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Hey, guys. So we are going to the library. Quiet the library quad on campus. So this is Bates Colleges Library quad. It is a very popular super quad on Can't Boil. You know it essentially is a student in quiet because Sooners, they're always there. I'm during the during special, especially when it's warm during the fall semester. It's really popular for us to have dances such as, like we have a nineties dance, an eighties dance during the fall, and normally that's taken place right here. There's a live band during the fall semester during finals week, and sometimes we're in the beginning of the week. They have like petting zoos for the students and like Puppy Pillay's or the faculty will bring dogs and like, essentially, just coming, pet them or whatever. You people do that to think, Um, so yeah, it's a really pivotal part of campus. It's writing from the library and then right there next to chase and right next to the den, which is my favorite place. So Yeah, welcome to Bates guys. Hey, guys. So I am in front of Hawthorne. Haha! Ethan Haas is one of the oldest buildings on campus, so essentially it is also by the quad next to Dana, which next decorum on the night squad, Bates College and next to the chapel. And it's also next to Parker. Parker Hall is a one of the door, Another dorm on campus. Then you freshmen in there. I love Parker because of the porch. The porch is amazing. I live there during my sophomore year, but I s o yeah, Ha ha is, Ah, it's when we really wants one of the oldest building on campus. It's so apparently like I've had math. And here it's ah, like houses. The math department in math workshop and also a lot of the math teacher's. Normally the math teachers, they bring their. They bring their dogs there. So there's always a lot of dogs. And they're and they bring their dogs to classes. Really amazing. But Hoffan Hall is just really, really beautiful. Pluses. Like, Look up the stairs, Yeah. My name is Eric Vera. I just wantedto introduce myself to use and something will be giving you a tour of this wonderful institution. I'm a junior for Groton, Massachusetts, which is the northern sort of border New Hampshire, Massachusetts. I am Ecology Major, which is a type of environmental science, and we'll get warrants in this when I take you along to some of my class periods and show you around, show you have any work. But I just wanted to give a little bit back myself. Then Adam, it's so maker committal or a movie, a dozen I've created with a few friends. It was the worst thing ever. But ever since then with such a great experience that I kind of wanted to keep working with that meeting, I figured, What better way to introduce such a beautiful school than to do it through very clear, unbiased look at the student body? Some of my other interests are on the club. Soccer's. I'll probably take in some of the very highly coveted, very competitive intramural soccer here. Bates. I'm also part of the Outing club on. I believe I already have a video up of a little trip. I went on a local state park around here, so check that out. Definitely give a watch. You can do idea of some of the surrounding area and what there is to do around mates to see if that piques your interest. Next I'll show you Winship Hello, campus. Really? I'm coming at you with a little bit of a change of pace left campus earlier today and went one of the many state parks and wildlife preserves scattered through Central and Northern. Mean, that's one of the biggest prose going to Bates the fallen Springer. Beautiful filled with times you could just escape campus. This is, uh, this is called Tumbledown Mountain. It's about in hour an hour and twenty away from Bates usually are out in club. We have annual trips here. We have introductory trip for first years and then whatever you want, you can just send an email to the club list, and anyone who wants to join you can join you. It's one of the many pros that come with going to Bates that a lot of people don't really necessarily think about because you can't get these views anywhere else. Oh, God time, Yeah. No. So I All right there. All right? I'm going to be sharing with in out. Right? Really popular, right? Be dropping. Wives. Things. Certainly around campus. No state in thanks. All right. Gonna find me on the lad quad. It's called the lad quad because it's adjacent to arm highly coveted Latin library problem. Now there is a multitude of spaces to study at Bates, but typically you'll find your library is one of the highly contested places to study because there's always a quiet work environment, different variations of chairs, desks on DH. Basically, you confined somewhere in this building that you can study comfortably and efficiently. Now debates. Course load is pretty rigorous. Seeing is our semesters air only twelve weeks, which she'll notice is considerably shorter than most schools. But we don't really jeopardize the amount of information we learned this semester and based on that size, so we just go through. Things are at a very rapid pace, almost breaking out. Typically, you'll take four classes this semester, although you can take five passes and depending on what your major is. If you're in our engineering program, you can even take up to six. I'm sorry. There's some construction going on. Ana. Let's take you in the library. Hey, guys. So we're with Maya. Who's going to tell you about her? Bates experience some? Yeah, You. Oh, sorry. I like it because it was me here. Here. When, for the first, like the diversity there. Any others. Base is definitely right. Yeah, I'm a ginger. Is that you? One thing just forces that are very interdisciplinary and not Dylan that leave my least favorite thing about these is, I think Lisa wants like you can't get. Fine. Really maintain, like very close relationships with perfect. So then, how