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Carly shows you a classroom and talks about class sizes

According to U.S. News, Carleton College is ranked #1 in best undergraduate teaching. As students, we have the opportunity to work directly with our brilliant professors, and we receive individualized feedback on all of our work. While the college is known for its academic excellence, the classroom climate is not one of competition but, rather, curiosity and collaboration.

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Carly Dun
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So to give you an idea of what a Carlton classroom might look like, I am in the language and dining Center, room two forty five, where I worked as a Spanish teaching assistant. You would not normally be taught any course by a student. For inter languages, we have bi weekly sessions that allow students to practice their language skills and more comfortable close knit settings. Like, I know this is a huge room, but I only teach eight students at a time. Um, and so our average class size is sixteen students, and the faculty to student ratio is one to nine. So we are very much oriented toward discussion based learning and student professor relationships, which is one of the huge, strong points of a car. You know, you can't just hide in the back of a lecture hall. Often people really wanna participate because learning is so fun because you got a you got to choose whatever classes you want to take and like, I always choose things that I'm super fascinated by, and I find myself just so engaged with the material and interests and kind of like heated discussion.