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Come on, stay out of breath Walking around. But hey, I'm getting my stepson's. So the library has copiers, computers, fax machine scanners, scanning like a pdf that you signed something that's really important. Um, but just plenty of resource is, you know, we need to get a book to write a paper or research something. Library's got it. I used the library a lot, actually, last semester at a children's literature and literacy class way actually have a children section in our library. Just kind of a funny fact. Um, there there's a bunch of children's books, and we have to like it bunch of books and talk about putting in a classroom like it was a whole thing. But that's why I used the library. But sometimes a lot people go there to study. You're doing homework, penciling out. I go there a lot to put my scripts. Uh, you know, it is a good time, but my hair places study in the library. I will show you just a second. It is the third for and taking. Little cubicles are on the side. I really like the like study on my own, like studying in groups like unless I'm like just making no car to something simple, be like to be on my own just so I could focus and not destroyed. But there are plenty of different spots in the library on campus. If you want to, like, study with a group of people that like a big table, you could do it at Storm's over there or you can doing the library like person second floor. But third floor is really quiet, and that's what I like, and those cubicles allow me to, just like he focused in my stay in my zone. Well, it is really hot out, but we're a digital media arts center on campus. It is right next to Dodge like across the street, and this's where a visual arts kids usually. Now we've got animation labs with dual computers. A giant screen room seems like one hundred people here and a couple different classrooms, like for screenwriting. I think I described it in class your last semester and had an acting class in the directing stage, which is really cool. There's a whole nice, like outside area where you could just, like, sit into homework. But, like, have lunch, just grab and go little like sandwich and salad. I literally one year like always, had class from, like Fridays ten to twelve, forty five one, two, three, forty five. So I'd always be on Fridays over here, getting a salad. But but maybe new me is like the salad girl. It's got plenty of great amenities for all the Detroit students and our students. We have made it to the center of downtown Orange, So let's go on a little tour. This is our quaint little downtown orange and is commonly referred to as a circle is a five minute walk from campus. This is where our anyone happens, where during finals week, people run through the circle in their underwear. We also have wholesome activities, too. But there is a ton of stuff for you to do here in downtown Orange. Most of it is eating. There's great coffee, great pizza, great burger's. Pretty much anything you could want you can have here at the North Cafe. Just open around the corner, and I just walked by. The line was like a billion people long, so maybe not that for a little bit. But maybe by the time you get here, it'll be a little bit better. But, yeah, there's lots to eat in the fall. We have a food festival, which is really fine words. Food from all around the world is featured here. He can walk around. There's also some bars, some cute boutiques that I love to shop at. It's a great place to bring your family when they visit and also just go out for I'm outside Loose go Center for the Arts, and this is our brand new performing arts center. Okay, maybe don't like brand Brand New came out like my freshman year or like Debuted My freshman year of whatever you want to call it is a giant like huge performing arts are like the stage is incredible. And lucky for the Copa kids, the college performing arts kids, they can actually graduate there. Somebody cools theater on earth. I can't take you inside because they really don't allow people in it unless you have a class or you're like seeing a performance power. But you could look it up online. There plenty of pictures, I'm sure, but it's a really cool place. That's how production a cabaret there and like sound System. And there is, like, incredible. And it's just honestly, I feel like I'm not. You know, some Broadway show, like the theater is so cool. I want a different offensive. If I Chapman, I think we had a cold like Coachella. You know, Coachella For Chapman, I don't know. But we have, like, different artist, that come and perform here. Who came last year host my sophomore year, Thie artist Goody Grace came. And what's his name? Nash came. That was really cool. Free concert. So bless up. But, you know, a lot of different people form here and in Moscow, we've had, uh, Justin Baldoni speak here. We have calling Ballenger coming. That's Miranda's things we've had. Leslie Odom, Jr. Come here like we've had a squad of people, so I'm never in this building. I will not be a lawyer. So going in there is kind of scary. But in the law school on the fourth floor, there's a balcony, and that is one of the best places, actually, study me and I'm walking right by it. So hopefully I can, like, snag it free all Oh, up there. Bless you, got it. Most people like kind of forget about that during finals week. One terms. It gets packed in library, but nobody goes a lost. So I go there and study. It's really quiet, and it is cool to bring a It's so weird. Uh, and this is better. Next. Everything together. In a sense, we've got gym right behind me. We have Starbucks over there, the library and a bunch of differ buildings. And that, like the night, everything together, it has Chapman's for er's intellectual spirituals, Social in your Chapman application way they will ask you to pick one and related to your life. So fun fact for you. You shouldn't flying now, but yeah, at a different table in half? No. For different clubs, you conjoined organizations and times has their boots up. Thank you, but yeah, I kind of just connects everything together, and