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On Clark Atlanta, due to its size, we don't have areas that we call the quad. We do however, have small meeting areas. We also have the sacred grass which is a significant location on campus.

Video Location Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center

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Sela Porter
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So this area because we're not such a huge campus. We don't really have areas that you could call that we call quads, but you get kind of consider this one. Um, this is, like, right in the middle of all the female female, um, traditional holes like this, we're just and this is murder. I think that our construction on this we're now, actually, and this is five for the one that I live in. This not many people really hang out here, Which is why I say don't really call it a quiet like our main hangout area is definitely the prominent, but they have these which are dedicated so different, uh, but it's already these fraternities. Then what's that off outflow? What? E. Cannot remember what that symbol is you know, you know what I mean. Yeah, that's about all of these yeah, like over there. No. Well, yeah, we're open campus, so pretty much anyone could come on this campus. Says working the Morehouse College like that's more houses. I've never tried to say Berg Gar, let's just keep calling him W E B. OK. And behind him is the sacred grass where some of the president's the previous presidents of the university are actually very. Which is why I take grass, which I cannot walk on it.