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Also you guys. I wanted to show you guys Job City. I'm so sad that it's closed on Saturdays. Java City is pretty much the best coffeehouse we have on campus. Located right in the library. It's open except for on Saturdays. It's open the same time. The library, a cz, amazing coffee, milk shakes and my favorite cinnamon buns that I probably ever had on campus. Or, for that matter, anywhere. So Java is a really good place on We come here by the library and caffeine boost. They've also got a kind of little pot over here. So you know you need some fruit, some drinks, some snacks, candy bars himself. Get out to here. But this is job. I really wish it wasn't close. I could show you guys one with cinnamon buns, but a job is a really cool place. Right in the library. Great place for us. Hey, you guys welcome to bury colleges, main dining home or simply referred to us as a whole. The hole is in Craner Center. It's kind of like the center of campus in between everything so DeHart much. It's open pretty own much all the time. On weekdays it's open from seven to seven, I think No. Seventeen. Eight. Um, so seven a. M p m. It's got pretty much everything you guys could. One. We've got a pizza bar to go in the entire time. We've got an omelet station in the morning. We've got fruit chobani yogurt. Let's see, we've got four five drink machine scattered throughout the building. Um, pretty much anything you guys want you could imagine. So I will say, last semester whole was not the best, had a reputation for not just being like the best food like sees under everything. But I will say they really stepped up this semester and they've done better. We haven't to explore bar that has, like something new. That's kind of like foreign food. Everyday. Wear the Mongolian station now way. Have a new line that has, like new cool foods on all the time. So I will say they've stepped up that a lot and tried to make it better. But they're really good at listening your concerns. So I will say the hole is actually a pretty good place. Now I enjoy the food, so, yeah, that One more thing about the hall just to show you guys help. Awesome. If it actually really is Look it everything I got, we've got some grapes, fried chicken, grilled chicken, some looks like fry's. I've got an amazing little caramel cake here. They only have things every now and then, But they are amazing. Chobani yogurt grapes. I'm gonna go get some candles in a minute, so they really try and make sure we have everything we need here. Um, I have a lot of stuff, so