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Events on the Quad

Barnard's Quad is comprised of Sulzberger, Hewitt, Brooks, and Reid residence halls, which all house first years and shape the campus community and much of student life. This is a great study spot in the fall and spring, and it feels like an escape from the busy streets of NYC.

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Haley Ward
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Thing that I like the most about the quad is that they hold so many events here throughout the year and give away for you. They had a Halloween fast with free pumpkins for candy free apple cider donuts, which are amazing during February. They have a s'mores night, which is kind of wack because it's freezing outside. I went anyway to get a Free Beanie, and my room is literally right up there. So didn't require much effort in as a freshman. So it's really nice because you could just walk outside and be like, in the heart of campus. Um, and then another weird event that Barnard has is during first semester. They lay out tables all throughout campus, and they put a giant sub on it. So this sub is just lining campus, and it was It was pretty tasty.