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Max and I are in Colin's dining hall, which is the main hall of the campus. This's the food area. You get older, delicious, yummy Collins over here. And then we have Maine. There are seven dining halls on our campus, one on emcees. Whoa, one on seems his campus. Three. Ramona's when it scripts one of mud, one after We are currently waiting for after right there were in the tea room that's in my friend and that super We're headed back through North Claude now headed back to my dorm. About to pass by here. Collins. C M c one and only. It's obviously don't need Teo run. I think it's closed, right? And kind of see inside. There's quite a bit of seating. Food choices were pretty good there. Sometimes they randomly have breakfast for dinner to great things. Good morning goes. It's now Sunday, and I'm about to go to scripts for brunch. So join me in a short tour of the scripts Dining hall cue montage.