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Hi, everyone. So right now I am inside the Woman's Resource center, and this is another great resource that I really want to emphasize and make sure you guys know if you become idea h today. So what the woman's resource center is, and I have one of their flyers here, so I could tell you everything that the center offers. It is correct. Co curricular programs for learning dialogues and community building. They have a community lounge to study, relax and meet new friends. They have one on one support services and referrals for on and off campus. Resource is they also have computers, which is right there, and then the other only have a study space in a lounge. They have a coffee and teeth issue with the kitchenette, Torre food, country and hygiene supplies, as well as opportunities for campus involvement and leadership development. Free scan trumps and look, but blue books, which is another plus C. You don't even have to go to the bookstore there only thirty five cents. But you don't even have to go to the bookstore to purchase scan trumps and blue books, which you will need to take tests and class and also they do a private space for lactation. This is one of the this is the lactation room that I'm in right now. So if you are a student mother, mother's today, you can use this room to do. You're lactation needs the day while you're in the middle of your classes. And also I wanted to show you their Toro food pantry. So what the foot country is is a lot of companies or grocery stores. Dhoni food that is near to expiring or just, you know, not pretty to the I to write their customers, and you are free to come. You sign and you're free to come and grab anything you want. They have originator here, so inside right now, there's not a lot of food, but a little cabinet going to show you some of the things they offer. So as you can see, we have some being some green beans, some tomato sauce. We have some snacks and cereal boxes, pasta, sliced mango soup cans, lots of things. You know, as a student, sometimes we don't have all the money so that we can purchase groceries all the time. So this is a real and it's all free. Guys, just keep that in mind. We also have more boxes on this side. Yeah. Some granola bars have dried cherries. We have some apples, more beauty, more canned goods from here. We have some bread. So, yeah, this is an awesome resource. It is not gender exclusive. If you are a man and you need to check out the tour of the food pantry. You are welcome, Tio. I'm gonna go over there and show you a quick view of their lounge area. Like I said, these are the computer station that you are free to come to use. If you have any school projects that you have to do and you don't have a computer at home, you're welcome. I'm free to use thes. So, yeah, that is the allowance fairy. I don't want to talk too much in that room because there are some students students studying, but that's where they have their coffee and tea station kitchenette. So definitely come to God, the woman's resource center during class get snacks. I'm also going to show you their hygiene station, where they have lots of hygiene products for females, as well as condoms and other things. Yeah, definitely come by the woman's resource center. It's across the wall, chopped by. Hi guys. Right now. I just want to give you guys. But Quick, Sr. You look away to the left of me. We have a port call. LaCour Hall is the College of Arts and Humanities. So if you want class art class in English class most of the time, it's going to be my freshman year. I took my English class right in this building, So if you are music ranger on art Major, you'll be very familiar with this building. To the right of me, we have the old library earlier. I feel a video about all the library offers, and all the resources have Actually, d h. Has to. Libraries were short. We call them Old Library and new life. There's a ramp between them so you can cross in between them and we'll have to walk outside. So what? The old library has old library still have course reserves in lounge area as well as a quick coffee shop. And the new library has all the computer lab's computer check out, as well as the resource s and most almost all of the textbooks they offered. So I just wanted to give you guys a quick look of what the library's look like in all way. Also, have you? I want to pay attention to small sculpture. We I mean, it is called where cultures meet th has tons of sculptures around the campus. We actually have a place called the Sculpture Garden and its gonna be right behind you. Hi guys. Right now I am, sighed a sigh office with my friend Carina, and she's gonna tell you about your Tuesday. It introduces a Carina Everyone. My name is Korean Dakota, and I like she was like Major and I My duty here is that I'm a front desk assistant discuss about. It's just horrible to say which happens here and unless you two thirty one every Tuesday. And here's an example. What students need to be bringing. That's basically anything that wearable as what you see here. These are the items are unacceptable. Basically, the students come in. They they say I'm in a roster. She the students come in, they signing a roster. She basically with their name information idea, the item that they're wearing and again and they get into a chance to and to our raffle, which they will be in. The winner will be announced the end of the week, and if they were to be a winner, they wouldn't have a chance to enter. The bigger rough weather will be announced the end of the semester, which missions here. They would have a chance either win the two thousand and four thousand dollars scholarship. Awesome. And this happens every Tuesday, every semester, every Tuesday. Hi, everyone. So I just showed you a real life in class session off what my computer lab class looks like so currently, this is CS to seventy. It's a computer information systems course that you take if you are in the business. A college of business right now and you can see it is pretty empty. And that's because you're about forty five minutes into the class. What my professor does is passed around and attended sheet and went to signing your name's on the attention she needed to go home. So a lot of people just come in, sign the attendance sheet, get a little work done and then go thiss classes. Very. As you can see, there's not a lot of discussion. There's no lecture. It's just a computer class that shows you how to use Microsoft Word program. Microsoft all programs of Microsoft, So it's really great class. If you just want to go in, get your work Hi guys. Right now I'm inside the D H library, and I want to let you know everything the library offers. Most people think