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This is cold and it's open every day. Except for Sunday. We have the floors and currently we are at the second floor, I think, which is the entrance and the main for a lot of open exhibits. And the museum is entirely free. You can come in anytime you want. We have a couple of visiting artist right now, and one of them is water. Um, yeah, I'm not gonna go in right now, because I don't think I can take photos over there or videos. Um, last year we had because of a large suite, uh, at the museum for a year and a lot of the apartment. His suite to create a lot of art pieces and responsive. And this is one of my favorite exhibitions, Ray. Now, I'm not really sure what it's called, but it's a combination of digital media and art. And just look at it. You can see the tree turning, um, from Billy's going now to blossoming dying. So if you go down to stairs, the basement, the library, this area has caught the street. I don't really know wise how the street, but it just happened to be called St Ah. Lot of people would study over here in their free time if they don't want to stay upstairs. And I really like staying here when I was a freshman, because it's kind of a nice place, just yourself to be a friend. And guess who was featured on the TV screen this year, not this one. Here yet, but yeah, that's me. Be quiet. No, it's okay if we talk in the first war. The first floor is noisy floor, but on the second floor, thatis the quiet space where people No, What piece of quiet study. And here is just where a lot of tourists coming and where, um if you go up the stairs going to be the academic building and every once in a while we have some kind of activity at the library, and right now we have celebrate poetry. A lot of people would get together and share their poems. Sorry. If you walk over there, that isthe that is Brewster Room and over here. Yeah. Thank you. Like cheers, Our kind cereal. Over here we have on this play. A lot of works that people are doing research on. And so here we are, arriving at the main floor of the library. Over. There is mostly computers for students to do research, tempering out stuff. And here's like a group of sofas or people can together to discussing groups. And they're more. We search librarian's office over there. People could seek help if they need help with research papers. And over there they're people. The people give assistance fun, really. You go upstairs just quite room. But I'm not gonna go there because it's quiet. Over here is the special collection room. Some people are doing the surgery now, so I'm not gonna go inside and bother them. So in this special collections room, we have a collection of all the bonds. I think that's how you pronounce the same ones. Um, hand Roberts and something. We have page turning of his book. Go. So this is our band room. Most of the ensemble practice in here. Some of them practice downstairs. You have a whole bunch of equipment. Here. You can see the drum set. There's a bunch of care we have, like, a whole lecture percussion instrument. So usually the ensemble just spread out in the middle of the room. There are managers for every ensembles. What? Well, depending on the time, actually, there Walker's there four things outside you can see that weighs the athletic fields. And that way is where we came in. You can also see you kind of see that. Hey, my name's Olly. Um and, uh, yeah. I'm gonna take you on a tour of the science building. Let's go. All right. So, uh, this is Colby College. You probably know this by now, but we have a lot of things to do. And one of my favorite parts about this college is just kind of diversity in the curriculum that it offers more. Specifically, the science buildings and Jack. Right. So I'm a pretty sci sci fi dude, right? But I still like the whole humanity's aspects of the liberal arts. So I chose to attend college like Colby because I wanted the diversity that I could get within the classroom and outside by sharing this space with like minded individual. So this is my favorite building. It's called Olen. And it's one of the science. All these, like amazing really hard science labs and stuff. We've got narrow bio aquatic science, ecology, taxidermy, literally everything and the things in between. Yeah. So essentially, there's three main floors and then on top for you. Bottom floor on the bottom, for there is the only library down on the top floor floor about that you've got this space right here. Essentially long. Hollow is a lot of poor Tory's and such. Above that, it's very similar. And then the very top. There is another greenhouse. We just got out of one of greenhouse and Kyle, there's another greenhouse to do all that. So let's go, let's go check the bottom floor. I guess while we're walking, I can see why I personally chose Colby. I was part of this scholarship called the Posse Foundation. Essentially, what they do is identify emerging leaders, trying to send them to essentially top schools to try to change those communes. S O for me, cool was one of the options, and I just wanted small school where I could talk my professors and kind of have that really close connection. I also was really interested in doing research my undergrad years at school. So call me. And I hear that the summers mean she's pretty. Although I will say disclaimer, It's getting really cold. But if you have a nice jacket, you're good. Okay. Bottom floor. Now we're close to the science library for Old Library. Yeah, Whole bunch. Cheers. Here. Where? A lot of use. We'd be there studying in between boxes. Angel just amazing. Right, I think I think we're going to talk. Similar to libraries across the nation. Uh, it's filled with books, but more importantly, no years on people in the sciences. I eat a whole bunch of books on classifications. You're getting compounds in the body, ecology, biodiversity. Hi. Thank you, God, but to have collaborated future classes. Because the record has work all the time. Then I guess this kind of leads me two favorite part about coming Corey, that's really getting to enjoy amazing community with such amazing. I'm from Texas. Nothing. I heard about that. I should invest in a huge coat because they would be free. But evidently it's pretty beautiful on what that means. That I can enjoy things like this. Short sleeves, uh, to the fullest extent. Just a quick right down what size? More. Stay tuned and watch your video. Thanks for talking with me. Holly Rommie signing out. Hey, guys. Just my friend Arisa. And she's gonna give us a walking tour of the pew center. Uh, so this is a piece, that chair, which is our center for devastating cruise ship on campus. And it's created a safe space for different groups or clubs. Uh, you want to learn more about different cultures or find a place to father? No. Q. And all along the bottom and the top of a huge center, we have different clubs. They were just the student's association at so blue, which is the studio, uh, organization for black and Latino community. Uh, a bunch. Otherwise, let me show you. They're coming upstairs. You can see that. No, this is a bridge, which is our alive. I recently just celebrated private, so I got you back up here on the wall over here. We also have a bunch of different posters from different events hosted by pride, uh, for Pride Week or just