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Let's take a stroll through the quad together.

The 'Quad' is the original par tof campus on the southwest side. It's the largest grass area in campus. If you like this, be sure to also check out duck pond on the north end or the Cardinal Greenway that follows the White River.

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Kami Christina
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When people talk about the quad, they're going to be referring to the old part of the state. It was a junior College people do not live on campus, so there weren't housing complexes. So our quad is set up for that type of scenario. Then the perimeter all around the quad is academic buildings or what used to be academic buildings. I'm so if I just kind of give you a three sixty, you'll see what I mean. This is where should you come to do a visit or orientation? Um, that's actually the building you're gonna start in. Them It's across the street from the student center. This is the, um, David Alice Lee Museum inside here on the second floor. Should you graduate in the spring? Um, you would graduate in front of the set up all the chairs on the lawn There, you beautiful place.