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Why did you choose AU, and a bunch of other questions answered.

Keep in mind her opinions and thoughts are unique to her! Although, her beliefs seem to mimic those of the larger student body as well.

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Okay, so my name is and the reason why I chose you wanted financial. So I really like the fact that it was away from home, but it was not too far from home. I also like that it was a small campus and it was not too large. So can you please describe the student body here? I was head of the student body here is pretty friendly. I do find that people are really clicking and I wish I could interact with more people. Can you please describe your typical Friday night? Friday night's. If I have a lot of Homer, I'll try toe like, you know, say, let me stay home. Can you describe what options here? Okay, so the food options here are really trashed way Only have one dining hall way have, like, fourteen coffee stops. Even though we have, like, little other options, just that's really going to fill me up like losing way up out of time. We have, like, one dining hall, like three gyms, and it doesn't make any sense. We need another dining hall, and also the dining hall is really repented. So what is your favorite part of? My favorite part of you would definitely be the campuses because I think you're so beautiful. My, like the quad area and stuff and like Small, What is your least favorite part? My least favorite part will be definitely the food. My favorite class will be my music class, which was widely punished. I just like it because it makes you question things that you have any thoughts. It's just like a really good like questions. Clyde, what's the surrounding towns on the surrounding? Tom is really white, and it's really suburban. I feel like I mean, when you get into town, tell you, have more food options and stuff. I just find a discouraging that I have to go like thirty minutes. Supplies for that has like items from my hair type and fight. It's really deferred, Make or like if I wanted you to see something like we have subways or something like that is no story life of what's your major? My majors, which is communications thought did not. Can you please describe the academic environment here? I found the academic environment here is really good way, have a lot of options. You don't want to be living every day that you're here complaining about something like, Well, I was here, etcetera, etcetera, for the next four years and also like Don't like College is gonna be different, hard. I feel like when I was going to college applications, they made it World War three and something that I could never handle, but it's actually possible to avoid it.