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Thinking about California Baptist University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting California Baptist University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet California Baptist University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to California Baptist University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the California Baptist University experience. These California Baptist University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Allen Fletcher

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So right now I'm on the front lawn. We call it the front line just because this huge open fields right at the front of our school. Um, if you look around and this is where we hold just like tons of our events, we have a lot of our like, intramural sporting events here, our flag football for Tuna Bowl, which is like the championship flag football game. We host that here and, like thousands of people, come in seriously crazy, like they bring in stands and like concessions. And just like it's insane and we don't have actual football. So we go all out for flag football and way hold like intramural soccer games here. And we do have, like, actual soccer fields, but the paint lines for the intramural games. And then people come out here to simply let Ultimate Frisbee or soccer or whatever, just hang out the friends. Sometimes I do workouts here for track. We ask this big open field and we hold tons of other events, too, like we had our Spring Holly Festival. And Holly is like an Indian festival to celebrate the first day of spring and that they throw like the color powder on you, and it was like a dance. And people perform like traditional songs and dances. It's awesome. And then we also like our Christmas tree lighting with that tree right here. So we do like a Christmas tree lighting kind of event. And sometimes you have, like, like free in and out will come to the campus and in and out. Trucks will be lined on this field and just get free in and out. Um, it's a super awesome like you have a lot of, like a freshman events on this field and just stuff like that. Yeah. And so, like, our school has tons of Una Miralles. If that's what you're interested in. Like basketball, volleyball, soccer on the list goes on and forgetting quite a few, But so, yeah. So if you're not gonna be doing a varsity sport or something, they got intramural sports, um, or tons of other clubs. If you want to get involved in some way. Yeah, this is the front line. So, um, what college of health and science. Right now, this is across the street. Like I said from other campus of the campus is over there. Well, science is behind me and is a pretty big area. Actually, I'm gonna walk around a little bit, but, yeah, we have over here on the side of campus, we have food ology, which is like another three places of burgers. And they're super good, like turkey club sandwich with avocado and, like, spicy bacon. And like, they have, like, Parmesan chip. So they make fresh there. And it's so good it's honestly one of the best places to eat on campus. But it's just so far, so I don't go there a lot, but, yeah, super good. So you might have a class over here. You might not. Um, it's a pretty big area, so they throw in a lot of just random classes. Like I said, my design class over here. Thanks. Yeah, it's a pretty nice little area, and it's brand new. They just, like, bought out. I'm like a school that used to be here like a middle school. Are high school or something I think was a middle school and then turned it into our campus. So yeah, this is just a little bit more So right here, these orange bikes behind me, they're called spin bikes and you can rent them out, flick a dollar and use them around campus or taking off campus, Whatever. If you need to get somewhere quickly. And they just added down, like, maybe a month ago, so supercool I haven't used them yet, But, um, I mainly just walk everywhere or use my friend's bikes or whatever, But yeah, also, if you have your own bike, you could bring that campus. Most people like long border skateboarder on campus. Um, I don't I don't do that because I have never skateboarded or long boarded. So I feel like I'll fall and crash in my face, which I've seen quite a few people do. Um, yeah, so that's allowed on campus. I know a lot of campus system last skateboarding, but like everyone on campus, you could do that. Yeah. These brand new spin bikes to check it out. Eh? What's up, guys? Okay, so we're here in the portables on campus. It's like, why, like, ten and I would never have stolen. These portables are open. Like all the time. We come in here and just, like, hang out with this one. Frank can't see what's up. We're playing, you know, right now I got to get back to the game. So this is what we do for fun here on campus the night. So see you later. So I just got done eating at the eleven and Dining commons, which is what we call the CAF the cafeteria. But it's really called the alumni dining commons, and I just wanted to let you guys know that Sea View was ranked number nine in the nation for best food on college campus college campuses. So ninth and nation, that's pretty crazy. The food here really is like super good, like I never go to this sort of. I feel like I only you don't campus and the cowlick, our meal sweats work is like we have these things called, like meals waifs, and they use your card and you like you pre pay for, like a certain set of like meals and like dining dollars. And then when you go places, you just swipe your card. And it uses like one meal. Um, in each. Each restaurant on campus has like a different a system that works. But basically you kanae views like