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Final thoughts: pros and cons of Amherst part 1

Amherst cons: 1. fickle weather 2. more rural location 3. academic pressure Amherst pros: 1. open curriculum 2. faculty relationships 3. buffet-style dining 4. spacious dorms/culture houses 5. study abroad resources 6. free music lessons for students on financial aid who have taken a music course

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Lily Fang
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I'm outside right now on one of three college on hammocks outside my door, and it's actually kind of a gloomy day. I don't know what better promotional material there is then college only hammocks on de so out of here. I just wanted to give you a crash course, kind of like a rundown of what I think the major pros and cons of Amherst. Our help you if you kind of need a crash course and like making a decision. So I'll start with the cons just because I think it's always good to get through the negative things first. So the things that I dislike most about Amherst are probably just the fickle weather, like as you can see. Like, you know, there was a beautiful weather and other videos, and here it's now kind of stormy and gloomy. The winter can be kind of depressing, but one spring comes and you know the fall there, they're all very gorgeous and beautiful. Another thing that I just like is definitely the academic pressure. I think it's really easy to feel inadequate since you're around all these high achieving people and it's easy to start comparing yourself, but I think it's also a great opportunity for you to learn how not to compare yourself on how to really just do your own thing and you maximize your potential rather than trying. Um and finally, I would also just say, since Emerson is not and the most accessible of places, uh, it can be a little bit difficulty. It could be a little bubble feeling if, you know, I'm saying and difficulty to you get out. Um, though I actually took quite a few trips to Boston this semester, and it is possible you just really have to work around your schedule and look for rides to ride share groups or other shuttle services. In terms of the pros, I would say first the faculty, the student relationships. We've become very fond of each other, the faculty and the students, and they really support you as people. Another thing academically would be the open curriculum, because you can not only delve deeply into your major. You can also have a true love or Arctic education, having no required courses by being able to explore whatever you what, outside of those your major requirements. I would also say that our dorms are pretty spacious and are living. Um, I also would say that it's nice to have a dining hall that's the face style and accessible like with unlimited swipes. The food is so so sometimes sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's only meth, But I would say just having the option there and being able to stir fry and everything really makes it a lot better. Like not having Teo, you know, like decide whether you want this or that because you can only have one entree. I would also say that the nature is really awesome here. I'm being able to go on hikes, being able to see the leaves in the fall. Like I said, even though it's not super accessible Teo, major cities, you still can get to them and like we still like we're not living on a farm or anything. Even though we do have a college farm, there's still things like Target and Walmart and traitor Joe's and Whole Foods just like down the road..