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Hi, guys. I'm back, and right now I am inside in my theater class. The class is over. I was going to show you guys hot what the theater class looks like when every all the students are inside as well as a professor. But it was a really busy day practicing monologue, so I wasn't able to capture that. But I'm still going to show you what we call the Black room. It's one of the classrooms that professors used for their theater class. I am in acting for non majors, which is a requirement. It's just a General Aguila general requirement. As a student here, you take this class, you learn about monologues, your action purpose when acting. It's a really fun class, especially if you want to learn more about acting. You like a little bit of theatre you like playing around and seems like that. There's definitely a class you should take. So I'm going to show you guys what the room looks like is covered all and black walls fall in black pain, and we also have these like little chairs are like, swivel around. These chairs are in a couple of classrooms, so that's what the classroom looks like. This classroom also is turned into an actual stage for plays that they put on. They put on about three to four performances a semester. One of the requirements. As a student of this classroom eyes, I have to visit two plays for the semester. So one of the place is going to be called Ubu the King. And it's going to be inside here. They actually put those chairs back there right there all around the stage, and the middle of the classroom is going to be used as their stage. So this is what possibly one of your classrooms come look like. If you come to Dominguez, definitely. Come. My professor is Donna's letter. Leonard. He's a really great teacher. Really great professor. And a lot of the professors here definitely want to help you out. Even if you're not a great actor. It's a super fun. Classes take acting for not Major. So you don't need talent. You don't need experience and you're just gonna have so much fun. Hey, guy. So right now we are in front of the university bookstore. This is where you come in. Purchase any textbooks you need A cz? Well, as d h gear, snacks and a lot of other random things. Also school supplies. So let's go in and check out all the new merch they have for the year. Want to go. Like. So this is the section where you can purchase any of the D. H gear you need. We have lots of shirts that are made from Nike as well as champion. Those are the top two brands that we create a lot of D H gear for. The only thing I would say about the books, or is that the prices are a little bit overpriced, Definitely that some of the drinks are close to two dollars when you know you could kind of find them for like a dollar unless at other stores, grocery stores. But still, it's a really quick and easy way to just come in, buy some snacks, and for the day, especially if you're gonna be on campus all day. The bookstore is a great resource to know and have it's an l is located in L s U right across the dining hall. And so you could get your textbooks here. Th gear, snacks and school supplies. Three Hi, guys. Right now I'm in the middle of what's called the sculpture garden. In all reality, it's a big, long couple. Sculptures that have been donated by wanted to give you guys a quick scenery. Look what this looks like far. You can see this stuff. How center? It's home to L. A Galaxy and the Chargers. And to the left of me, we have the big theatre, the big campus. Yeah, right. But in the whole, this is a big feature on campus. Plays, dances, stuff like that. Currently, I am in a theater class, and I will have to production in one of these Peters. Now, to the right of me, we have the side view of luck or call. It is the College of Arts Humanities. Looks like from the side and to the front of me. We have behind a local student union. So this is kind of the back of the school. A little bit you could find. Look, I left you the library, LaCour Hall with theater and the sculpture garden. So this is what th looks like on a Friday. It is pretty empty, but I love sitting here sometimes. There's a bunch of benches all over. Have a seat right in front of local student Union. You come out with friends, have some lunch, just you homework and relax. Bye, guys. Hey, guys, Right now I am going to show you my apartment dorm tour, a dimming. It's because we have apartment style dorms and set up one bedroom brooms that you share with another person. We have your kitchen, your living room, your bathrooms in your bedrooms and a lot better than having just one room that you have to step everything into. So I'm going to show you what that looks like. Just so you know, for freshman, you will be living in phase one. And that consists of two bedrooms with four girls total one restroom, living room and a kitchen, and then and face to where all the upperclassmen lived. You have three bedrooms with two bathrooms to rest rooms and a bathroom. So that means two toilets and a shower room. And you have the same thing of a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. So I'm gonna show you what that looks like right now. This is what the front door looks like, and I'm going to span out into the kitchen. So it's a full on kitchen. The only thing that is provided is a fridge. And so you get to use the fridge for anything you like, you share with the rest of the girls. You have all this storage cabinets. Also, you get a stow that you can use to cook, and then you can bring in your own pots and pans, your own microwave blender and stuff like that. And then sink, of course, and then we're going into the living room I brought in my own personal TV. A TV is not provided, but cable and WiFi is that we have a couple furniture pieces, some recycling, more furniture. And this is the dining area. So dining area is just a dining table with a couple chairs. And then some of my roommates brought in there. There are many refrigerators, and so this is the kitchen and living room area that's one of the back doors. And then this is the hallway that leads into the bathrooms and the bedrooms. So