my other two roommates Room. I don't want to go on your space. You know, privacy, John. And the other thing I love. Not. It's just the view that we have. Hey, guys. Many Miss Cleo. I am originally from Sacramento, but I decided to move down to San Francisco to study fashion marketing at the academy. Worked. I am going to be your tour guide today and show you the reasons why I should become an At the academy dorms. We have seventeen Dorn's and total. A lot of them are under twenty one, and then we have also over twenty one dorms. Uh, one thing about the over twenty one dorm, so there's only one that's really close, Teo. Other campuses? Um, but a lot of them just get further and further away from campus. But the one thing is that we have school shuttles. Uh, they are not connected with the city, so it does commend her tuition. But it I mean, it's not for you, but let's just say it's free to just hop on and off. But don't you have your school idea? Most of the freshmen dorms have dining halls in them. The one main dorm has a gym and a pool and a swell in coming for us. We usually stay on Sutter Street dorms because it is closer to everything is closer to Union Square. It's just easier to walked everything, and it's really helpful for new students coming on campus because you just get So I'm currently in the gym right now, I'm in a gym locker room. This is where the athletes come to train. But also this is open to everybody, which I love. Me and my friend come here in the morning to try to get in like a quick workout for last thirty to forty five minutes. I like the gym, has a variety of equipment. There's a tread me all. There's an elliptical, theirs fresh thing. There's a lot of arm work. There's a wait. I don't know that any of the equipment. Please forgive me. Unfortunately, there are times of the day we're is very packed. But what I like about how the checking is before you get to June, you do have to check in at the front desk and there is a section where you have to put your idea. And there was a section where if you're only went to the gym, you put your idea there. So before you can check in, you can see if it's like, completely backed or not. Okay. So introduce yourself and your major. And why you chose the academy work well. Oh, I'm Sheesh Eller. I'm a thirty year I kind of our fishing marketing major reason why it shows the university. I also wanted to challenge myself. I wanted something a little bit different versus New York, Basic Cirio and a little bit slower. And also to I wanted to go into the technology field. So I figure, why not be here? And I can also build a network of, you know, a group of people. Ryan chose the university and in particular, um honestly, just more money, Honestly, because there's a little bit more opportunity in terms of the technology feel. Okay, I feel like it would be more in the future. So there was a reason. And how do you feel about the school? The students here the school is really good in terms ofthe is very Dover's I meaning that, like I may friends from like China, some France from Africa, some friends from, you know Dubai. So its innocence as a whole is still a bit more diverse in that aspect. In terms of like the university, how I see a political and terms off like, you know, a student body I think is good in the aspect. Uh, and your favorite thing nearly. So everything about school off everything. Many of the instructors there, like, actually in the field that they're actually talking about giving a lecture about so that I think is a really pro thing about it. In terms of the negative, I would say I was a transportation like innocence. There was, you know, they have shuttle buses, shuttle buses, and they're always eater, used late, never really on time. And when they're on time, sometimes literally they don't even they just stopping Go. Like if someone's there. Yeah, like they're not there. They just goes. They don't even wait. Even though they're late yourself. Yeah, right. And maybe communications when I mean by that, it's basically sometimes mia's students. Sometimes they change things so frequently and they don't really contribute. What do the student feels Are you know the aspect of that? Because previously when I first became a student at the Academy of Art, they had a program called, I think is a RC. I believe the forest abbreviation. And I thought it was very implement because they did, you know, to terrain. And they did actual mentoring, you know, happy which are, you know, time management skills and stuff like that. But now they just went straightly to online without, you know, really telling the student body before it was actually implemented, or, you know, before there was actually gonna get rid of it altogether. So I figure that when I mean by communications. I feel like they should do more of. And do you have any advice for incoming freshmen? Study Tom Management schools is truly, truly important because, you know, with any SNU student, you know, especially new to San Francisco in general, you know, everything's gonna be all new. So you'd be like, Oh, I want to go to this party or I want to try this out. Also is we'll get a Bart Bart cart because you do not want to walk all these hills. You know, search Cisco has or just use over a Okay, so my goal today was to go to the dining halls and show you around, show you one of the main dining halls most people go to. But because I live in twenty one over housing and I'm not required to have a meal plan, which I do not, it is a little bit harder ticket in there, because just to get in, you do have to pay. And when I mentioned filming, it just kind of became a whole thing. So I can't show you around. But I can't explain it. There are three main dining halls, and they are all in the under twenty one dorms. First thing is that they are all basically coming buffet style, but they have what an interesting twist on all of them, the house or international house. They actually have a buffet, and it's kind of not like what you see at other dorms where it's like this huge thing where you can, like, go around. And it's kind of like a narrow, like snake line. No, it's kind of just kind of a small basement cafe in my house, and it's just buffet style, and every single day they have different items on the menu or like a different meal. Many other one is the Pine Cafe that is in the all men's dorm, which is also in the basement. It is buff ice, Ella's well, but