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Welcome to the Library! part 1

The Library is my personal favorite place to study. With plenty of cozy nooks and study rooms you will always find students studying and working hard on this quieter second floor.

Video Location Collins Library - Baker University

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Lily Baker
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It's technically first floor, the bottom floor, second through the basement. This is another really great place to study on campus. We have encyclopedias, dictionaries over here, All kind of a reference type Things. Um, and this is a big old study area with lots of company chairs. I can talk a little bit more normally, but this is a great room to study. Sometimes people have classes in here if they're smaller discussion classes, there's a big old TV in here. Have you ever seen one of those? It's like a digital white board, basically, but this is just one of the many study rooms that we have in the library on the second floor. Study rooms along this one, and I'm gonna take you up something that's pretty unique back here. So right here is a record player that also has a CB thing and a cassette thing, and this whole wall is all lined with different music. Um, and then there's a whole another library out there with records and all. So this is a really fun place to study, and we have a music at program here that's really great. On DSO, music at majors will sometimes have to study different compositions of music. We also have a quest class that's again our general education program that's unique to Baker. It's kind of like a broad thing, but basically you take different course's over your four years here that are your general education courses. So instead of having to take come on, a General course you're Gen. Of course, is your first two years. You get to dive into a major right away and be taking those general education courses throughout your baker experience. Part of that we have, like a history of rock and roll class that counts for an English credit. So you might come in this room and kind of listen to music and do project for that class using this room. Gonna take you down to the first floor now to the basement, which is open twenty four hours.