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Wait a Minute... Who ARE You?!?! | Campus Tour 2019

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Kellie Daniel
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*cue Kazoo kid* Hello! My name is Kellie and I will be your ambassador for Chapman University! A little bit about me - I'm a senior (help) TV Writing and Production major from the Bay Area. I want to pursue a career in writing for comedic television after graduation! A lot of film students are here to create the next Godfather, but honestly, I'm here to make the next Paul Blart: Mall Cop lol. Or maybe the next cheesy Hallmark movie. Who knows, I just need to get a job first (lol hire me!!) During my time at Chapman, I've been involved in Greek life, joined a woman's Bible study, worked at the Happiest Place on Earth, and have had 4, going on 5, amazing internships! In fact, I recently just finished my summer internship at Bob's Burgers! My goal in life is to entertain, so I hope you find these videos entertaining AND educational at the same time! Feel free to comment or reach out to me with any questions!