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Good Afternoon, welcome to my room!

Baker has three university sponsored housing options including, residence halls, university apartments and greek houses. This is an example of a room at a greek house. For more information about residence life at baker visit, www.bakeru.edu

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Lily Baker
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Just waking up from my afternoon nap and in my room. It's pretty common to be in Greek life at Baker. So I'm going to show you what it's like to be in here. Then we have my lovely collage jewel and my dresser. A central where it daily? Um, but the freshmen dorms on campus, usually freshmen live in dorms. Then if you do decide to join a Greek house than you could move in on your sophomore status, Um, we have Irwin Hall and we have an l see, Andi, I lived in that Well, see, it was really fun. Then you have your bathroom attached to it on DH. We have, like, a communal bathroom in the house. I have a roommate herself, so where they're her side is always a little bit cleaner than mine. It's super fun to live with a bunch of women. I've learned a lot about myself, become super comfortable with myself. I feel like I could work with someone you different types of people now. So Baker Greek life is ranked like numbers here in the nation tonight, ten would recommend checking it out.