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Jocelyn Introduces Herself and Campus Life

Jocelyn is a sophomore Communication Studies Major with a double minor in Business Administration and Biblical Studies. She is originally from Redlands, CA and loves the Southern California weather. Next year she is going to be a Resident Advisor (RA) in Hope Hall! There are seven residence halls on campus and every building has multiple RAs!

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Jocelyn Chu
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My name is Jocelyn, and I am going to be your campus. Really? Tour guide for Biola University to start off, I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about myself and then I'm gonna jump in to dorm life. I'm originally from Redlands, California, and I am a communication studies major with a business administration miner and a minor and biblical studies. If you decide to come to violin, diversity were very special in that we all get to participate and having a biblical studies minor. It is a thirty unit minor, which means they're ten classes you have to take. All of them are super crucial to the formation of your faith here. The only people that do not have a Bible minor are those students who are in the story honors institute. That is because they have their own separate curriculum. If you decide to attend here, you will be a Bible minor. I am a business administration double minor because I really care about where else I can expand my horizons here in college. So I decided business and communication could go hand in hand, and I am enjoying it. I have lived in hope all for the past two years, and I will be living here again as a resident advisor. That is one of the many on campus job opportunities that you will get here. A viola and the resident advisors There are either one or two on every floor in one of the seven in each of the seven buildings and in each of the buildings, there's one or two resident directors who are full time staffers here who are in charge of the resident advisors and oversee the entire residents life community.