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Right behind me. We have the brand new engineering building that's being built. Still under construction. Super awesome. Super exciting. I heard there's gonna be a new food places going in there. I don't know what to new food places, so that's gonna add just more food to the already abundance of food that we have here on campus. Um, be right next to the engineering building is the music building right there. And behind the music building is our business building. Yeah. And over to this side of me way have our sand volleyball court. So it's two to nets, and then this is just going like a hangout spot. Like a lot of people play spy Paul here. If you don't know spike policies like there's, like a little net, you bounce the ball and you just gotta play. It's really fun, but, um, yeah. So this is some kind of, like, another little spot on campus over there behind me. You see a big event center aisle later, giving you guys a tour inside there during one of our chapel days. But yeah. So that's the engineering building, right there. Hey, I'm with my friends, Gabby and Mel right now. We're headed to chapel suits up guy. Hey, um, so here it's a beer. You're required to attend fifteen chapel services this semester. They normally normally like offer, say, like, twenty, nineteen, twenty travel services. You Khun, Miss, like four or five of them. But we're headed there right now. I can't wait to give you two around the event center. See what it's like? You guys mind telling me what you think about it? The speaker's step spiritually. Yeah, I definitely left crazy shit. Yeah. Yeah. So we're pretty awesome. I can't wait to see you guys around. Yes. So I just got out of chapel. This is also where we host our basketball games and stuff. It's a big event center. Um and I just want you to know that Seaview is a Christian school. You don't have to be a Christian and go here. There's lots of kids in students here who are pushing um, but it's definitely integrated into the classrooms. It's definitely a faith based school. That's something that we hold very important here at Seaview. But, yeah, here's the events that are on the outside All right, So right now, I'm currently in the James Building, which is one of the oldest buildings on campus. It's been here basically since school started, and it used to be like a mental hospital for people with PTSD, like coming back from war or whatever it's like, some people say it's on it, and it's super creepy down here like, this is the basement and I want to show you guys because it's really creepy, but I don't think it's haunted. I've been here late at night, Never seen anything that's cool. Yeah, this is the building that you'll have like, just like a whole bunch of, like maybe English classes or I think they've behavioral sciences here. Things they've got. I have, like, my Spanish classes in this building. I film classes here, All sorts of things like that. So And it split into two parts, a super funky layup. But there's like it. The new James and an old James. So right now I'm in old James, which is because, like, the new James was, like, extended onto it and yeah. So this is old James. You look around me. Super simple. Not to special like Cools the basement. Which Harry showed you guys anyway? Check it out. So right here, these orange bikes behind me, they're called spin bikes and you can rent them out, flick a dollar and use them around campus or taking off campus, Whatever. If you need to get somewhere quickly. And they just added down, like, maybe a month ago, so supercool I haven't used them yet, But, um, I mainly just walk everywhere or use my friend's bikes or whatever, But yeah, also, if you have your own bike, you could bring that campus. Most people like long border skateboarder on campus. Um, I don't I don't do that because I have never skateboarded or long boarded. So I feel like I'll fall and crash in my face, which I've seen quite a few people do. Um, yeah, so that's allowed on campus. I know a lot of campus system last skateboarding, but like everyone on campus, you could do that. Yeah. These brand new spin bikes to check it out. All right, guys, Super. Quickly. This is the inside of our theater. I'm just saying you get a good look. All right, So I came up here. I'm on the second floor of New James, and I wanted to see you guys inside some of the labs, but it's late at night, so they're all locked. So I decided to show you guys this prayer room. And up here, it's got, like, a super nice view of campus. It's hard to tell from behind me, but no, it's got like a circular view of campus up here, and it's super got a little more function. But it's super sweet, and I come up here like I do all my brainstorming for like my film projects with my film team up here, and it's just like, always quiet. It's normally into you like I've never seen anyone else in here, so just a super cool little spot on campus that would be good to show you All right. So just walking out of tower towers right behind me from the outside. Um, it's called Tower, this big tower right here and here's to my friends Say, what's up, Salmon? Yeah. So what's up? You guys tell me about the view. What do you like about her school? You're not like, you know, like what's going on so far? My second semester freshman, Obviously. Yeah. And I really like it. I really like the community. I feel like everyone's super friendly, maybe justice so coughing. You finish? Yeah. No, it runs really easy to talk to you. Like hear with your super nice? Yeah. Then it's kind of nice. Campus isn't too big. They don't walk like that. Happy medium like not too big. Not too small. Yeah, I feel it. Okay. Not so small that you're, like. Lost. Yeah. Like you could get away from people, but oh, yeah. All right. So I say run away from you. Our thanks, guys. Guys that's Tower. What's up campus? Really, My name's on Fletcher. I'm a fresh from here at California Baptist University. I'm super excited to be shown you guys around showing you everything about the school and what it's like to go here. I'm a film major, a Spanish minor, and I'm a current track and cross country athlete for the school. Um, we're currently a division to program, but next year we're going to be moving up. TIO Division one so super exciting. There's lots of like, like awesome change is coming to our school like a rumor has it that they're building new freshmen dorms. When we got, like, a new engineering building being built, we got a brand new event center for basketball games. Um, the list goes on. The changes that are coming are just crazy. And they're revamping some of the upperclassmen housing and and the sons of awesome changes. And I can't wait to show you everything and show you why I love the school so much. No. Yeah, right now I'm in one of my favorite spots on campus. It's called Harding. Swear. Um, there's these beautiful palm trees that tower above you like that. Oh, my God, and it's just super peaceful, super