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Housing Bathrooms || Woodworth

Here I just talk a bit about how bathrooms are laid out at Ball State and what to expect with the different types. Sometimes this can be confusing when men and women live int he same complex so I wanted to clarify.

Video Location Ball State University

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Kami Christina
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We're in Woodbridge Hall, which is a female only housing complex. Um, all housing complexes doing swipe into their holes, but not necessarily into their floors. Um, typically in a housing complex, floors will alternate by gender. Or maybe, too so guy guy and the girl girl on DH. That's just if the bathrooms are communal style. Like individual shower starts, Saul's. Um, a semiprivate style back through means that there might be sixty eight rooms using one restroom. Typically, it has two toilets, two showers, two sinks. They're only cleaned once a week, whereas communal is cleaned every day. Just something to consider for the styles of bathroom preference is that you can have in a room and just know that Woodworth Hall is the only female only complex.