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Thinking about California State University-Los Angeles and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting California State University-Los Angeles in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet California State University-Los Angeles’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to California State University-Los Angeles, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the California State University-Los Angeles experience. These California State University-Los Angeles video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I had a midterm today, and like an idiot, I forgot that was a blue book. But one of the great things about Cassie DeLay is that they give out blue books and scan transfer free. You don't have to wait in the bookstore, no long line and pay for them. I'Ll show you where you can go, You guys. I'm not kidding when I say that you confide everything in the student union building, including your scan drones. So you need a scantron. Just come to the second floor of the building. They're in the building when you get your fees, can't and up. First we have Johnny's Kitchen. Um, it's a really popular place for sandwiches and breakfast type food. I haven't been there, though, but it looks good to me and we have rice garden. Um, my favorite for when I'm craving trainees food or like penned express. It's like a knock off can't express, but still good. And right next to that we have Kiko sushi. I haven't been there, so I can't give you my opinion. And we have Carl's Jr definitely a student favorite, but my favorite is a local. I spent all my money here if I could. So now let's go outside to see what your other options are. So another good one is every table it was just made this semester and the food is really healthy but like not unseasoned and plan type of healthy. But it tastes really good and most meals are under ten dollars here, which is really great and affordable. So yeah, here's someplace to eat. Hope you like one of them and I'LL see you I thought I would just be really honest with you guys and just let you know that parking this semester's sucks a cz You, khun see, two parking lots trickles off the semester. So pricking husband really rough this semester. But you guys were super lucky because the's parking lots will be ready by the time you guys come in for far. So hopefully you guys won't have to struggle like I did. So because so many people kept complaining about no parking er they decided to make another parking lot. But because of that parking lot, there was no parking for us at all this semester. Freaking irony in that right. But the new parking lot will be ready by fall, so hopefully you guys don't have to go through this. Okay? I'm not trying to scare you, but let me just show you how bad parking can get and why you really need to get here before ten am If not, you better be a good parallel, Parker, because those will be the only kinds of parking spots left for You can't find anything right now, and it's like only two. Don't be surprised if you get stopped and people constantly ask you if you're leaving And definitely don't be surprised if you are leaving and someone offers to take you to your car in exchange for your parking spot. Definitely looked both ways while you're crossing the parking lots because some cars do not care And I want that parking spot and we'll speed. I won't stop for you. But hey, maybe if they hate you and I could pay for your student loans, I don't know, that's what I always think. I'm just, like hit me idea. You pay for my student loans you'LL know when you have to move on to the next parking lot when you see one of those annoying sides. So please don't even bother going in the parking lot when you see them, save yourself the time and stress. So if you can't find parking in a parking lot, I might have better luck parking on the streets. So I wish you good luck when you have to find parking next semester. If your community on hopefully the new parking lot will make things a lot easier for you guys. I'LL see you next time. Hey, guys. So since I'm a student, that doesn't work on campus, I can't give you a room tour of my door in arms. Sorry, but I can only show you how everything looks like from the outside. At least I hope that's something that'LL help. So let's go. So there's actually three ways to get inside the dorm grounds. So the first one is across a parking lot five at the entrance and the second entrance is actually right next to the high school. Yeah, that's right. You guys, we're going to be sharing a high school at Cal State L A. So you're truly never away from high school here, But yeah, you just have to go down the stairs and there's the housing area and the last entrances from Park Il off. Seven, not five, parking lot seven. So just because I don't live on campus in a dorm doesn't mean that I haven't been inside of them. Um, there's been times where I had to do group projects with students that lived in the dorms, and from what I remember, the rules were like, really nice and big to me at least, and you get three people in a dorm, and it's pretty spacious from what I remember been very nice and clean, too. So if you do stay in the dorm, it's It's going to be really nice and pretty and you get your own rooms. Okay? I