instead of you serving yourself, there are people on the other side of the counter that are dishing the food out for you. And again, it is menu style, so every single day it is different. I will say, though, that they do have consistent food, especially for people who have a gluten allergy or vegans and self like that. Or if you don't want to try the things they're experimenting on, there's usually like hamburgers, chicken fingers, fries and things like that that are on the everyday menu on DH, Then the infamous one that everyone goes to is the six twenty no diner that is not in the basement. It is upstairs where actually, it's not upstairs. It's on the second floor. That's all you can eat. It's not buffet style, but you go to the computer in the back of the cafe and it's just a big menu and you can select off the menu they have for the day or again just there, everyday meals that they have. After you're done putting your order, it goes back to the chef, and the chef makes it within ten to fifteen minutes. When I was a freshman, I personally loved going in that cafe because they had a better variety and they had a cleaner food choice. I would say my house was a little bit more greasy, but if you told the chefs like Hey, do you mind not adding so much oil in my food? Because, Oh, I house also had a station where they would make your food, like on certain days, so they had certain special meals they would make. So sometimes when they if they would have had too much oil, you would ask. They're not here, so there's Can I have your name, major? And why you came to the school there? My name is D'Arby Bittner, and my major is nuclear development. Yeah, why? I came to this wass because, like I saw, like a commercial, actually institutes, the art institute's for Colorado. But I figured that was like this. The reviews on it worked that great. So, like the next one that I looked up was Academy of Art after that. And then I just went with it. How do you feel about school or just the students at school? Students. It's like you're next. Who knows? Obviously I will. The teachers here are teachers here are amazing, but everything else is kind of. But the teachers and the student body are really great in my opinion, but your favorite thing, or at least see everything about the school. My favorite thing is the education that you get here. It's really amazing. Just the different types of late teachers that are just there to I really want you to succeed. My least favorite thing about the school is mainly just the administration outs run because, think, in my opinion, it doesn't seem like they care really as much about the students as obviously teachers do people that work with students and everything. Just with how I worked with my advisor and stuff like that. And there's a new one, like almost every week or something or every semester or something like that. It just makes me feel like what you know. I mean, like, my friend, for example, has is directing every every all the questions to your mom because her mom is paying for, you know, college, and they keep trying to pester her about it and being like, Oh, we have to answer these questions like, No, my mom's paying for it. You should ask her. She knows the answers, you know, I mean, and it just gets kind of overwhelming with what we have to deal with how much money we're spending to be here for. It's like it shouldn't be this big of a hassle, too. Spend money to go here. That's the only thing. But the redeeming quality of it is that the teachers are really good here, like they really want you to succeed, and they really try everything in their power to do that. It's on the dice. I will give. The freshman is make friends in any depart. Really? You don't know what kind of connections you're going to need. You don't know what kind of connections you know, one in the future, anything like that. But if you flow with somebody, just keep going with that. And that kind of ties in to Blake. Just sorry. I forgot my second point. Oh. Oh, yeah. Talk with people, talk with people about classes, Talked with people in your department, of course, about classes. Talk about which teachers are better teaching are are just more your style adapting to your learning, whatever. Because since I've done and I've chosen the teachers and I've chosen the classes and I've stayed away from certain teachers or what have you, I've had a a way better experience obviously can't lake, you know, and you shouldn't stay away from every teacher that you've probably maybe like, but just having like someone gives you like a recommendation of a teacher or class to take. It's really good to take that. So just make friends and tough people. So what classes you want? Take in what teachers wanted Take. Thank you, Derby. Thank you. Your name, your major, How long he's been here? My name's Allison Soul. I am a photography major specializing in advertising and commercial work, and I have been here. This is my third year. Okay? And how do you feel about the student body? What do you do? How do you contribute? I am a peer mentor at the school, so it helps with just getting to know the city. I get new mentees every semester. People can apply, whether their first year or any part of a program. I think it really just helps knowing someone, too, because it's hard to meet people since it's an urban campus and were spread out and on a localized campus. But I've heard really positive things from it. I'm also the vice president of the sorority on campus Sigma Delta, but our school's very diverse people come from all cities, countries, continents all over the world. And it's really cool getting a network with people that have different specialties, whether it's in the major or just what country they're from. Right and your favorite and least favorite thing about school. My favorite thing is that the professors are still working, working in the industry because I've hade jobs come from teachers just because I've expressed that I'm interested in getting internships even though I'm not on my fourth year yet and I would say my least favorite part is just how expensive the school is. Okay And advice. Refreshment advice for freshman is Go to the club mixer. They have them every semester. I highly recommend signing up for a club and if you don't see one, not fits for you. Also making a club. Get involved with campus life. Goto a new suit orientation and just really be involved.