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Introducing the Bald Spot (Carleton's quad) | Campus Tour 2019

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This Carleton College Campus Tour was taken at Carleton College.


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Carly Dun
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While talking about the Minnesota weather from the perspective of a San Diegan, Carly brings you to Carleton's favorite rectangular grass/ice patch: the Bald Spot. During New Student Week (the annual welcome orientation for first year students), everyone receives a shiny new Carleton frisbee and writes their name on it. Then, they stand around the perimeter of the Bald Spot and throw their frisbee toward a flag in the center, all at once. The person whose frisbee is closest to the flag wins pizza for their dorm floor! After, everyone retrieves a random frisbee, and by the end of the week they must find the owner of the frisbee and return it. This is just one of Carleton's many memorable traditions!