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Here’s a taste of the living options here at Bucknell. In addition to dorms, there are affinity houses and downtown living options for upperclassmen. Ranging from uphill to all the way downhill, dorms and apartment-style-living buildings are situated all around campus.

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Alana Bortman
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Welcome to my overview of all the different freshman living options. So I live in better haul, which I will soon show you. There are Schwartz and McDonald, which are the ones uphill. Then there's Smith and better, which are the downhill options. So I do have friends that are impressed colleges there, and they love it. One big thing about Buck now is that you can't pick your roommate going into the year and obviously put your preferences on it Some things about you, and then they match you up with something that they think would be good Bye Smith, which is another freshman dorm. Then we're going to my heart, which is called better. So right here is my dorm building is called Better haul. As we walk here, you can see that Smith continues all the way on. Half echoes right through there, and it goes to the gym. Everything about better is that it's at the bottom of the hill. So although you do have to go up the hill when you go to classes, it's really close to downtown. Here we have the Office of Transportation and Housing Services, so everything's really convenient being in better because we have a lot of this office is in our own dorm building, so better is comprised of four four's total, and there's two half floors. Two and a half and three and a half are single gender floors, and I'm on three and a half, so I have and all girls room. It does have a private bathroom, as do some of the singles and better. Every hall has its own communal bathroom, which most people use. I would say one of the main perks of being better is that it's so close to downtown. So if you want to go out and I am coming back, it's not going to be ah, long, hard track going back uphill. If you lived in McDonald or Schwartz halls, which are so that is the outside of better hall again. That is where girls who Dorn shorties will live in. Not everyone will get to live here because space is limited to the front of Hunt Hall again. So these are the gateways and juniors and seniors live here. It's basically a circle of these buildings, and then those are some stairs to go up campus on that Robert's right there. Just another dorm right out Tio, the little junior squad. I mean, soft housing. Then here and here you have two other sophomore housing buildings. This little place where you could do work print. It's like basically a library and I have a class in here right now, so it's pretty interesting. It's it's pretty much a daughter, but you gotta class this's Robert's home and I just got out of class, so I'm headed to lunch now. Just like Venice, and there's a kitchen and a basement work area, and it opens up to the same quality. Where has he's other sophomore dorms, then? Right back.