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Colgate Dorm Life!

See inside a dorm in Curtis Hall and meet my roommate! Curtis Hall easily has the smallest dorms on Colgate's campus, but it has great common rooms. When it comes to dorm life, campus provides a wardrobe, desk, and set of drawers. Some things I recommend you bring are a fan, extra drawers and/or shelves, and a speaker.

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Sophia Carmosino
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I am here and Curtis Hall in my room with my roommate Haley alone. We live in a double, and we're going to give you a quick room tour and tell you some dormant essentials in just a disclaimer. Yeah, we make your so before we do that, Hayley, where you from? I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, so let's not too bad. No, A six hour drive is really good. Are you happy with your decision? I'm so happy with so little gained. Part of it's probably because she's really was roommates with me. First of all, I should probably tell you what the school provides for us, So we each get a wardrobe that looks like this. Like they're a little different in the other halls. We each get a desk, and I'm a little salty about these desks. Not gonna lie, because the on ly sort of drawer they have is this which is annoying, like there are no shelves. It's about I don't know, like waist height, Like right of here. So when you have it high, you can fit like I brought these drawers. The lighting is pretty bad. Let me see if I can. I brought those drawers, and then these drawers are provided, So that's everything they give you, and everything else is up to you on what to bring. Haley, what was your most important thing? Like? What's your dorm essential? That speaker. It's so much fun when we were, like, all hanging out in here and we can just blast our music. Oh, yeah, like you, everyone has their tastes so nice. Not after quiet hours, right? Are quite hours are eleven on week days in one on weekends. Yeah, yeah, my daughter essential personally is this big fan. Even though it's really cold here most of time, the first few weeks were so hot Fester and it was so nice. Sometimes it's nice to just get the air circulating because Curtis doesn't have air conditioning and all dorms on campus don't have air conditioning except gatehouse. So just so you know, Joey and this is the temperature. Yeah, Luke, what's your dorm essential for breeze? So that's true for breathe. It's really Curtis had the most people in it, so we have really good common rooms. So we take advantage of those lot because kind of hard to be in this space. Hopefully you have such a good roommate assignment that I got us, so I'll get you guys somewhere else by now.