would you know? Mm. The population populations various endemic climate. There's always people freezing. It is only like eight people per class. Depending if you're in like a big class, like I would say it's like forty. Yeah, No, thank you guys, for tuning in. A guy. So I am in Merrill Jam Mail. This is, well, one of our gym's on campus. That our track. So, um, Merrill Jim is one of the gems on campus that held like the dance studio. Hello, Dance major. Which is right upstairs. Um, also, we have, like, way have silks for your circus club. The one of the silks with a circus club. We have elliptical machines. Trade now all your cardio needs or whatnot. Building next door to us is Davis Davis. Davis has the weight room and has a lot of more so for like lacrosse. Tennis team is more so for them till I kind of get back that nice burger. Also, for people who just wants to get really into working out, then even joined the way that thing away. And they and they wait there from Saturday on Saturdays from four. Thirty six thirty. So you know as well, they also work out every day. But, you know, so yeah, this is the way. And this is just the track, you know? Come on, Crutches can't really move around, but hello. Hey, guys. So I have in Hawaii, the or the office of Inter Cultural Education. It's basically like the people of colors on campus, like Little Show spot. Pretty much that's Whoa, that's what I believe it is. But, yeah, eso It's one of my favorite places to be on campus also, because it's really it's really home by. We have a lot of coaches. We could do homework. Always have like events. We've had an event for MLK Day here. We had a whole party for all the students on campus to come, enjoy, learnt about it and learn about them Okay. And a lot of his stuff or everything. We has a lot of TV's here. We play watch movies. It's essentially like one of the best spots are campus for me. Hey, guys. Welcome to college, lad. Library library has three floors plus the ground floor. I'm normally the first floor. It goes like the ground floor is one of the more chancery Tabish places more loud. Then the second, the first floor is like carnival as kind of in between. Not too loud. Not too much The first. The second floor is pretty quiet. And then, like for floor is like, Well, the third war is like like you go theory, you're going up there to go do work. You're going to, like, stay up there for, like, say, nine hours and probably die, you know, from the amount of work. Just kidding. Um, welcome to college. So, yeah, Look, a little more of the library, in fact, is that I used to work at the library at the circulation. That's right here. Right here is where you can look up. Course reserves for classes. So if you say a teacher assigns a book for class, I'm free to read. You can. Essentially, they'll put it on. The course is ours for the library. You can go and check out the book at the library for two hours or however long, the professor decides to hold the book for a better option and paying for books are for the classes because it's cost a lot of money like a lot like blocked. Hey, guys. So welcome to Bates College, HQ wide or one of our quads. Though the quad is right over yonder by past the core and past the library, this is the quad were normally, if you come as a purpose person as a prospective student, then you get you Essentially, This is where the first stop is for the tours on campus. Well, yonder is. This is the Multi ve chapel where we has a lot of acapella concerts, church. And if you any faith that you or religious belief, or even if you're not even religious, you can go there, meditate and kind of reflect. That's a really beautiful space, but the quad itself is a really a major, amazing time. It's really cold right now because of the snow, but normally, when it's nice and warm, people come out here and sit, do your homework, you get to sit and just lay on a beat, lay on the grass. It's really nice in the fall. It's really nice to play and leaves because, like they really, they make really giant leaf. Powell's her Bates, and we were kind of like to strum on them and take a lot of pictures. It's really amazing, like I really love our quad. So funny honey story about the dance program and needs. So the dance program actually is more of a recent program now. So before they didn't have the dance studio before, they had, um, well, the dance studios that we have now are before were used by the rowing team as their weight room. And the dance department was more like kind of conjugated a little in the corner of that room. But now we have both dance studio have a massive curtain and now and when I go, it's about I'll see you soon. It is very unpopular. Right now, I'm walking from our main quad, which sort of like a focal point between our library, College Street, Campus Avenue and then our main academic buildings and going Mohr towards our academic quad. It's more of like a pathway, and it's called Alumni walk. This is where all of the major academic buildings are situated. It's also where a lot of people just hang out on beautiful days like today. Now here we're going toe. Just walk up on a student is getting dangerously close to the squirrel as he Hey, guys. So we are in petting Gil haw. We call it Pidio. Essentially, that's the nickname for it. Pickle is beautiful. Beautiful academic. It's so gorgeous in here like, Oh, my God, they're treating. I'm going to take your eyes. You'll see some of this gorgeousness. That is what P go. Soap Eagle. Essentially house like the psychic depart this like department. Some people from the bio department are here. And normally I've had, like, big some our classes. Classes that range from Mike. Thirty people to forty people commit rummler and these hall are in these buildings, So yeah, let's take a look around Pigalle, Gorgeous. It's so gorgeous in here. So, like in the winter