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Haley Explains the Difficulty of Barnard and Shows a Popular Study Spot!

Long story short: if you love Barnard, you should come here. There is no need to worry about how difficult it's going to be.

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Haley Ward
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After I got into Barnard, I was actually a little scared to come here because I was worried it was gonna be too hard, which was a ridiculous fear. Looking back on it now, I think my senior year of high school is actually harder than freshman year. It really depends on the classes you're taking. So if you're a narrow major, it's gonna be a lot harder that so right now I'm kind of breezing through freshman year, thankfully, but it really depends on what your major is in what classes you want to take. Do something that's really hard to quantify, and it is for all colleges. I'm going to show you a room that I study in someone, actually, and I'm studying. It's actually a place I went to during the night breakfast.