it's right in middle of campus. Hey, guys. So I just got home from a meeting and I was coming down the elevator in a F, which is our truce form. And if you haven't watched that video, watch it now. But I was coming to the elevator and I saw this thing on my way out, and I didn't make a video about it. But here I am now it's called laptops to go and it's literally basically what I just said, Laptop sicko and they have Macs and PCs. And this was founded. Found it. I guess you don't really found find words laptops, But it was started by my friend Mitchell Rosenberg. He's our student government president, and he is my year, and he's, like, literally amazing. But he founded this thing because he realized there were so many kids that, you know that could forget their laptops or didn't know they need him for a class that day. And like, Oh, no. So here's a laptop. They have like a bunch of Max and PC. So whichever one you use, you could, you know, find the one that works for you. But, yeah, they're really convenient, and they're always like plenty of laptops in there. I see people use them, but not that often. So your guarantee you'd pretty much to find a laptop when you needem. Case. We're outside to Mill and Mill. It'll actually be the old film school, and it's not more. It's actually Dodge Grocery. That waiter is building us honest, kind of bank inside that has a really cool thing. It's got the tutoring, learning and testing center and in this place there certified students who are tours and like pretty much every single subject. And they could help you. You know, homework or prepare for a test are final. I went to your first class like freshman year, and honestly, they were so pull and thank God this makes it says nothing in here is the writing center. A lot of people forget about that, and I honestly do, too, So they know what I'm telling you Guys in the writing center there are certified folks who could help you write your papers. If you're ever struggling, you know, you don't really know where to even begin on a paper or you need to somebody to proof read it or help you research like they're certified folks in here. That can really help you make sure your paper is solid and was also really cool about this place. Is that right? Outside it we have, Or where is it? It's over there hiding in the tree. But, um, we have actually a piece of the Berlin All right, guys, I just got on my last class for the week and it was fully. And Foley is basically creating sounds on a soundstage. So everything you hear in a movie isn't necessarily recorded like there on set. Ah, lot of it is done in post post production, and it's created in the fully stage and I didn't get the best video, But here it is. So this is where our stage looks like, and I'll show you some pictures as well, because video was rough. But it is one of the coolest classes you can take. It is taught by my favorite professor. It's my third time having Mary Cheney if you go to Chapman and you're in film school or if you could like, I don't know, somehow sneak your way in. If you're not film Major, take a class with Cheney. It is so much fun. And he's so Joe like he brings pizza the class all the time. So thank God. But, yeah, this is one of the different classes you can have in one of the different classrooms. Is it really a classroom? It's just a stage, but is used for class instruction. So, yeah, it's one of the places you can learn fun stuff and fun fact. Couple things for you. If you take a pair of keys and do this. It sounds like armor, You know, like a knight in our knight in shining armor, all much as like moving. So if it's you know, there's like a night that's riding on a horse and you gotta create a sound for his clothes moving. There you have it. My keys are probably the best example because they have a bunch of things on them. But just a para metal keys will do the trick. Hey, what's up, you guys? I'm back here at the Beautiful. Where is it? There we go. Let there be libraries, give you guys a quick tour inside of our library and talk a little bit about work, life balance here at Chapman. So I would say most it is. The Chapman actually have a very good work life balance in comparison to students from other schools. I think that it's very easy to plan out your assignment to get them done on time. And my best advice for achieving a healthy work life balance would just be to make sure you're scheduling and prioritizing things and getting done. What needs to be done before you go any joy. All the fun things that happened has to offer. So with that advice, let's go in and get a quick peek about what's inside that building. So here is the first floor rotunda. We have food services down here as well as computers with printing access and large tables for meeting. This is another reading area on the first floor. It doesn't have to stay quiet down here, but it usually does. Here is the second floor Rotondo. My favorite place to study because of us beautiful, almost traded sixty degree views of the entire campus. And like any library, we've got a crap ton of books that you probably won't need. Hello and welcome to Wilson Field here at Chapman University. So we are a Division three school in this field is used for things such as lacrosse, soccer and football, which are more popular sports here at Chapman. I have personally never been to a game here, Chapman. I'm not personally huge sports fan, which is interesting, because when I was looking for colleges, I really thought that I wanted a big sports school. But it's something that I found that after coming to Chapman, I really don't miss very much. So I think it's really nice that we have sports for my friends here who loved you sports in their free time. I bunch friends on the cross and girls soccer who really enjoy using this field. But the other thing is to If sports aren't your thing like me, this field is open for recreational use so you can run around on it, just hang out. Friends, toss the ball around whatever you want. I'm going to do a quick panorama of the school. So, besides sports, we also use this field for activities such as