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So I'm taking you through upper campus right now. Right here we have Central Central Cafe is one of our dining options. And as I told you in a previous video, it used to be my favorite. And the reason for that is because Mt class, where I was just showing you is right over there. Um and I used to live there, and it used to be so close that, you know, you kind of kind of just automatic t do that. It's also open late. Starbucks is open until midnight. I think most days and syndrome is open until ten. So if you want, like, food for late study sessions or something like that is also really close, distant unions. And sometimes we'll just get a whole bunch of fries for study sessions and stuff like that. I'm back and this is my best friend, Lissa. And we are like maybe a mile and a half away from school right now on DH. This is like, the most popular place to go and get some cheap food. So good we're going to three amigos right now. He is the son just walking. Pass it and it's like I I'm really white, so I can't say it's authentic Mexican food, but it tastes good and it's cheap. It's like a small family owned restaurant. Yes. Okay, so we just started eating food, and this is remember, Enchilada, but I got I got a case idea because I'm facing, uh and I love cheese. I missed this dog over here, so I get easily distracted by dogs. It's just it's just a thing. I'm traditional thinking, universal thing now, and this dog is definitely gonna distract me throughout this entire video. But they're actually dogs on campus all the time. And even though there's actually aside, I saw this yesterday. There's a sign that says There's a sign that says that there's no dogs allowed on campus, but they're everywhere. It's crazy, like students have a dog's faculty brings their dogs like this all the time, and then we're like in the middle of us like literally a community of houses and stuff, and they'll just walk their dogs along campus. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So we're both inquire and acapella and we're both in, like, the music. She's actually a music major. I'm actually a journalism major. I don't think I said that last video. I'm a calm major with the general in journalism, Emphasis on a psych minor, and I'm also a software, a bunch of finishing software. She she was actually my roommate last year. We're not roommates anymore. That didn't work out for us. But we're best for better friends because we don't live together. So as I was saying, there's like a Rite Aid right here, which we're actually about to go to after we eat. And there's also treated Jos just kind of everyone's favorite place to shop. I don't really know why public, because is it within walking distance but kind of expensive? It's got a lot of organic stuff, so you know, there's a lot of other things to do around here if you someone's yelling, Hello So if you hear someone talking about little Calf, they're not talking about the little caf in the cafeteria cafeteria. They're actually talking about little Calf. The ice cream place like little half creamy, creamy. It's like caf isn't like baby cow. It has the best ice cream. And I actually went there a couple weeks ago with my mom, and she actually got food, which I didn't even know they had on. Their food is great, too. There's also two different malls needed here. There's the Oaks Mall on the Chance Mall movie theater, and they both have movie theaters and places to eat. Their stack to Stacked is my favorite place to eat. It's like, you know, build your own burger, Build your own salad bedroom, Mac and cheese. Build your own sandwich like they have everything. Everything is so good there and beyond that. I mean, there's other things. Didn't Teo, too? A little bit, but my favorite things to do. And so color like, you know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so universal I go to all the time. It's just Disney wend, which I also love, and that obviously we're like an hour away from the beach. Probably not even I'm from Minnesota. So you like really close to the beach? Is super cool. Like I could just take, like, a half hour? She when she first came to visit Calil. It was the first time that she had ever been in the ocean, and I think that's so. But because I live in California my whole life, and I know the beaches just kind of a way of life for us. But, yeah, we have a beach and it's beautiful and today's actually beautiful day. But it's the sons kind of settings you can't really tell, but you'll see throughout the rest of the week about how beautiful the weather is here, especially the kind of windy lately. But I'm also really sensitive because I'm a local girl and you know, if it's not dry, flat heat, then I don't know what to dio. Yeah, it gets below sixty degrees. I'm like I'm wearing a sweater right now, and it's probably like seventy out seventy five and she's rankings. She's rank short sleeve sheet. She does with snow. If I ever like was in snow, I think I I don't know. It must be the end of the world. It's really nice to come here, though, because, like I'll go back for winter break and get my still fix and then I'll come back here for, like, seventy degree weather. Yeah, likely beautiful weather. So, yeah, we're gonna eat our food on. After running guys, our campus, I got hungry. So I am at my favorite. Misty, this is It's right next to a woman Commons. One. Uh, there's, like chips and ice cream, which is actually going to use your meal plan on it. Um, and I didn't want to talk to you about happened, which is what I just used. What happened? The works is that you were on it. So Central Cafe Almond chicken, which is weird right now. John Medusa, Starbucks. We're all connected to this out. And what happens is they print out this little ticket. It's over seats with your order, and they get your already this counter right here. So you don't have to go through the line and check out. And you don't have to waste time waiting around for it. You can, you know, do whatever you're doing. And then you get a text message or an alert when your order is ready. Hello? That a moment ago that they have healthy options right now. I have really just changed turkey, man. Pretty picture. And so they have sandwiches, sandwiches, peoples they have really known for pizza bagels, which is like pepper and tables and stuff like that. And it's see really bad for you. But they taste awesome and you get like fresh fruit drink since I got so so. And they have proved to you could get This is my place. It's also kind of like right in the