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Oh, I thought you're going so smooth Leaking, Right? So be it. My favorite. We're gonna walk over to the local in a stadium and I'm gonna give you guys a tour that no, my her. Uh, All right. This is the clock Atlanta Stadium. They do a construction right now, so we don't look that good. But, hey, this walk, it was tiring. So this is the the what do you call it? No, this the bleacher. Oh, my guy. Just tweet. All right? This is pretty much it. Let's see if the inside is open. See? Like I told you, we have been in machines and every bill. Did we always eat in? That's what Okay, so before we go and see some of the academic abilities, um, we're going to just talk about the workload and how things work somewhere. I mean, as a freshman for only a second semester freshman, I don't have that much experience, but so far, the work really isn't that bad. You just have to make sure you do not procrastinate because that's how you get stressed. Honestly, if you do things like in advance, it's really helpful, like might not want to do in the time you like. Oh, I can do it. It's not until next week, but their next week. Um, we really don't want to do it, but that's how you have to force yourself is Hector or even if you don't? Just if you don't do the assignment, if you don't finish early, at least started here. I do have a bit and leave the rest for later. Just do a little bit every day. Uh, what I actually do that kind of hope is I haven't app that I put my assignments and I could actually put that in the description box. Well, right now what assignment for class and I make the due date, like a day before. So that I pretty much always have my work done on the day before and then Yeah, just bring myself explanatory from there. Another thing is build a relationship with your professors. I mean, you don't have to be best friends. Nothing like there's only a couple of professors that I had last semester that I would still talk to us all right now. But while you're in the class, you need to leave. They need to know your face. I need to know, like your name. They need to know who you are. It makes things a lot. When you feel like a stranger, consider the back, sit in the back of class. Really talk anything like that. Participate. They're not going to know you. So you need something. Even if something small they're not is willing to give you two because they're like, Who are you? Uh, sport of office hours. Um, I've only been to a couple of my professor's office hours, but that's because I really didn't need to. But if you need it, go like don't not go. You don't want to see my help or something like that. Go like that. Therefore reason they tell you the office I was in there in Sullivan's so you can always go to them. Or even if you don't want to go with them. My evening Professor's writing and go if I need him, Yeah. Okay, So one of the academic buildings. So I'm gonna give you a tour of is me feeders in this hall. This is mainly the science building. Like the African American Studies department isn't here, But none of their classes are in here. Just like the professor's offices and stuff. Start with the basement. Just pretty just no common area. And then if we go over here Schussel classrooms. Like I had my physics lab in here and my regular physics lecturing here as well. So, yeah, there's also the mathematical sciences department in here, in the basement. All right, So this is an example of a computer lab in this building. It's pretty basic. Just, you know, regular computer lab. And then we also have one of the smaller classrooms in this building. A lot of classrooms don't look like this anymore, but this's a whole building. So this is an example of a lab. One of the science labs, not a computer one. It just happens to have computers. And this is actually one of my old professors coming through, right? So that's pretty much effort, this building. Now we're going to go see a different building, okay? It's a little windy out here, but now we're going to sea Haven Warren, but I have to go through the side entrance because they're doing construction by the main entrance. So in here is actually classrooms. Adviser's office, um, different apartments and an auditorium. So this is where the classrooms are. Do it. All right. Good. Hey. And then we're going to go see the auditorium where you would come in from the promenade area. And this is the auditorium, but is not open right now. Oh, it is open. All right, so seats. They have what they call a town hall meeting in here. We're like student government gives information outside a student body such a such there's a balcony. That's about it for this auditorium and that concludes the Haven Warren tour. One of the basic classrooms. Well, most of them looked like seeing this building. This is a nor building. It was actually built by previous students. Yeah. And if you go out of here What's the main hallway of the building? There's actually a study area over there. If you wanna wait for your classes, start it's on the second floor right now. If you could tell. And there was more classrooms down here. See, there's a lecture hall down here. Some go see if that's open real quick. So you guys can see that because I know all the other ones are taken right now. No, no, it is not opening right now, But you could kind of see in there. Just Yeah, there's bigger ones. This is the one that actually have my English class, and I have my math class in their last semester. So yeah, that's about it. All right, So another thing to talk about is like, okay, but workload and life balance, like, how do you keep your cell phone just exploding? Basically. Um, well, I don't really do that much. I'm not involved in much, which I really want to change. But I'm just probably going to start there next semester. But yeah, I'm not really involved in that much, so it's not really hard for me to balance things. But honestly, the best thing is to just because you from high school, you would get out like maybe two o'Clock three o'clock and they go home. No, what you do, you might have something to do after school or not. And then you probably wouldn't even do your homework. You like evening? Don't do this. I recommend because, Holly, most of the time, just getting up. You get out earlier than you would and my school. Or if you don't get out earlier. You have breaks in between. I suggest instead of, like, chilling during a break, just take a nap, do some homework or something. Because later friends, they do a lot of last minute plans because everyone is still closed right here. It's not how it home. You kind of have to plan things a lot here. They live downstairs. Oh, Kanemaru or oh, come with me. I'm going here. And it's so the worst thing it's like not being able to go because you have to do your work. I It's so irritating. Sometimes you might be tempted to just go, And you're gonna do your work were you're not going to leave. And if you don't do it later, it's gonna be late, and it's gonna, like, mess up. Your skip sleep schedule is just like they're going into that. If I recommended these go, that's what I said before. A lot of problems get solved. If you just do your work as soon as possible. Like seriously, that's one of that. Pretty much will get you on track for everything else. If you do it as soon as possible, you don't stay up late. So go to sleep at a decent time. Don't wake up tired. Stay awake in class is you know, it's just it all goes together. Just do your work time. Do not, Professor. All right. And then further down from campus, you have the library is this the library for Morehouse, Spelman and Crackle and students. So let's go inside. All right. So actually going to start on the top floor when they were coming down? Let's see what for? We just literally books, no study wrong or anything. Great. So I'm actually in the basement now. We'll show you guys the gallery. It's just a small one. There's a couple galleries in a few different buildings on campus. Just a real smaller. Obviously, as a HBC, we have a lot ofthe black history just hanging around. So I want to be quieter. The more walk because the bottom level people are down here studying stuff. Just gonna walk around, show you guys. All right. So Namun stairs, we're gonna go to the last level. So I went top floor basement, And then I'm gonna do the main floor, and then we're gonna be don't like very, very much. Let's get to it. All right. So here we have the group study rooms and more like little studios. And this is just a little area. You have comfortable chairs here. I can't say that. Go this way. These air the pods, see if I could find it. So they look like this along that whiteboards. There's, like, ten pods. It's pretty empty. Ran out. There's only like two O'Clock. So people are probably still actually in classes. So, yeah, there's more artwork on the laws. Art. And then these are computers. Then I had the desk where the librarians work good. Then there's actually a cafe, all right, but I think it's close right now. I think they're fixing something. So Yeah, that's pretty much the library. Okay, so this is just right outside the library, basically. It's like a little area down those stairs, but it's really nothing. Just chairs himself. When it's hot outside, a lot of people hang out outside the library, and that is it for the library, part of the tour. Okay, We're now we're good, general, which is actually in the same building as the cafeteria status in it, which is on the main campus. So if you live in a traditional is right there since we're on the trail, a little squished camera trained for machines, there's a room in here and have bikes and stuff. And then there's that our machines and everything leave the Germany of these lockers for your stuff, you know? And here more lockers library here. And then there's also, if anyone cheats, Like I said, they're everywhere. So we do eat. So yeah, that's about it for the jump. Well, the rec center.