Play Fair, which is an orientation week thing where you'd meet other students play on the field and we also use this for big day for story recruitment. Thank you so much for watching my video. Guys. I am cherishing one of my first times in Panther Stadium, and I hope you did as well. Hey, guys. So I am in the classroom where all the magic happens. This is THIE Digital Media Arts Center room, where most of the public relations and advertising classes that I'm in take place. This room has been so vital in my academic career here at Chapman, I've had some of my most favorite classes here, so I'm really excited to share it with you and talk to guys a little bit more about the nitty gritty of what class is that chap University or, like classes that Chapman University tend to have a small class size. The student teacher ratio, I believe, is like one two thirty, or usually less the smallest costs I've had, I think had, like, ten or something like that. So it's really easy to get to know your professors on a super personal level. I've created really important bonds with many my professors, and that has led me to getting internship opportunities, job opportunities, letters of recommendation and overall, just like mentor, ship and career advice, which has been so helpful for me. So I definitely recommend that if you come to Chapman, you should take advantage of these student to teacher ratio. And take advantage of those relationships. As faras office hours go. I find that I personally don't tend to go too many office hours. But that's just because I think the teachers here at Chapman do a really great job of explaining everything that you need to know in class. Also, the teachers here are very dedicated. They're usually on call. So if you have a question in the middle of the night and you can usually email them or sometimes even text them, and they'll get back to you pretty quickly. But if you have a bigger question, office hours are usually found in the syllabus that they will either email to you or give you a hard copy of in the beginning of the semester. It's really important you don't lose that has a ton of really important information about upcoming assignments, grating and, most importantly, office hours. So the cost of that I find I need office hours in the most or my screenwriting classes. And it's been really nice if I have a question about the plot or the way my story's going a table to sit down with the teacher and really talk through it. And work it out and make sure I'm on the right track. So that's an example of when I think office hours are really hang. Hello. Wait, look like eggs after your class. But we're here in Disney history, and we're in a F is one of the biggest. Plus, I'm sendin. How about you see, Yeah, I think seventy. But I think there's ninety five goal on this very large. It's almost a huge, but you could have about any class in here again. This is just it's your classic like an education class, but I have, like, a science class in here. And, you see, I had a business class of year, so you know, you know, you do, but, yeah, this is one of the typical classrooms. Right behind me is one of the many fountains on Chapman's campus with the Global Citizens Plaza, and that's actually right in front of Moose Go. I can't and it is again one of our many fountains, and I think it's one of the coolest found because a lot of people actually especially on graduation, you like to step. I can't Okay, right in there could step inside and like taking the water. But you can see there's like a bunch of flags, Thank you, tree for being in my way. But there are a bunch of flags that are around the film, and they all represent a student that has come from this country and gone to Chapman. So we're kind of all over the world with our That's my sunglasses on because it is getting so bright out. But, um, it is like ten in the morning, and it's already eight degrees house. It was a really hot, but, uh, it'll be a good time to talk about the weather. We really don't have four seasons. That's honestly like speed, uh, from May till like November, it's still really warm out. So you definitely wearing like shorts, sandals, tanks to class. But from December to April, it's honestly, like, really cold like that. Cold Hello, like we're not on the East Coast. It's not freezing, but roommate Ciena's for Minnesota. You'll probably see her in one of these videos, but she's you selling native, seven degree weather, and honestly, I would like, probably freeze my butt off. But here, when it's cold, it's probably like in the fifties and sixties, so not terrible. But like for a California native like me, that's cold, huh? You definitely wearing like sweaters, jeans, boots to class. All that jazz, huh? But to note about the weather, even though it might be hot or cold outside, you gotta, like, taken account with classes will be like a lot of blossoms here are really cold, especially at Dodge, because they've got to keep the equipment, you know? Good. If it's too hot in the room, equipment's gonna, like, freak out. So it's always called a dodge. So basically, we're in an Arctic over there, but, uh, so definitely, you know, even when taught out bringing jacket or go to class and leggings. You know, you might be like on fire on your way to class. You'll thank yourself once you're in class. So I thought I'd talk about orange itself, and we are basically, like in the suburbs. That's kind of like the vibe orange there. A lot of families that live nearby and older retired folks, so it's honestly pretty quiet. I really like it because, you know, if I wasn't like a bustling city, I'd feel like I'd be really frazzled. But I think it's like going on, but it's not too bad here. It's pretty quiet. Uh, we are thirty minutes from the beach from, like, Newport, Laguna, all that good stuff. So if you like surfing or just like tanning on the sand, you got it. Uh, we're thirty minutes from the mountains. I'm not a big skier or snowboarder I honestly like, would look like a chicken nugget out there trying to do that. I still love my wife, But if you really like, you know the snow and