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you think himself gives a good amount of life. So if you're dark, you still can be seen this video. Don't forget to like comets. So scrap. Do it because I'm doing this and I'll see you in the next piece out, Godless. So it is officially the first day of homecoming. That's what I'm saying. That's currently a homecoming. He'd bash and I do that everything. Hopefully, I don't know. I was really recording or walking or doing anything lately, but yeah, so I'm getting my hair done it till Tuesday. That's what I would Really cute. I'm still because it's the texture is amazing. I just want it conditioner on. It is so hot and they sort of period say cheese. I won't stop. Yeah, I didn't block today. Your today was so buzzard is crazy. I tell you what happened. So I went to the party and my friend was like, Are you sure you want to go to the party? I sure don't want to go to parties like, Yeah, I'm gonna go to a party. Like Why not? That is to sign one. I just remember home. I was thinking like Okay, none of them just go back home. That's a nice it's homecoming. We're gonna be late. So I go there a part in the Burger King parking lot. Mandy, where even closes at 10. I'll go to the party and throughout the party. I keep getting this gut feeling like you should get and told You should get until you should talk. And I saw God got me. He'll watch over the car. I go back to Burger King. My car is told, bro. All right back Total saying like my crap was gone. And, like, I was just numb to it. So ask someone a question. They told me the tone numbers over there called, and they said one sixties when I got to give to them tonight to get my car. So well, so I have 16 260. But 75 was for my hair, so I only had 100 and 20 left. Whatever me, which wasn't enough. Sorry. Text. My shook it out of you. I'm like, um I need your help. Whatever it around and thinking to myself. God got me. I'm gonna lose this. But God's gonna give it to me in a greater sum. Whatever. That's how I always talk whenever I do something my mom has instilled that in me. Don't worry about it. Everything happens for a reason. Instead of stressing yourself out, give it to God. He ends up giving me this little bottle this mini bottle, and then he ends up giving me 1 40 So I lost 100 but I reimbursed $40 So I got my $100 back plus 40. So I have money for my hair. The 75 plus 1 40 that I just get to spend. So I'm gonna buy a bottle tomorrow, so we're gonna be drunk all fucking week, Okay? Because this was a terrible start and nobody will be killed. Will be drunk all week. We're gonna finish this ship Monday. Wednesday. We'll never finish it. And then every other day, we're gonna just be drinking just Goodbye. Goodbye. We have somebody get in bed and I'm going to sleep. So that was the beginning of my homecoming. Hopefully, the week as the week progresses, things get better. Hey, uh, greetings and humble salutations. My name is deeply. I had blogging at all, but we're heading into the The comedy. So were kinda late. Look, they already started, so hopefully this is lit. This is my second year. Look at this. Oh, see, I got it. But people that try to be cool how come you have so much to be cool Wait. Yeah. What happened? I will. I'm just a Penis. No, no, she came to my area. So the role Lauren reversed all that was wrong. And I guess you can't be in the mission because he had that way. Come oni in Bologna in Colonia. Oh, my God. I think I'm gonna get ugly to get to. We are getting dolled up here. Just use. Hang on. No way. Liddy Blue. Just good guys. You've been accused of being. That's right. But I'm out here with finger outlets. I'm trying to find a jersey and a black boat to go around my dress, so hopefully I find something. It's really cute out here. It's really pretty aesthetically pleasing. It's very Caucasian like, Yeah, but let me let me give you out of date last night because I didn't log, like at, uh, last night that I was a good, good night. I was a good drunk because I got sober by 12. I think so. The goon bay was good. I had a good old time. I grew big, It was fun. And the drinks I had way have Thomason blue juice and lemonade. And that shit was so quick fire. So fire, this is Wow. And this is a creep. Birds so good. You just keep drinking, drinking, drinking and boom, You're drunk. It's bug. I was so sure that this guy wasn't given. No, folks, it was a good yesterday was the day. I want to see it. Hmm. Has a black, huh? It's okay. Yes. So today I'm going to the step show on Dhe. Then we're going to a cabin party, and we're gonna be drunk out of both events. We're gonna be drinking three days now. Okay? The bodies. And that's high. No, we took a break Tuesday, though. What was yesterday? I took a break Tuesday. Oh, yeah. I definitely took a break. Yeah, I took a break Tuesday. Monday, drink yesterday, drinking today I'm drinking again. I feel up to it. So I guess I'll talk to you in a little bit a bone. Okay. I am getting ready. Comptel. I'm about to curl my hair. I come, I hear them. Them