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Traditional Dorm

The traditional dorms at Clark Atlanta University have three floors and are all female. There are no single rooms in these dorms (Unless you are a resident assistant, or just lucky enough to not get assigned a roommate). The bathrooms have stalls and there are community showers. They have vending machines, laundry rooms, a fitness center, and a lobby on each floor.

Video Location Pfeiffer Hall

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Sela Porter
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This is a traditional Um there are, like, three or four traditional halls for girls. For freshman girls, I should say on Do you have a roommate there? No sense losing their. The reason I have a like single right now, because my only doubts best together. That's why there's two everything here actually could see, like the desks on the war rooms and everything. It's not a necessity, but it isthe coming in and recommended. Um, um, um it's actually not that stopped, right. What? Some hot pockets And, yes, I have some ice, and that's about it, and it's going to happen again. I highly recommend Because doing papers later, my or whatever you're doing, do you not have And having to go all the way to the library to print it out for us? It's a struggle. Oh, travel and a weird click stuff on it on the way. You know the words There was my bed on this side in all of this, like my bed on top of all of this. Then it was basically the same over here for her. Oh, you, Khun, you have definitely control with the temperature in here. Then there's three showers or not huge, but not this time here, so So when having community stop bathrooms, you need shower shit like necessity. If you do know that you're here, you know, it's just It's not that it looks great, but it's just just think about it. So in the basement of each traditional dorm, there is a study room. So it's like this has computers in their chairs, obviously. Then there's also the laundry room down here, which has four gyres of four washers you can on there's actually these things right here where you text the number it has, like instruction appear you text a number and you say which how much she you're using, and that's actually when it's done, so you don't have to wait down here with it. If you don't choose to wait now, here is a little study, not study room, but not the little lobby. Just hang out here while you wait for your clothes to be done. Which is just a couple machine will hear stuff you could do.