dining dollars or meals, wives and, like there's certain set plans that you buy when you attend this school. So, yeah, that's the eliminate dining commons, and it's one of the best spots on campus. I think Teo eat. But a lot of people, like they said, like food ology or there's also we've Briscoe's, which was like Asian food like sandwiches, and they have like a Wanda's, which is like a cafe with coffee. And then we have an L L monty, which is like Chipotle kind of and this also its options, and they're adding even more options. So the food here is just it's just getting even better. All right. So funny story the first time. Or like one of the first times I went to Briscoe, Seat was with a bunch of friends and I tried opening this story. He's trying to open it, and they wouldn't open like this thistle on the left. And they're just, like, just yank on it like just pull it open like that dumb that I couldn't get it open, so I just yanked on it. That completely ripped the door handle off, huh? I was just, like, what? Um and then the manager. They came and walk by and just, like, handed it to him like super awkwardly and you just stared at me. I just slowly, like, walked away. It was the most awkward thing, and it is like, when? My first days here on campus. So that was of that door. I just thought I would share a little story with So I'm about to show you inside our business building. To me, the business building is like one of the prettiest buildings on campus. Some Shaunie inside right now. But I look around me just kind of you guys on such a snow building. You got stairs up here, and I want to show you up here because, um I know. I just think it's really pretty. You'll see. Out here. There's a whole bunch of classrooms and stuff and it's like connected to the outside, and I think it's for school. He's got these trees below you And what? Not as you're walking to class. I think it's really cool. And then inside here, traditional classroom. It's a class going on in most of these right now. But this is business building coming in here like it's not just business classes in here. This is where I have my anthropology class, you know, maybe have, like, social sciences in here, that kind of thing. Yeah, and they also, as I get a little outlook onto the parking lot of campus, but the business Hey, guys. So I'm in the Yeager building right now. This is another one of our academic buildings. And this is just the traditional lecture hall that we have here at Sea View. This is actually one of the smaller ones. We do have bigger lecture halls, but this is a happy medium between, like, the size of a normal classroom and the size of the bigger like Charles we have here. But all of our classes are super small, like I have some glasses with, like, six people. And then I'm also in a anthropology class that has, like, a hundred people. So it really just depends on the course is you're taking Yeah, what a traditional Everyone. So I'm currently outside my room in the village here at CBU. This is one of the like, newer, freshman living areas. They just turned it in to a freshman living area last year. It's newly wrote, Renovated Super Nice. This is my room right here. Village to a one. I'm going to show you around. Also, Cebu has the twelfth best storms in all of America for college campuses. So still let you guys know that, all right, it's kind of messy, but that's just how it is so. Right. So inside right now. This is my roommate, Daniel. Then you want Teo. So you won't tell us a little bit about sea view, your major, what you do? Um, I am business administration. Major CBU is pretty cool. I love it here in my dorm. Great place to be one tells the world about this administration and what you do and everything. It's really cool. I'm just train the That is not what I plan on keeping on switching In the marketing, Love learns about a fifteen better, more of a social person, like not working. And it's currently getting really busy right now. Yeah. Time of year. Yeah, Lucky I can plan piano Very good hour And then I'm gonna get backto work. It is very busy, but to get that yeah. So in our room were always playing music, Got a piano here. We got like, people, like guitars over here. But this is basically like a front kind of living room area. As you can see behind me about living room next to it, we got the kitchen. It comes like a full fridge. WeII brought her own like microwave. We got drones all over fridge is would see my canvas. Yes, we got a lot of dishes and single Now there's kind of space with there. That's the kitchen. Um, there's a bedroom. This how to me? There's six people who live here. Three people living there. Um, this is the second half. The house for my room is we've got it. Dining room. Got another living room. We kind of rearrange your furniture all into this room with the TV. You could rearrange the furniture like however Well, guys, this is the end of my tour. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you would like to see you. So I hope you like the school. I hope you get a chance to when they come down here and see it for yourself. I hope you can apply here. Um, I just love this place so much, and I'm just happy I got to share all the great things about it. So I just want one tip of advice before I go. When you're applying for colleges, remember that this is a place that you're going to be living for the next four years. This isn't just a school. This is going to your home. So find a place that I on ly speaks to your academics but speaks Teo your well being in your growth as a person and find a place I can help you grow and just become a better person and that person you want to be. And so hopefully, cbu could be that place. Um, but if not just thanks for watching and good