the library is here's a place to come in, check out books and go home or study. But the library has so many resources that you guys don't know about, for example, that D. H. We have something called course reserves. Almost all the professors put on hold their textbooks that they use in their classrooms. They put him on hold at the library so you can come in and check out the textbook for an hour or two and do your homework. You never even have to buy your textbooks at all. You don't have to waste your money. They also have group study rooms with group city rooms are is if you have a party of four more students, you can check out a room for an hour to whatever hours you need, and you can use the room to have group city sessions to club meetings and so much more. Most of these rooms coming cooked with either a projector, the connection laptop or iPhone to or in white board. If you're doing math problems or anything like that, you need to write out. They also have computer labs here. You don't have a computer at home, no last job, and you need Microsoft word like whatever program you need or the Internet come into the library and used computer labs here. If you don't want to be at the library, they also can lend you out a laptop iPad you can take home for a week, but if you are a freshman, you can actually be alone in a laptop for the full here. Anybody that's not a freshman, you can rent it out for a week at a time. They also do appointments with library. And so a lot of times professors will ask you to do a research project research essay. And sometimes they don't want you to look up Wikipedia or Cool or Google scholars. They want you to find hard core sources from the library. You can set up an appointment with your library, and they can help you find all the sources that you need. You're not just, you know, pulling sources out of thin air or looking them up on the Internet on the Internet and they might not be reliable. So there you go. The library offers so many more resource is that I even knew about. And I'm sure a lot of these resources are going to be super beneficial teeth. Eyes. Hey, guys. So I just wanted to take you guys around into what my class schedule looks like. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have three classes throughout the day. The first one is at eleven thirty a. M. That one is my Chicano studies class. My second class is my theater class, which is from goes eleven thirty to twelve forty five and then wanted to fifteen and then my last class for the day's actually, at five thirty p. M. To six forty five. All the classes are an hour long and fifteen minutes, so that's when my day looks like I have a huge break about four hours in between my classes. So I take that break to go home, ate dinner or lunch and then go to my night class right now. I just got out of my theater class, so it's around two fifteen right now, and I made plans to go come to my office Professor's office hours. So that's what I'm going to go to do right now. What professors do Office hours? It's a set time and set day of the week that you can talk to your professors about any questions you have and help you need and stuff like that. Just get to know your professors on a more personal level. So my professor has office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from two fifteen to two forty five. Only a thirty minute slot. So it's perfect. Right after I get out of my theater class. I'm just gonna go over to his office hours, ask him a couple questions about my assignment that I haven't done. So that's pretty much what my schedule looks like. You can create your schedule, however you want. You could have school on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually call the students. Have a three day weekend. I only have my classes, Mondays and Wednesdays. So I get a forty weekend, which is pretty awesome. You get to choose your schedule, how you like it. As long as the classes are open, that's pretty much it. Right now. I'm in front of a looker student union, and this is a daytime view of what l s u looks like. And so yeah, I'll catch you guys. I'll catch up with you guys later. Hey, guys, The next day I'm going to show you is called a Tor Ozone game room. So Dominguez Hills inside unless you Loker sitting again, we have a game room that is just for students on inside this game room. I'm going to show you guys a large of pool tables as well as TV that you can connect wease or police stations to right on that corner. Come and grab a couple of friends during your costumes are at the end of the night and place in a cool way. Also, have some more TV's on the wall here with some comfortable chairs, and you can have way have the PS for as you can see on all you have to do is pay a small feet. Some of these things are free, but like the whole Tabor pool tables, there are about two dollars to definitely come Toro Zone Corazon game room if you are in the mood to play some games. Hey, everyone. So right now I am in front of the Welsh hall. Um, it's also called James L well, chal and I am going to show you guys why this building is important to know so well chal the buildings where the departments that are there are one financial aid centre which I'm going to go show you guys the financial aid centre is something that is super important to know where it is. Because at least one point in your school year you're going to need to come to the financial aid centre whether it is to drop off documents, show verification forms, you know, sign loans. Um, this is definitely where you're going to need to come at least once or twice every year. This is what Welsh Hall looks like. This is the small quad right in the middle, and it's all covered up. And you have student financial services right there. And up on the second floor, you would have the career center as well as the GOP office. And to my right, you will have the university advisement center. So the classes I've taken at Lecture Hall I take in my like you guys saw my computer information systems class, which is in one of the classrooms on the first floor as well as I've had a classroom in the lecture hall that is inside. Well, chal. I took my psychology course there. It was super fun. There was about one hundred to one hundred fifty students there, so there's definitely a lot of students. But there's still a chance an opportunity to ask your question asked questions to the professor. All you have to do is raise your hand. Don't be shy to ask questions because I'm pretty sure out of one hundred and fifty students, there's gonna be another person with the same question as U. S. O. I have taken those two classes here. They have tons of other offices and departments that I'm pretty sure gonna be fit for you.