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Got some questions? I have some answers!

Baker is a small school in a small town, with great weather! I answer some frequently asked questions in this video and tell you more about the little details you are curious about! I also get distracted by a hawk! Woah!

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FAA cues that we get is, uh, what is it like to go to school in a smaller town in a roll community? And I've really enjoyed it. We have this thing called Maple Leaf Festival, which is every October. It's a big festival where the town Oh, my gosh, there's a hawk. Can you see it? Well, bigger is also an arboretum, so they're like birds everywhere. So So the kind of cool thing is that we're all always like doing things that the community super involved with, that which is really, really fun. They go out to area schools to do their teacher practica mes and have great relationships with people in the community because they might already know that. It's super Q and super fun being in a small town. That makes Baker Baker, and I was scared of that first. Our student faculty ratio is thirteen to one, so you have a really close relationship with your professors and advisors. Um, and you also know pretty much everyone on campus or no of them. So you say hi to tons of people on your way to class. We have ten minutes in between each class, if you like, have a class back to back because it only takes like maybe five minutes to walk to your other class, which is really nice. Even I live off campus and it doesn't take me that long to walk to class. Another question we get is what is the weather like here? And well, as you can see right now, it's really funny. I should've worn my sunglasses, but we do get all four seasons and in Kansas, which is a really nice in Washington. So here it's cool to experience every season and see the leaves change. Since there are so many leaves on campus, fall is definitely my favorites have a beer.