don't know why it's so empty today. I swear it's not always just dead and quiet. I'm pretty sure students knew I was gonna come into film today, and now they're all hiding from me. But as you can see, Thie resident area is very nice and clean and pretty spacious. This was my first time really walking around being a dorm area, and I'm just now realizing how huge it is. I felt so small to me coming up from breaking five, but there's like a whole lot of the area around it, So, yeah, I don't think that it's too small or anything, and on top of that, they're actually expanding the storming area. So you know it's going to be even bigger than this. And up ahead is a basketball court, which is, you know, really cool for those who want to lay, you know, relax and take a break from studying, and I think that's a volleyball court right behind it. Or tennis court? Um, I don't know. I'm a film student of you. So don't judge me for not being athletic and back there is your designated parking area for you guys. I was gated. So, um, you guys have a parking lot all to yourselves. How cool is that? And you guys also have your own lodge E room. How cool is that? So you don't have to, like, go bother your parents and you want me over there? Unless that's what you want to dio. But, um, yeah, you have to bring your own coin. So and there's also a building for you guys to pick up your mail. So take advantage of that free Amazon prime for students you get when you first come here and further down there's another perk, Eli. For you guys on DH, then right next to it is parking lot seven for us people who don't live on campus. And yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this tour. I'm really sorry that I can't give you a room tour because I don't want campus. I feel really bad, but I just trust me when I say the rooms are really nice And I guys two hundred living here help you guys like it and So I'm going to cinematography class today, and I just thought I would bring you guys along with me to show you guys what it's like to be a film student. So let's go. So the TV a building is actually just a little bit off campus. It's not that far of a walk. Just go to the Studio Union Building and go on the crosswalk. We don't get hit by a car because these students are reckless and times for pregame and just walk up the hill and you're there. The T V F building actually has a parking lot right across from it. The parking is so limited there. It's such a small law that I wouldn't recommend it unless you get their super early or you have cross on a weekend when there's no one there, just walk up the hill there. Honestly, it's not that bad, and we all need exercise. And here it is the TV of building. Uh, this is where you'LL take most of your production classes. I've taken cinematography, audio mixing on posted up editing, So the really cool thing about the T V f guilty is that we have a sound stage and a room for doing Foley and a tr wait. First things first is tried life. So when you guys coming to take the final pull the trap, it'LL just be outside of the bag. But it'LL be just like this. Make sure that what's again lands is twenty four. See the words lands with arrow up, slide it right in and it's a trick to this is just making sure that sliding into both the groups here because some student that's it's a little tricky, but you want to slide it in and then lock it here underneath the cannon logo. So let me turn the camera around so you could see there's a knob here. Not here. Turn this. It's turning. And that's also like used to navigate through menus and whatnot. Uh, feels good to finally get so, yeah, this So I'm just chilling on my car, eating my sandwich, and it's barely one o'Clock and I don't have class until six p. M. So, you know, hanging out in my car, burning to death. I just thought I would show you guys my favorite place on campus, which is the gym. So let me finish his pre workout snack, and I will show you what the gym is like on campus. Okay, so the gym is actually located in the student union building. A lot of things are in the student union building that's going to be one of your favorite places to go to, and it's actually in the basement level. So just go through the doors, go down the stairs and on the right. Is that so? The gym is really strict with filmy. I couldn't film anything in there without giving evil eyes, so I didn't manage to find some pictures on Gogol, and that should hopefully help. So the gym is pretty small, but it has everything you could ever need. It has cardio machines, dumbbells, barbells and a nice patio for you guys to do your after workouts, which I tend to use a lot. There's also a walker rule for you guys to use. But be careful. Bring your own lock, please. For the love of God, bring it you'LL need it. So I'm finished with my oracle. Finally, and I'm all glammed up for class. Um, one of the nice things about the gym is that it's in your tuition. You don't have anything extra. Just go downstairs being your student. I d Science and people work on DH. They'Ll just take your thumbprint and got to know Don't be a victim to the freshman fifteen like I wass um, I was able to use most of the way and gained freshman you an extra just by going to the gym here. And, of course, how big campus. Easy. Walk around a lot. So, yeah, you don't have