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Smithfield, RI

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So, guys, this is morning again. Um, so this is my dorm, um, has our names on it. My roommate Sam's cheek. Um, there's me. Uh, yeah, just gonna, you know, pretty simple, actually. Very good season. That's not hard to open it, but I am when? Apparently nobody present. So, yes, this is the door. So this is my side's a little mess. You down there usually is not that bad. There's this. She got some storage space. He storage space over here. He actually has more space. We've measured it out, which is fine, because he has clearly amore closing me on DH. Then also here's like, now, in the beginning of the trash cans stuff. And then here's our micro fridge on, then hears his bed. It's, like, lowered. So do you think be up like mine or could be lowered like his? You can You can adjust. It doesn't take that hard to do mind has my dresser underneath the joy. Can't Laura moved the dresser, but I kind of like my set up right now, s So then you could hang stuff on your wall. His American flag is his frat. That he's in Andi Here's also his set up like his room set up and his stuff. We're space over here. We kind of use that space for both of our stuff is, well, I put some stuff there as well on Here's My Bed, which is somewhat made, not completely made. He was able to bring his TV, which was awesome. So we sometimes watch movies a swell. It's awesome. Um, like play video games sometimes on then here is my stance a little messy, but not too bad compared to other boys rooms event, and it's actually it's a little bit better, so but yes, it's a little better. So I have some posters up Rome poster in New York. Giants have this one that keeps falling. So yes, well, actually survive. Lead that into so some a essentials. You need something that can hang up dorm room supplies because this would not stay up, and it's just I think it's definitely in the central people need, and it's not like you don't have it. It's it's not difficult, but like I was able to hang this up pretty simply, but like it's hard to hang other things up. If you don't have it. Another thing would be just kind of, uh, dorm room. Essential would be So I'll show you this. So this is Tupperware. This is an essential you need. So you ve to store something in it? Or maybe if you like, have leftovers. Take it in that and then you can bring it back to your room. Andi, I think micro fridge isn't essential as well. That's definitely something you need. I think if you're into smoothies, bring a smoothie maker. You doesn't make a lot of things that with smoothie makers that bring that army, you don't really need a TV. It's nice to have, but I have friends that have a TV like I have TVs and there's a TV usually in your common area. So are not usually at Bryant, though. There is if you're in the freshman dorms on and unique thing about Bryant, actually, So Bryant, actually, in junior and senior year, you actually owe can only live in sweets if you want to live on campus, which is interesting because no other campuses have that senior year. Then you live in a townhouse, which is it could be typically five people in the tunnels for seven people in tennis. Sweet to give me six people. It could be seven people, so kind of range is on that number before as well. So it's kind of that's one thing that's different than other schools. You have to be in a suite software engineer if you wanna live on campus. Just very unique, I think. But yeah, so I have some food down there. He has some food, any there, and here's well. But I think another thing you definitely want to bring medicine because just in case you get sick, it's very like I had, like, a headache last night, so I was able to put it on. I have some ibuprofen. My headaches was better. Uh, definitely. Somethingto have since, you know, I mean, uh, doctors isn't right nearby, but there is still like a hospital. You drive, too, if you need to end up happening that luckily I haven't but so I don't have any personal experience with that, But yes, so I guess another, another essential would be hangers definitely hangers, because there's a lot of spots to hang up. That's another thing, and, uh, lastly, definitely shower shoes. So I brought the shower Shoes. Definitely need that. Because, uh, you don't want to get anything. Athletes who? Anything like that. Athletes for anything like that, but yeah, that, um, concludes the tour of the room. Uh oh. Also, here's a review. Sorry about that. Not the best view. I mean, it's this next, you know? I mean, like, the the buds on the trees or started come out. So it's kind of nice. There's some great views for some people, so I mean, we haven't Okay, view. I'm not I'm not gonna complain. Um, but yeah, it's not a huge room, but it's it's definitely Well, I like living with a roommate. Personally, I think I would get bored if I don't have a roommate. That's just like, personally, how I am. And so it's nice having your roommate and nice having him here, too. Nice person talked to, though I do understand why people would want a single for the space. It's great, have space. And if you I need to study or something, you roommate wants to listen to music. There's not a conflict anything like that. But meet my roommate best friends. We get along really Well, so, personally, I haven't had that Any problems with him, so it's good. It's been great. And then yes. So that's pretty much it of our tour, but yeah. I mean, there's definitely some other essentials. You'll definitely figure it out. Once you get here, you'll be like, Oh, wow. Fish