California Baptist University Dining & Food

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All right. I'm at the CAF right now. The cafeteria on our campus. This is like our main dining hall. They got a super good food. I got, like, pasta. Fish. Never fruit salad. Right there. This is my friend. Say what? Ah, well, just think about the caf. You guys feel about the food here at CBU? Yeah, Super good. What's the best place to eat? Technology's pretty good. Yeah. Got, like, really healthy options. And awesome breakfast, too. Like crepes. Yeah. So true through geology, that spot. All right. But this the calf, the calf is just like essential area. It's like a like, buffet kind of style, so it's all you can eat. And they got, like, tons of, like, healthy options on Hey, what's up, guys? I'm here with my friend Meg, and we're outside Briscoe's right now. Briscoe's is one of the eating areas on campus is like a little cafe down. Super cool place to come, Teo. Very quiet and very close to living areas such as Village entire haul, Great place to come, do homework and to get late night. It's a great place to come. Yeah, eso Briscoe's has late night, so it's open like later than all the other places on campus. And they have, like, pizza. And it depends. There's something else. Something like burgers or fries or something like that. They have shakes, too. No. So, like that's when the parts about Briscoe's. And it's just like just because it's close, like the freshman living areas. It's closed. Tower goes a village like I'm here all the time. Super convenient. Yeah, so they could be so that's Briscoe's were logical.