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Hi, there my name is Diana and I am your Campus Reel ambassador. I come from Philly and on-campus I am captain of the rugby team and have a job working at phonathon. Join me to learn more about what Brandeis has to offer!

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Diana Epstein
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Wait, My name is Diana, and I'm your campus real ambassador for Brandeis University. We say first year and said a freshman, because, you know, general, neutral friend, Let's see, I'm majoring in and decided with the minor possibilities. Dio I just can tell you it is absolutely not major in chemistry or file because those classes are hard. Um, and, uh, on campus, I am captain of the brain nice women's rugby team. Um, which is super fun and something I most definitely did not think that I would ever do when I came to campus. Um, and I also have an on campus job working bone a thon where I call alumni, um, to just, you know, catch up on their lives here about their brand is experience and talk. About the brand is Fund, which raises money for scholarships and financial aid. I chose Brandeis, to be honest, because it was of the schools I got into. It was the one with the best reputation on DH. I was really looking for, like, a smallish school that had a good vibe. The students here all really passionate about whatever they choose on DH. That's why I chose Brandeis University, so I'm ready and excited to take you on a tour of my campus.