needed that. But those were the mains ones I figured out. Yeah, so come And like, Oh, another thing I was thinking of for laundry. You don't need any coins or anything. The laundry here is free, which is nice and just started s o I was like, thing. I was looking at my laundry stuff, and I was like, Okay, so you don't really need Yes. Definitely Bring laundry stuff, but you don't need, Like, you won't need to have, like, a ton of coins to bring Brian because Laundry street, which is awesome. So one thing I would tell my high school. Still, my high school self would be to have fun wire in high school as it is I don't like. I don't like still trying to glasses still trail try senior year. But I think I personally tried too hard. Where I like was kind of like I need to get this a on this paper where I think if you're still with your friends, because I'm still talking my friends. But it's still tough to see them during the school year. So I think, like if it's like, comes down, it's like studying for an exam or go to the movies, maybe go to the movies still studying for the exam. But I don't think go is hard as you did in junior and sophomore Freshman definitely still passed. Definitely still try. But I do think you don't need to be overbearing and, like, stress yourself out. Another thing is I am also a lot of a lot of schools if like, and if you don't one thing I thought about if you don't apply to his many a lot of schools, so I have personally applied to twelve schools which was an insane amount. Do you do not need to apply to that many? Um, I'd say nine and a max. I have a younger brother. That's what I'm telling him. Um, because you really don't need twelve schools toe, like, just even the application process costs a lot of money to apply. S O. I think you really don't need that many schools to apply to sew, but I definitely think you so you just try your best senior, but, like, don't have to be stressed out about it and then just don't apply to too many schools because, I mean, you only get to go one so you don't need to buy that money, So yeah, that's it. Hi, guys. My name is Marty Dale S O. I am a almost a sophomore. Bryant on DH. I am my finance major and I am from close the Park. New York It's from It's near Albany, New York. Eso things about Bryant is it's a very it's a small school Onley eight hundred and each class the ratios about sixty forty, though I guess they're trying to make it more towards fifty fifty. So I mean, I guess the race she was changing where? Right now it's sixty forty on DH. It's located near Smithfield, Rhode Island. It's near Providence, Rhode Island s Oh, there is some city life. If you need want to go to that, there's plenty of things to do still in Rhode Island as well as theirs, like Warwick nearby. And there is Newport nearby. So there's definitely different places to go to Andi. There's also a lot of college campuses nearby, so if your friends that go there, you can visit them eso things. I have done it. Bryant. Esso. I actually went to Utah on a trip through ah ah, through like a program that Brian a cz Well, I'm actually going on a trip through club at Bryant to Colorado are not sorry. She's me, not to Colorado To to Kansas City, Missouri. Sorry about that. So I'm actually going there as well. So that be awesome. A lot of fun on then. I've also gone. Tio have gone to New York City through AA club called CEO, and then I've gone toe Warwick, which is close by for ultimate Frisbee. So I've done. I've done plenty of different clubs that Bryant. I'm liking it a lot. It's definitely I think it's definitely geared toward someone who wants a small school environment. So I don't think it's someone who wants a big environment. There's still plenty of stuff to do it, Brian. Definitely definitely plenty of stuff to do, but I do think it's for people that want, like a smaller school So I'm going to tell you some tips about how to get, I guess accepted. Bright, bright university. So if your application if your essay is higher than a twelve hundred, I would send in your essay. If it's lower than twelve hundred, I wouldn't send it in because our grudge our class had a CT average of twelve ten. And so it's around that range. So if you have over twelve hundred, you should send it because our score, on average, was the highest ever. Pry it so I think probably with your guys class and upcoming classes. I think it's probably gonna keep getting higher because Brian is on the rise right now. We're on the rise for different, like marketing accounting classes, so or on the rise with that. And I think you should only send in your essay because it is optional on ly. If you're above it twelve hundred. I do also think colleges Mohr look at particularly Bryant. I think they look more at like G p. A. Is. Well, then maybe extracurriculars like they still definitely look at your extracurriculars things. You're involved that stuff like that. But I do think they emphasized Mohr that you're getting a good G p a and you are trying in school because you are going here for an education. There's other stuff to do. A Bryant, But you are going here for an education. That's the whole purpose. So I do think you should maybe instead of maybe going to a club, maybe study for an exam and said, like, kind of that kind of thing definitely emphasized that you got it like try harder and get like a better GP because I think it will help you get money off on a scholarship. But it will also ultimately help you get in on DH. Yeah, that's pretty much it just yeah, just I would send in your CV if you're higher than twelve hundred and definitely focused on your GPS.