walking over here, we have one bedroom here. This is my bedroom here that we have rush you. Over here. Vanity? No. So two sinks right here and then to medicine cabinets. Right behind me is the shower room. So yeah, that is what the apartment looked like at CST. Th It's so much better than just a one bedroom. You get so much space and so much storage. That's what I really love about forming here. And so if you become a student here, you'll definitely get the freedom of some privacy and just the fur accessibility of having your own restroom and bed having your own restroom in bathroom in the same house. So that's great. All right, bye bye. Right now, I'm here with my friend Christopher at the Torah Learning Center. Is he's going to tell you more about this? And major. My second year. My job. This is just an assistant. So what we do with, like, steel? No tutoring subjects such as science can kissing village is walking on just you checking right? We open at six. Monday to Thursday on financial closing hour here at five. So for those, you don't need to point out that that just walking. And when they do need funds for our riding there in thirty minutes, some one on one session with you, you can have one. And I do recommend students giving this car, which this ranges of Vincent's car. They could give us the car or just walking by the recommended. They give us the car because they took it pretty rude also. So that's our learning center is an office for students to get help with homework, essays, anything like that. Any questions? And you guys do a lot of subjects, right? What are some of the subjects that you guys off? Pretty cow calculus? Otis sticks for science chemistry. One way. Bye. I can't computer science. Yeah, mostly like those. Okay. Thank you. Hey, guys. So right now I'm in front of this location. But I'm really excited to show you guys I have never seen or heard of another campus having something like this. You guys ready for it? D h has a nap room and inside the net room. We have nap pods. So I'm going to show you guys. This is what in that pod looks like. Isn't that so cool? I have yet to try them. Pretty sure you need the access code to come in, but I'm pretty sure we need to request your times, but this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. So next time you're of age or if you become a student of the age, which I hope you do definitely come true out that pods another great luxurious lounge area that you can come and actually take a nap during your date. Sometimes you pull all nighters trying to do homework and projects. This is what you need. Two p. M. In the middle of the day while you're waiting for your classes. This is awesome. Hey, guys, I'm going to be giving you a dorm room tour of my dorm room at dimming his hills. We have apartment style dorms. So in Phase one, where all the freshmen and international students live, you get two bedroom apartments, and that comes with one kitchen, one restroom, a living room and a patio or balcony and face to everyone else off the upperclassmen live and that they are three bedroom apartments, which means six students. Phase one are two bedrooms, so which means four students. Toilet looks like walking into my dorm room. As you can see, Dominguez Hills provides you with a desk, a bed as well as yours. The beds are sometimes adjustable, so you can adjust them to be as high or as low as you want. I have mine pretty high so I can put storage bins underneath there, my laundry basket and other random things. As you can see, I brought in my own mini fridge. This is something I definitely recommend to invest in because it's super important just to have easy access to your food as well as have enough space to store all the food. And don't let anything go to waste for the closet side of the room. I put my doors inside my closet just to utilize more floor space. I put up a mere I have on my storage on the walls as well as inside the drawers and door pins. You are also provided with a safe that you can use to store any valuables. I don't personally use it, but you are free to use it when you move in. This is what my desk looks like. You are provided with the chair as well. The deaths are two in one. You can detach them right here so you can mix and match. Put them, rearrange them as you please. I really enjoy the amount of space Dominguez Hills apartments give you because a lot of people have to store everything in their room. But at Dominguez Hills, you can store things in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room. So you have tons of space for all the things you need. If you want to see a more in depth dorm tour of my dorm, I'm going to go ahead and link down my YouTube channel in the description and go ahead and check it out if you want to see a very detailed dorm room tour. Hi, everyone. Right now I am inside Student Psychological Services. This is another great resource and office on campus that I want to make sure you guys are familiar with. So right now, I'm here with my friend and she is going to introduce herself. Please introduce yourself. Hi, My name is Laura Castillo. I am the assistant to the director here at the Student Health and Psychological Services. And please explain what the Students Psychological Services Office does for students. So here at student Psychological Services, we have individual counseling for our students who are in need of counseling one on one counseling for any particular reason. It could be for a personal reason. It could be for school related reason. Um, it could be if you're having some sort of anxiety or depression, could be loss of a loved one relationship issues anything that might affect your mental health and being affecting your work here on campus. Then that's a reason why you might want to come and see us also. Then how do you schedule an appointment? Heart. Can I be able to come in and talk with someone? So right now we have what we have you come into the office so we don't do any phone appointments. Everybody who would like to have an appointment needs to come into the office. They need to fill out a form for us, which is an intake form, because this