Bowie State University Campus

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Tracy. So you have to give students special, Billy looking that way to, you know, bring in the coffee shop. Wait later. Space attracts lots of twenty, so nothing goes on in there. Most. What, please. Yeah, change for Yeah. This stuff. Chicken, chicken sandwich. What? Doctor? Messenger What but days? Detective. Nothing must go too. No. Just people hanging out children. Now most people here during the week. Monday, Monday, Tuesday. There's a lot of come, It's not. So this is a trap. You're welcome on the truck. You know, do whatever you want. Lunch, Brandt. You everyday needs. Don't we have tennis course? If you had the tenants You you friends, into tennis? No. This is the place for you. We have so many tennis courts. We don't even know how. I really don't know why not a lot of people. The time is not here. Okay, So there's never a day you will come, and I have a spot to play tennis of. You see back there basketball courts two of them, so you could win the game. Place is pretty business like, especially the basketball court. It is very busy doing, you know, during, uh, doing the summertime and then we come to to the main one. Oh, yeah, we do have some balls. Sight, softball, baseball, baseball too. Field idea. And then we have football for both. For both, football is getting it. I saw moving on to the sports. So we have Vienna's s James complex. So this is a basketball, you know, basketball team, football team and other supposed to do have here. Not too much of it. Film me. Not so much. You know, just a bullet on you. This is libel. You have to study that book's. This is where one of the rooms look like. Study areas a lot of studying. So that's a cool thing about, you know, you could come in checkbooks. Sit, chill. Don't want of time. Needed going to go upstairs and I'm not sure. Most private study rooms and another Section two. Like this. Another floor is another floor. It's gonna look like this similar, but not not not as big is like the bottom part, so that's good. Nothing much more. So I'm about to go to the main Bob. Somebody with the main lobby show you what it's like. Nothing much, dear play, you know, computers ofthis Okay, so the back door was open? No. Don't step on the court. You can't step on the court with any type of shoes that you gotta have. Basketball shoes. You know what? Um, you shoes can't be away. Whatever. There was not mine. So championships raging all the way backto What was that? You know? From twenty fourteen. Eighteen. Is it eighteen, seventy years? You know Championships. Champ uses championships, CIA home. We're not really antsy Double school, so I don't know what division I basketball team is in, but for fourteen wise division three. Yeah, there was a three or four by pretty good ball courts. Um, this is just the training ones deal will course up there. But this is just a training cool. Moving on to fit might not be opened up. Oh, part of the library. Not too much play. There are a lot of cats on, dude, I don't know what we pulled out when there's a lot of Castle campus, but management does take your somebody catch home to feed them so we don't have a cat running around. Right now. We got to go to the M, OK, Boon. Oh, no. Pretty sure that's what? The convocation. We'll check, but I'm part of the show campus for these? Yeah, definitely. Sure. That's what is taking you home. There's the admin building. Fall your admin needs. Registration Finance, are they? Student council? Whatever you name, it come so you know you have any questions about, you know, your classes, schedule whatever. Go in there for that. Harry really, Henry, and build what it's called. So not going to talk much, but we got to go into this. Mondo came building. I'm not going to quit as I walked there, but Mr Jim. So far. Pretty good. Pretty decent. You don't have a football coach and some players working out for the off season. No getting them back. See, I got to get this Well, I saw that was but his tour. I hope you liked it. Blue State is a great campus. I couldn't have said it better myself. My friends explained it. Shoulder everything. I told you everything. No. All around is a great place. Till you feel me. We have a more not so far from me. Catch the bus. We have saved cars on campus. Bring the car, go over. You want to go to you know what more could you ask for? Great food, great people. Good environment for me. Nothing much more goes on. Okay. There's nothing more you can expect from a small college K from a non populated called you know you got another place Ecologists. Too much people filming? No, you don't get the really experience. You know a lot. But as a small campus, we do allot filmy like people. A lot of people would come here. They don't even go here. They would leave their school to come here. That's just how great our school is. Fill me. So we have right now is cold, you know? But don't springtime when it gets warmer. We have already xrt eternities barbecues. We have play houses. What? No, That play houses. You know what I mean? This light Well, carnivals, condoms. You know, school may kind of been your kids. Your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife, your husband. Chill, relax. Have fun playing music. And I'll say we're around the community. No. And then you just go back to your your berries outside military and Teo, uh, it's your house, Okay. Your apartment on campus. Okay, Your housing. But, um, and how much I could say Kill me. We have police statement, Bully state way. All right, so we put it up to the student center on top. Three floors, two top three floors first Boys like Main building, second floor. It's like a cat. And in the third floor I think things like this student like the people. Mascot. Let's take a walk inside. And they got their own the bookstore. But behind. The bookstore. Your every day. Things cold, Josie. Food computer, Penner. Basically, Bush stole for you know anything else? That someone campus, You know, mascot stuff? No. You want to help your school? That's where you get your year, Pat. Megs Books. Well, this way you get your books one. So no way. I was gonna get it from so much of it. Hey, you know, is the I don't know. And as your everyday store. Okay, you everyday grocery shopping story. So working goshi idiot Go. Are you staying? Hi, Soulsday. Yes, so I mean students anyway. Not too busy. So they got video. I was hoping it was gonna be a little stuff going on. But, you know, sayings is Friday. Most people trying to go home for the weekend. You know, nothing really much going on. I was taking on the right foot, you see? Was I call it internal flame because no matter, like, you know, like rain, thunderstorm, snow dead flame goes on Definitely never goes out. You would never see this light. Go on. No matter what the weather is. No rain, no whatever. I think it's because of the the feud has Brennan it this like it's not generic fire is some nose electric, whatever, so pretty much.