for my jewelry on pork chop that four top or indeed you is over there. Yeah, We'll see when I'm fully dressed. I'm not putting any make a bomb. Today. So we're going natural. So, Tia and a little bit I'm, like, all over the place with this blonde. But you don't get it together. You don't get it together. And a little it's This is my who's that and I'm killing myself. Hopefully the step shows worth my $15 because if not, I'm gonna be hot. But I got no makeup on too. I still look good. What's going on? You see, I'm fucking screaming. I do it bad. I have a ride done. People took a struggling to walk. Just me, this new bitch. That's what I got to looking, Lou. I'm so tired of drinking tyr e first. No, I think what you're doing. Three Michael Sprite lemonade and cookies with the right way. Just say you want me for All right. Close. Honestly. All right. Put myself to sleep because my new game going be See? It's like just tell Miss Crystal Light. Well, let me find that it's going. Imagine we come. Here we come. I would do it myself. What? I've been jumping. Oh, better to mixing. Not have tequila. That's what was that? Pineapples. Shit. Fine. Always looking. Yeah. Hello. Good morning. uh, murder Yang today, the last day of hope coming in. Honestly, I am over away. Like, I had so much fun this homecoming I had ah, lot of fun. Literally, like, every day I have fun. Do something that turned me off like it was a button that I had a lot of farm. So today side today, today's a game. Do they have a little parade? As you guys conceive? But I got things to do, So I've got time to watch the parade. I look so cute. I haven't had to him forever. I can't wait to take it off and get my curls back away. My carlos need to come back. Um, yeah. So I'm gonna go to the bank that I'm gonna go to Ross to see if I can find a cute little out bids. Yeah. So that's the plan for today. I'm never tired. I want to sleep madly. It's like I can never get a full. I'm not a rest. Um, tomorrow I'm going out to breakfast with my girl tiff, and we're gonna do grocery shopping and the tomorrow Other than that, all I'm doing his homework. That's it. Nothing else. in the morning. Oh, seems like the parade's done on. Let me get my booth. We are on our way to the game now. Titties. Girl showed him back. Boys, it's so hot. I'm wearing all blood, but I'm excited to go. They're still selling your shirts. Really, Really still about me Mush nuts. This here. My butt looks good. Let loose. Yeah, I think of the streams. That's a beauty. I think we're thinking big toe shot. I just think I don't think you're talking about her. It couldn't be. It's so high outside so fucking hard. And it started to rain a little bit this morning. Um, out of money. Yes. Yeah, I have a right to my car. So once I get there, No way. Wait. It is hot as hell out here. Hey, it's about time. Two girls finishing up her first year of college and, like, I don't sound enthusiastic. I entered a video like when I first came in. I was like, This is I don't know. No, I have not been recording, but I am in my in my dorm, in my door. Okay, so I'll give you a little quick dorm torm tour before and after my contacts on this, I have to clean this out right here. I have to fix my desk. A couple things packed under here. I have my sheets of stuff washing and then I have restore put in here. Put it in here. We are leaving. Like I'm more than a static in my freshman year. Like I'm so happy. I'm literally, like I literally finish my freshman year, and I think I'm gonna get straight A's this semester. So that's a lesson, mister. I got one being always And so the semester I think I might have straight A's. We'll see. But, um, like I'm leaving, you know, like who says b you few Jesus, Like I, you know, in the beginning, in the beginning, I hate to cook like I hated the year it was this. I hate changes, but I adapt to changes. Well, so after, like, three months of being here, I just fell in love with it is crazy. He's like, I'm gonna be a sophomore like I finished my first year college are like I finished my first year break in college. This is exciting. It's really exciting. I'm really excited. I'm really proud of myself. And I can't wait to see my final grades. I got an front that's like, literally the class that gave me the most trouble last semester. That's classic. Stop me from Village Davies. And literally I conquered it and I killed it. And it's French, too. So how you gonna be in French one and get an inference to. But, um, I was thinking like, Okay, so I wanted to Deborah Major. But a lot, of course. And not to do it's not a good idea. And I definitely want a minor someone. As soon as I come back here, I'm gonna talk to my advisor about minor ring or double majoring and see how that goes. Because if I'm capable of giving straight is seven glasses, I'm pretty sure I could pick up a couple more sauce thinking about either mining and French or Mannering and social work. Um, next semester, I really just want to be on my goal line like next. Mr next year I'm gonna do that. I want to