skiing and all that fun stuff, Big Bear's pretty close to us. But like thirty minutes up and the beaches like thirty minutes down south. So we kind of have it all with good proximity to both of those. And if you love Disneyland, which, of course, I do. I am Disney trash were twelve minutes from Disney, and a lot of people actually get to work in Disneyland. I was one of those people. If you really have, like, dream of, like, working at Disneyland, you could totally do it. When you're at Chapman, they are really what's the word compatible isn't the word I'm looking for. I can't think they're just really helpful in, like trying to make Disney schedule work with your school schedule, so you could definitely make it happen. Um, the only negative thing about oranges, I guess that we're not super close to L. A. We're about an hour from it, maybe forty five minutes without traffic. But, you know, California, there's always traffic, so if you want to be somewhere, you probably have to leave honestly, like two or three hours in advance. We got a little Reeves over there. Rows about Memorial Hall. Dody and Smith was under construction, her usual so memorial. What's kind of from the year is you've seen it would be accepted. That is where that same grass is. Exactly where Jonah Hill stood recent, asked me about my wee there and is also a parks and rec was filmed kind of a number of different like it's kind of a different hub of campus, like another hangout spot. Some people do yoga on that line. You know, Memorial's used for a lot of different events. Also forgot to mention that one day after my yoga class, I saw that the door to the gym was open. They were doing some sort of like, I don't know, cleaning of the gym, so maybe that's why it was open. I don't know. But you really much could only enter the gym if you like. I have a class there or you're like, competing or you're watching a sport like I don't really know how often you go into, like, the Big Jim, but, hey, it was open, so I thought I'd get a video. This's our Jim. Um, when I'm in a yoga class, I hear the basketball class playing basketball, and that's pretty much it like it's a great place, you know, to Washem sports. I wish I could say more about it, but I am never in there. But that's our Jim. I just wanna let you know that we do have a gym. These are two great place to camp. The health centre. Honestly save lives. Well, if you're ever sick, you feel like something coming on or you start doing so hot. Go visit. They have walking hours from, like, eight. Twelve, then afterthat, it's appointments, but it's almost super great. Right? Next What? Actually, we have, like, psychological health services down there so many times, just to talk to, like a therapist, you know who can helping with whatever you're going through, whether it's like questions about Major and don't know what you're doing and like, you're like, you know, quarterlife crisis, which is, you know, when I have, like, every day, it's fine. Um, or if you got really something going on, you could talk to them. And they'll totally help you figure out what's going on. And you seem to have just one session. Or you could have multiple for, like, a whole semester. Whatever you need, I'll help you out. So I am outside the field right now. Um, we have a bunch of football games, soccer games across games have us on this field. They usually have some fun homecoming stuff out here. Tio. When you have a big day for sororities, all of them are lined up here and you, like, run to them, you know, running home, all that jazz, actually, our seats, You can't really see it. What it spells out, chap. An exclamation point. Which is kind of, uh, we don't have like, a top football team, but it's always kind of fun to go, you know, support teams and just watch a game. It's a fun time, but some of your P classes might be out here. There's somebody running um, you know, practices might be out here. It's pretty big field, and So I'm actually outside of the brand new science building at Chapman. This is actually the newest building. I'm such a chicken nugget, but here it is. It's our Kick science center. And I'm no science major time like never in here, just like the first time walking by this school. Uh, but Chapman is trying to build a better science program and engineering program there. I think, introducing like a new engineering major, I don't really know, but it's a new science building. Here's a clip of one of the little classrooms. Doesn't look like anything to crazy but this Senator Gundersen Huge. I'll never have a class in here since I was a senior in. I probably won't take a science class, so they already did my G. But if you were interested in science and engineering there, it's like premed. Pre pharmacy biology, health sciences, kinesiology, probably All right, ladies and gentlemen, there she is. The beautiful Dodge College film Media Arts Way. Have a top of the line equipment way have habit for editing Just industry. Standard way Used pro tools to make sound designs are like audio designs, Whatever. Also industry standard. We use final draft to right our scripts And Celtic sometimes usually final draft. Got a giant TV studio that actually has the same cameras that they do on modern family. We cinematography stage. We've got like, these giant editing labs literally have been in there for hours editing stuff. But, um, yeah, we have so many cool things. I'll take you one of the classrooms later on. That'll be a fully stage, which is really cool. That'll be tomorrow. Actually got class with Dodge. We have topped the line. Professors fun. Your professors that have worked on several different things we've had Professor's, favorite from S. I know we've got people who have been show runners. Editors. You know which Disney? All that Jazz were the number six from school in the country. Thank you, Hollywood reporter, but it's number one in my heart. Um, we also are the home of the death of brothers. Duffer brothers graduate from Chapman and they put a stranger things. So that's what it created. Stranger things. Hello. That's all over our campus, so go.