some information about the student, and then it also provides us with their availability for appointments, and then we give them a call back as soon as an appointment is available within their times. Awesome. And for the students, is there a maximum number of times that they can meet with professionals? So what you need to know is that we are short term therapy, so we're not some We're not a therapy that you're going to be able to have the whole time. You're here as a student, but with that being said, um, there's no exact limitations. It's going to really depend on what the situation is, why you're here and how many therapy sessions your provider thinks it's going to take to get you into a good spot. Thank you so much for your Well, there you guys go there. You guys know what this office does for you. Come check it out. If you guys are in need of talking to someone. It's a very open office, and you're free to use it if you become a Hello. Right now we are in front of Ellis. You that short for local street union? It's a huge building and fairly new building that has all the dining hall, the restaurants that we have as well as ballrooms, the bookstore and a bunch of offices that are going to be vital to know. So let's walk inside. So this is what Ellis you looks like. One of my favorite options we have here is a typical subway. We also have Taco Bell as well as a W way. Have a small stand or currency small, but we have place called Toro's Fresh. This is a place that is no fast food chain. It's just one of the school owned fast food. Like a fast food France. We also have hand express another one of my favorites and coming soon we have frozen yogurt from green olive. This is a Mediterranean grill used to be a pizza place here, but they took it down this summer, and now they're going to be adding a green olive right now. Since this is not fully built, they do have the green olive catering outside in a huge truck. So you get to try food before they even open up first as well as the other side way, have the union brine, which is inches own brand of. We're coming up on the ride, get some coffee as well as some breakfast, and then down this way you have the sports lounge where you can actually go and sit down at the bar and have a beer, wings and other small snack. Percent. Like Barry percent, right? And I'm sure you guys good side, because this is the information table where you have any questions about Ellis. You you come here. But the most important thing that I wanted to show you guys is this used to be a java juice. But they took it down and we will be having a Starbucks soon. I'm not sure about when it will be here, but I'm pretty sure if you are a senior in high school, this will be set up and ready to go by the time you come to Dominguez Hills. Hey, everyone. Right now I am technically at work at the kiosk in front of housing. So the dorms for Dominguez Hills have a getting our gated community and there's a kiosk right in front of the gates. Then we monitor all the cars coming in. So I'm going to interview one of my co workers for you should a student, Adam ing, is as well as a doorman resident, and I'm going to ask her a couple of things about Dominguez Hills. So hello, I This is Laure everyone. So, Laura, introduce yourself. How many years have you been at the What is your major? My name is Laura. Been at Dominguez Hills for a year, and my major is psychology. Also, what do you think is your favorite part about Omega's? My favorite part about Dominguez is the fact that we have smaller class sizes, so you can easily approach the professors and you feel a little more one on one attention for awesome. What do you think it's One of the most important resource is our most valuable resource. Is Dominguez Hills has to offer. I wouldn't say it's The Food Pantries is actually kind of an underutilized thing. Food insecurity is definitely a big deal. Pantries at the Women's Resource Center, which is also good resource. It's open to everybody. It's not excluding any gender. And they also at Looker Student Union on the first floor office. Like that's a really good point, Laura. I personally used one of some of the food pantries, and they give either can food can goods, Bram and sometimes like Stack. So that's your right. But food scarcity, you're a juicy one. Food into charity is definitely a problem on station for college students, you know, money's tight. Having these food pantries on campus is definitely a really good resource. What do you think is one of your tips for students? I would say, don't be afraid to approach a professor either before classes during office hours. You know, if you have a question about the material or you feel like you're struggling with something, you should definitely approach them. Master. They're here to help you. They're not gonna be upset. They walk up to them. So you know, definitely feel comfortable walking up to your professors and talk awesome. And, of course, like everything, everything has a pro and con What is your favorite thing about teach And maybe something that you think it could be better at or con of being a student? Teach? Well, the favorite thing is definitely It's a smaller, yeah. Smaller class sizes. It can sometimes feel like you're a small town where everybody knows each other up into the same people much over and over again on. And that's kind of the Khan. If you're looking for a school that's really big and has like a football stadium, has like all of us Peace invents on campus. You know, sometimes we don't really offer that sometimes to just go explore Los Angeles with your friends. Kind of take that initiative by yourself. Yeah, School doesn't always help you. Absolutely. We definitely so put on a volleyball game soccer games, these bookings. But we do not have a football team, which I think if one of the small cons of d. H. But you're so bright that it definitely feels like a small community and kind of a little town. Definitely make a lot of friends, and you get to see them all your four years of college. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. So much for all your tips and frozen Khan's pleasure. Bye, guys.