be on Arnie. The goal is to gradually ordered 3.6, but I want or higher, but I really want a 3.8 or four point when I graduate. Okay, let me Let me tell you some of my goals for next year. I'll go next year escaping a 3.8 or higher, um, staying steady in a B Sayigh and running for something and there and then maybe a dance troupe. Maybe so. I've been rambling for a while now. Probably choppers to do this, but I talk to you a little bit. Hey. Yeah. Okay. So I just literally i literally when I mean, let's really I literally just finished my last final, so that's exciting. I can't wait for them to put in grades. Said in my seventh is the last day for them is putting drains, So yeah, fingers crossed. I literally this Amos and I honestly just want to sleep like I just want to lay down and sleep. But I gotta do things. So and I'm hungry. I gotta go to Wal Mart. Gotta get food. And I know I'm supposed to be buying substance shoes because they don't have rain balls in my city. So I wanted to get some Susan Ring, Bos, but we'll see. We'll see what I end up doing because it is one o'clock. So I do have time to chill. I don't plan on going to sleep early tonight, but I'm definitely gonna packing. I gotta go spread the back of my freshman year's over, and I'm going. Amazing. And I already seemed a scholarship for next semester is only like, 3000 but it's better than nothing. So I can't wait till more scholarship start rolling in. Don't know. I get a good amount, so just I'm probably gonna go back and talk to the O later. I couldn't talk to you a long time. I thought Do you like tomorrow? We're not. Probably not till later. So pretty soon I'm not even done tracking their stuff in between stuff over there. But this hunt, I'm not even done packing This is radicals. So it is officially move out. Your girls? Um, pretty much. All I gotta do is finish. We'd be, but everything in a bag and I'm done. My mom wants the room. Long City, you have to leave by two o'clock. And it's like a love. So with enough time Yeah, it's It's been really like It's crazy. I'm finishing my freaking freshman year of high school. Freshman Michael expert here. Collins. It's crazy. And I just seen some girls outside arguing like girls the last day we are moving out. I guess I'm done packing. I'm sure. My sister lighting a terrible There we go. It's all about the turn in my key. And then you're until next time we see you. Yeah, and I am unpacked. We're ready to leave. Gracia you. I'm gone. I'm Mrs Do Like we had the best view of the campus of good dreams and comfort. I've missed this desk. Why? Never works. I miss my closet where held on my nice sexy clothes in these wars Don't mind sexy clothes, the better uncomfortable you just you learn to comfortable way puts up on it and yes, say I'm done I'm leaving. Let's do it this way. We're done. We're done. May get It was empty Just like that. I swore I a i e have just arrived home from a fricking four hour drive. I do by myself. I wasn't planning on driving, but things happen and I have to drive. And I'm still tired. I need food. And I got things to do later. Okay? I like that. Has got to go to the bank. Second piece tuition. Sorry about so yeah, I want to share with Char. Okay, so, you know, you really be about ready. So listen, today has been okay, so I just want to say your girl got a four point No, this unless there. Okay, I'm, like, so happy. And I swear, it's like, literally, God, literally God, like, literally, it's literally God, God is literally on my side Always who never felt too pull through impress and let me know that it's okay a called Danto interview and then I you know, the lady about the scholarship because there's a scholarship that I did, and for some reason, I psyched myself out thinking that I did not say that the scholarship excuse me. I went online to see like it feels updated or whatever. Bombs were trespassing because I got straight A's. She's like she's Haitian, So she's like, I'm way only my my cells understand? But anyways, time on the lady I found out that I dismissed scholarship and everything is OK and to watch out for e mails that I should be getting soon or whatever. And then I bought it today that I got a four point working old this semester. Yo, when I mean I was pulling breaking teeth this semester, Let me tell you, let me let me tell you so last semester, add a 3.8. So I have one being always and literally less than Mr I was a little fun. I wasn't I wasn't going out as much, but I was. But I had fun this semester. I think I had more fun this semester that I did last semester. This semester I had so much fun, but I definitely picked and choose like I didn't go to parties like That's one thing that I canceled out. I stopped going to parties. I didn't leave my room unless it was necessary. Like to go food or if I previously planned it before. And it's not like I got smarter. Everything. This is my work. Ethics. I know. I'm really good time managing. I procrastinate. That's one thing I do very well, but I know what to hold off on. What tweet last minute