relaxing. That's pretty cloudy today, which is really unusual are average temperatures like eighty degrees and it's only Sonny. But today it's kind of kind of cooler out, which feels kind of good. So But, yeah, this is This is Harding Square and California Baptist University and can't wait to show you guys around, so let's go check it Hey, what's up? I'm here inside the theater with my friend Elisa. Elisa, would you mind introducing yourself and telling us why you chose to go to Cebu? Hi. When he was released, a Stanford and I chose to go to sea View after I took a tour here in high school. And I just felt love with the people here. Really? Nice. Yeah. Yeah, same for me. Seriously. Like I told the school, I loved it. So I hope this store helps. Um, do you mind describing, like, the student body here? Like what? People like that go here soon. Body's pretty positive. Everyone's here. Everyone here is really happy and fun to be around. And you have a great time here. Yeah, it's almost like I'm really nice, eh? So what's your major and like, What's it been like going through that major? Especially being like a senior? Um, I'm a theater major, and, uh, it's been it's been fun. It's been different because of the school. I go to, like, get a different perspective of it, which I love, because that's what I want to do when I go out into the world. Yeah, so it's been pretty good at reading. Different cause I never was a theater major before this air took theater, and it's been fun learning just being experience it. Yeah. And are you on a scholarship for that? Yeah. So, like what? How do you get a scholarship? What's that like? Basically, you signed up for one, and then you have to go through, like, an audition, and they get to pickin. You're in a show where you take a show and it's really fun. And it's really easy to get, you know, to put too much time and effort into it. That's really nice that they allow that, and anyone could do it. You don't just have to be a major to get a scholarship for theatre. Which school? Yeah. All right. Okay. Last question. What's your favorite thing about sea view? And what's your least favorite thing about seeing you? You have a thing about you, Is the selection of food least So I'm originally from Bonney Lake Washington. But I've been living in Riverside for over a year now. I love it here. I love the warm weather, like I plan on living here one day here in so cow. But right now I'm in stamps Courtyard. And if you look here, there's a little poster, a poster of me, actually. And it's because I'm running for a CPU. And a GPU is like our student government that we have here, and they offer paid positions. So if that's something you're interested in, definitely look into it. They have freshman elections. And so if you want to be a part of this school and be a part of student leadership and get paid for it as well, then it's definitely like a great place of stars with a sea view. No, right now I'm kind of in the center of campus. We call this stamps courtyard, and I'm surrounded by, like, all our main, our main buildings. We got the Yeager building right here behind me. And then he got the theatre building over here. And then the library is directly behind me, this building and then we got the with a little art right there. That's James building. And these are all kind of like our Some of this is like the main places that you guys will have classes, and they're all super close to each other. So you'll never really have problems like getting to and from class on time for classes are back to back or anything because they're all so close to each other. And so I'm conscious in this big open field, in the middle of everything right now. Just a You can use it for whatever you want. You can come sit. So whatever. Not here. But I want to show you now, this seal that we have, I'm walking over to it right now. And on this seal you It's very important that you never they set signs around it's, you know, step on it. You never want to step on this seal right here, okay? And if you do, it's no, no problem. No big deal. We got to go on kiss a statue of a ring, which is, like, over in this direction, So don't step on it. If you do what? You got to kiss the ring. And if you don't, then you're not gonna graduate, so that's super important. So don't do that. But anyway, this is Sam's courtyard, so check it out. All right, So this is not ring I was just telling you about. It's right next to if you look here. This is that they're building a pointed out and the library. So it's right next to those buildings. Super important to know where it is. Just in case you step on the seal on accident, Of course. So that's where it is, guys. Hey, guys. So I'm walking down Palm Drive right now. Check out Palm Drive. You had these massive palm trees that just line this walkway and let me tell you one thing about Palm Drive, This is the spot like that's perfect for him. Making like the distance between all these trees is like, perfect. Hang a hammock. And there's always people out here ham making whatever like people come out here and, like, study. But like, you never get any studying done in a hammock. Let's be really you probably napping. But, um, yeah, this is Palm Drive, and it's also just a really good photography spot. It's kind of basic, but everyone on campus takes photos out here just cause it's so beautiful on Yes, this Palm Drive, just one of my favorite spots on campus had to show you guys check it out. Hey, what's up? I'm here studying outside the friend Lauren. Lord, you want to just, like, tell us about yourself and what your major is and why I chose to go to Cebu. Yeah. So, um, my name is Lauren, and I am a film major currently at Seaview with an emphasis on production. Um, probably the reason why I came to see BU was because of the awesome programs that they have. Really? I really appreciate the diversity, the different programs that they have and how they can really get you Major. Yeah, that's awesome. All right, so what would you like? How would you describe, like, the student body here? And like the culture of the school, Well, it's definitely very culturally diverse. That was one of the first things that I noticed. CBU also, everyone is really nice wherever you go. Even if you don't know anybody, people just walk up to you to help me with thing. That is just super friendly. It's pretty easy to make friends here. Yeah, No, I agree. Totally. And okay, so last question. What's your favorite thing about school? And what's your least favorite thing? My favorite. I definitely like this food on campus. It's really good. There's a lot of different options, not just cafeteria food. Yeah, that's pretty awesome. My least favorite thing would probably behave that there aren't a lot of, like real cherry. I don't really have a truck right here. There's definitely a few of them, but it's not everywhere. Like the library can really get in. Teo, it's okay. Son crunches right now anyway. Thanks, Lauren. That's all you guys.