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Thinking about Agnes Scott College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Agnes Scott College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Agnes Scott College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Agnes Scott College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Agnes Scott College experience. These Agnes Scott College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Olive Gongombe

Maryland, African Studies , Class of 2020



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So right now, I'm just sitting on them bench outside the library. Another friend, Father. But Agnes. So our homecoming is called black. And so it's class as a collar on part of the yellow class. Well, there was a beat. Okay, so, uh, part of the yellow class, which is not one when you're a little bit and it fits some other colors are blue, which is a sophomore class. Green is the junior class and read, which is a senior class in, like every year rotates? No, like your class graduated last year. And now my classes in yellow class. And you just with it's, like every year. So during homecoming, we have no, because rush dickwad, which is over here, and this side is quite in the back. I'm going to show you guys after, so we all get, like, a designated area. So like my class DC, where, like this whole backboard and we have to decorate the whole area like yellow. So paint balloons just objects all kinds of stuff. We have, like, we had a dick, yo, Teddy bears and everything. And the green class was over here. So if you like and they're also a sister class. So yellow and green s sister classes. And when Radha sister classes so all classes will be here and it's this part was like yellow and this boat was green. And in the back, one part was read Another part was blue and so like Russia Quad at midnight everybody gets out. Everybody's bring the class, Call it like I at a yellow T shirt. Yellow Kate, but yellow mass. Like I went all out and we're just decorated and just decorating everything. And in Austin, we're just going to show you guys. But after we is how to four so like my class at the last four, so that we put, like, yellow paper balloons, you know, just make it as yellow as possible. And unfortunately, we didn't win this year. So I'm part of the analysts off honest chapter of the V. Right? And this right here is a member. So introduce yourself and tell the small. But you you major, what you like to do, everyone? I am a criminal justice chair, and I am a sociology anthropology Africana studies major. And I'm a junior and honey, I miss you, Nina. That's me. And she does it all. She wants most to be a lawyer. Yes. So, like she's though. Thank you. So what's your favorite thing about Agnes and your ice on such a brush or think, you know, everybody likes the grand firsthand. The bugs that is green is really green. And you leased everything about this. No. I don't know. I don't know. So right now we are in evidence which is the dining hall with that Harry part of eyes as well. It's been around since, like, the beginning of the school. And so let me walk you guys through the process of getting food here. So tables, this right here is the senior table. So if you're not a senior, you cannot sit on this thing like they will kick you. They will kick you out. Like, is that serious? So first I already ate. Some is gonna show you guys. You stand, then you got to go pray from there for anyone. And there's, like, all these food options. So this right here this always fries over here like old time and could be a burger or whatever is being offered is the vegan option. And over here is like the visa section. And there's the international section there. Like they're run out of food already. And this is You demand Manu Teo here. Yeah, I think I might confuse tonight. Oh, and it's Wednesday. It's plastic on Wednesdays. So is like a salad bar like Food Island, all that and the desert isle deaf cake today use more food, but it's got closer. Well, they run out, you know, drink options. Can't you see I'm kind of sorry? That's evidence for you. And like I said, he's like, really, really big people. Here come my lunch from the community. Get anybody could just come in, get you, Teo talk, socialize. It's a good time. So fun. Fight about Agnes. Once your sophomore, you get a black queen and you become part of black, Bring Mafia. So this is Jody. There's a ring. It's right here is pretty. It is like you can't really see it right now, but it has a C carved on it. And like your class here on the side and you can pick it's like silver gold, and it's the whole ceremony. So how was the service? This ceremony was beautiful. Drawing just walked up. Forgot area when he was really emotional and I got white roses. It was And you gotta look nice suit. Okay, just so you can't like stroking sweat sleep jury's also. All right, Wayne Shit hole. Just like the other freshmen hope. But I don't live the veteran war. Okay, let's not. Which ship is bigger? But mine is better. Just way have love, Robert, We're going on a big rivalry when she is not that deep. But, you know, you always on the red where you One last thing the footing ever is really not degree Wait. McCain library shelves are stocked, and so are the minds of our librarians, who are incredibly helpful at getting us the resources we need. Tohave solid research. My favorite part of the library to hang out in is the second section because it features Robert Frost. Work used to come to Agnes Scott College to teach seminars on poetry. There are great lounging chairs in this This is Campbell Hall. Here's where we have mostly all of our classes. It's really great because they have these desktops that can pop out, so you actually don't necessarily need a laptop. And it's a really great resource, especially for the economy classes I'm taking in here, and it's got flinty, a white bird space. So tell us how you guys met. So we met on her Facebook page. But everyone joins whenever you get the Agnes and then actually a mutual friend that recommended us to you. And then we started chatting and over the course of about two way, got to know each other really well. And you pretty good friends and a side of you. And it's not ever since. Great. I see you have your little Scottie dog super cute. Right? You're seven as our next and dense a dresser and the closet. Yes, yes, the booth. So now we are in my neighbors slash, friend. How you guys? It's one seventeen. This's a ledger. Yes. I was hurting me. Eating some of the amazing Evan's lunch, pizza and broccoli and a whole bunch of pizza and broccoli. No balanced diet. A balanced vegetarian diet. Yeah. Oh, dear friend, here's vegetarians. So did you introduce yourself? There's a major what you do. I am Lydia Cash. I'm in international relations slash religious studies, double major. And I really, really like to watch movies. I'm not one of my favorite things about campuses. Whenever I'm watching a movie, like plenty of people are down. Teacher Wait, There's a lot of international films everybody likes. She likes she lost Prince. Oh, yes, I love French culture. I loving around like, you know, we have international students on campus, and I get Teo bother them about French stuff. And I get a lot of light help with my discussing French accent. Especially from Olive, my dear neighbor and friend. So tell us about you and join his troupe. That good? Oh, my gosh, My journey. She was so much fun. So us you already know I'm a Francophile, so I got to get a martini, which has a very unique, beautiful French culture. And of course, as you probably already know what's in the Caribbean or the anti until easy's Auntie this Andy, for the French people. And it was just so much fun. I got to find so much I got to practice my French. I got to meet new people in more need, but also new, like Agnes people. No, it was a beautiful experience. All right, So what is your favorite thing about Agnes and your least everything about it? Uh, my favorite thing about Agnes is probably just all of the amazing people on campus. We have a really wonderful, like student community. I like how there is, like, a lovely amount of diversity on campus. You know, nobody feels left out for, you know, race, gender, sexual identity, that kind of sting interested the students home. And then I guess at least everything that Agnes is homework. But you get out every school. But and this really creeps up on me. The assignments Now we create the world. Glow is the work Lotuses intent? It's their life there. We didn't win at first. Then I was like, Whoa, the second semester. Second second semester. Get you, man. Not for sure, but thank you. Of course, I love being on the log. So right now I'm sitting in our campus conceive, Oh, this is a space that I really like to come. Teo, I just need a rest. Um, it's centrally located. It's right in the quad. It's a great place to really just let yourself decompress. I often will bring my planner over to Cassie bow and get some sunshine and just kind of, you know, write everything out. Especially as a first year. My advice would be to just really break down. Your syllabus is everything you need is listed in there. And the great thing about going to a small liberal arts college is that your professors are so willing to talk to you about how to best manage all of the word you're gonna be doing and making it unique. So that's right. Us This is Evan starting Hall. I get ten meals a week. That is the lowest meal plan available. They have an incredible vegan station with a chef who is just such a wholesome cook, and I get most of my meals from their other students. Really enjoy the fact that we have an ice cream bar, a pizza station, and on Wednesdays we have, uh, fried chicken and fried catfish and a bunch of Southern