for like, I got straight A's like I got I had a four point. Oh, and I'm finishing with a 3.9 And could be told me that when I was a freaking and call in high school. I never believed you could semester. I'm a lot more. You're gonna see tears, sweat and blood that I put into it. I'm next. Must I plan on getting a job? So yeah, just Yeah, I would just see you. I will see my growth and yes, see me. Good. So thank you. I think I think it's gonna be the end of the video. Okay, so or maybe I don't know what I'm gonna end it, but I don't. I'm ending it now. But if I ended it on, let me say it. Let me see what I got to say. Thank you. Are the tornado Don't forget to like Kwan Ms Ascribed jewelry Because I'm doing this and I'll see you in the next big deal. Good afternoon, everyone. I just decided I'm gonna plug right now so I can block my weekend. It is possible, but I am not attending classics. But I will be attending the parties. So I'm running a few errands trying to get out of my room. I'm tryingto would drink for essays that are due on the 27. And it is like 17 or the 18 today. Yeah, Right now, I just picked up a package from my mail room. I should be getting a fashionable practice. Pretty, but I don't know when. And right now I'm heading to the mall. Just see, like, if there's any chance that I could get in there and get some ice cream and I'm edits video video ended abruptly. I have reached them. I have arrived at the bottom of my car, so I have the right there tomorrow. I'm let me tell you how my morning with my morning was I got, um, this do put air in my tires, but said, my child, my tires were getting twice, which I had no idea was occurring. Um, And then I went home and I showered, and literally it took me like two hours to get ready. I ate a showered and I did my hair and all the extra stuff, and I don't even worn makeup ever. So I don't see why it takes me forever to get ready, but it it does. So I'm just gonna go in tomorrow and see what they have in the morning. I'm gonna get anything because Black Friday is coming around. I can't even see him. He's walking her. Look at it. Look at this night. Okay? So you asked another stick. You can't see my lipstick in bomb, So I got a sort of a door seat of a secret. I will tell you guys the name of the lipstick lip gloss. Let's get inside the mall. This small, by the way, is crap. You trash Too rash. That's what tomorrow is this trash. It's crappy. And I'm hated. Source the mind. But I do come in here with a little cruise. A key. Okay. So, um Mm hmm. I don't really know what I'm looking for, but I'm looking. Look, it let me show you on my surrounding. It's really cute in your okay. The market sucks like it's annoying. It's so good outside. You want to get my picture? You good? Not even a picture video? Not 00 Oh, Cindy, You want my number? A boyfriend, girl. All the fucking girl cannot live. Cannot fucking ain't ya know, I got a boyfriend at that time. I have a boyfriend. Get some of boyfriend. It was a shame outfit. It's not the number that I got. Like, seven years ago. I got the shoes that I got six months ago. *** are weird. Oh, my God. And like, this other *** who I think wanted to hit on me was watching the whole ordeal. And I'm just like, um, yeah, can I get in the booth? I don't know. Men are just weird. And he was, like, older or whatever. Men are just weird. Like, Can I live? I live in the child care. So, Aiken, brat, Because this happens all the time. It's like there's not a time that doesn't happen. Like they always someone, But they would be as I'm extremely nice. Like I'm not I'm not rude. I'm not If you won't talk to me, talk to me. But I I have a boyfriend. I always tell them I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. What boyfriend? What magical boyfriend do you have that they don't know about? Right. But I always have a magical boyfriend. Let me know why these alcoholics are trying. Okay, I care. Okay? Yeah. You got to take a shot. I know. I said I wasn't leaving my dorm tonight, but my Esty, Me Q. We're going out to dinner or very late night. Get this off it from national. It is a body suit, velvet texture. I want during the summer. I'm filing out wearing it, and it is I got it in July, and it is now November the end of November. Yeah, so I guess I was there, But you guys will not be seeing him at all. So wait, especially sorry. Days looking like we're going out for months. And then later on, we will be attending a party. That's how we're doing. Hey, I finished. I finally finished the homecoming video. Yeah, Okay. It's working. I'll show the roof from Charlie and Theo. Really? Wait for me. Wait. I got hot sauce in my base. The Oh, Okay. Wait. Okay. Wait, wait. You want 70 in the road like we already knew what was gonna happen. Like this is not a surprise. It's a one prayer. I pray for offering twice, kid. I'll tell you when I pray God receives. Okay, Wait. Yeah, that So my thing When you see your wait way. Think way. Wait, wait. They're like they rarely wait. Isn't mind the rest. I I e No, bitch. You know Mommy.