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Thinking about Colorado State University-Fort Collins and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Colorado State University-Fort Collins in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Colorado State University-Fort Collins’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Colorado State University-Fort Collins, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Colorado State University-Fort Collins experience. These Colorado State University-Fort Collins video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is one of the places on campus where pretty much our own hangs out. People will do homework in there, but they're also just come here to eat food and just meet up with friends. It's called the Lorry Student Center. We reference it as the L. A. C. It's usually a good meeting spot for me and my friends, but may I go inside and show you what's going on in there? One thing I really love is this cool thing. It's a ram, it's our logo. There is a coffee shop that's closer there. And then I'm walking to our food court right now which most things are closed in, Of course, but all you hear tomorrow just for you guys across June. Taco Bell subway's always open. But, yeah, this is it's usually super busy in here because it's where we're gonna study. Maybe I can take a clip tomorrow. Okay? It's the next day, and as you can see, it's really full of people. Now we're outside the LSC. This is the back view and it faces the lagoon and all the intramural fields. It's really a beautiful view, but let's head on over to their acceptance. I'm just going to show you how awesome the dorms are. This is campus right now. That's the library parking lot on those airs, norms, all the dorms. We're right on campus. They're either on the South or north side of campus. And I showed you Corbett, my friend Grace lives in, probably can't go into any of these because I'm not a freshman. But one thing I would like to say is talking about the best storm halls to live it. So one thing I will say is that the dorms are most a fifteen minute walk from in campus, which is about the closest you're gonna get to campus. Um, every dorm has either sweet style or community style. So sweet style would be. You have your own bathroom and you share it, usually with the room next door to you. And then community is basically when you have to share a bathroom with a onetime floor. But it's not that bad. I lived in Durward, which is one of the towers. I would consider that the bust dorm, because the rooms were the biggest community bathrooms didn't really faze me. Not much. I'm pretty picky about sharing a bathroom with people, and I've learned that now. But community bathrooms were definitely much better because they're actually cleaned every day. While sweets are usually only cleaned once a week, Um, you do only have to live on campus for one year unless you live within a certain mile radius of campus or if you come in on us like a junior in credits. But I would really recommend living on campus, even doing a random roommate. I had a roommate for about a semester, and then she dropped out. But I have lived with random people, and I know a lot of friends who have lived with random roommates and they really love it. So I would definitely stay to do that, get outside of your comfort zone. Also, I met so many great people in my dorm, thinking back is a senior and like I really wish that I lived on campus. Still, I was so eager to get all, but I don't even know why. Free food, while not free, you pay for it. But food is like, so easy to get because you don't have to cook it. I like cooking, but I'm one of hungry. I want to eat, so I would definitely recommend living on campus people. Consider Corbett the one I showed you as one of the best ones on campus. Also Parmelee, which I don't know anyone in that. So I won't be able to show you. That is also known as a really nice one, but also with the nicer dorms. It is more expensive, so Hi Grace things. Can you tell us what dorm? Corbett Corbett? It's one of the dorms. I have a sweet styles. There's me. Want to give us a tour of your room? Your that you just entered a up. So our coast about the sink area? Yeah. Lost dishes here. Yes, Ugo, We have a full near there. Hey, then says Hi. All right, so we got some cool stuff on this wall over here. Death? Yep. And then the other deaths. Another test. And can you get your bed on the ground? Or does it always have to be lost? You know, it can be locked. It can also be big size. Okay? Yeah. And then always. Cool. And how do you like living in Corbett Living? It's from side floor's. Really awesome. Thanks for giving us a tour of your room. So this is the sea. Um, Yep. And this is just the second floor where people come to hang out. Um yeah, Out. This is my friend Elise. Can I enter? Sure. Let's do it. Well, mining. Jeez. I'm a junior CSU studying zoology. Awesome s. So why did you choose CSU? I'm not really sure. When I was a kid, my dad took me up to come visit CSU. And I just decided that this is where I was gonna go. So since I was, like, six. Really? Always cool. Um, Okay. So how do you would you describe the student body and stereotypes? Maybe that kind of revolve around that. I think she is you. He's super diverse. Way don't really have like it doesn't seem like there's ever one group that's predominantly they're more than other groups. I feel like everyone's kind of represented and everyone has their own space. Whoa. Okay. Would you describe your major workload with and maybe some white classroom dynamics that happened around that? Yeah. So I'm a zoology major with a premed concentration. So my workload more intense, though. A lot of people in my major, I don't ever take less than seventeen. So choose pretty intense, but it's manageable. It's just spreading aeons of time that make it work. And a lot of my classes, Air labs, which are super small teacher really works with, like, twenty people. You get really small. You get close to your teachers and you learn a lot that we cool, and especially those upper division classes, are basically just discussion base, which is awesome. What about some pros and cons about CSU? New is Super Zorzi and trying to get every go ours. We have, like, rentals here, Like everybody wants to go out and do stuff which I think is awesome. Fine. Like this. You can never ever park. Yeah, really annoying. Yeah, they sell a certain they sell unlimited amount of parking passes. Yet anyone can park. Yes. Yeah. Sucks on the other. Like, what kind of a con is that? Utterly construction state university. Like we're always building something. Which means there's always cool new buildings to go also means that parts of campus they're just closed. Yeah. Um, OK, what about what defines her school? Slash differentiates it from other campuses. I think part of what made CSU even more of somewhere I wanted to go is that it's super outdoorsy. Which I didn't find with school. Yeah, they were close to things, but it wasn't like you could see the mountains, right? And like everybody played sports, few people on. The other thing is that you It's a square mile of campus. Most of your classes, tiny areas. You get to know where you are, and you see a lot of this passing periods. What about some advice to your senior yourself How to study early. I have a study until I took organic chemistry. And that was the worst time study. So much better, sir. Absolutely important. Well, thanks A lease for letting me interview you. So this is what Morgan library looks like. This is the front of it. It's right in the middle of campus, and now I'm gonna go inside. This is the first floor. There's a lot of computers and printers on this force. We can use them if you don't bring your laptop and a really great place to chill out down here and get some work done. So I thought that since I've been taking you guys on a tour of the library on my, would you stop real quick to talk about the work and life balance that we have that color out of state? One really cool thing is that the library's always open until midnight and with extended hours during finals week, it's a good way to come, and you can just study here and whatever. Um, personally mine major political science. I kind of destroyed big papers towards the middle and the end of the semester, so I don't really have a lot of work to do until I have a paper due. Um, but either way, I can't really study at my house, so you should come to the library to cram and do my papers. But most majors have a really good time with time management errand. By the time you're like even a second year, you kind of already know what the workload is like for your major. I later talked to some of my friends and leave them about their majors, and they kind of talk about their specific workloads. But I would say that I definitely have time to have a social life as well as keep a job during college. Um, so I'm really grateful for that. Obviously, with some more work heavy majors like the science majors, you'll probably have more consistent. I'm not so work through the sea master from, but we show you the rest of the library. So this is a continuation of the second floor of the library. As you can see, there's some book cracks, right hearing and check out any books you want, and then they're seating around the possible library. So you kind of sit down and study me up with friends. And, yeah, it's pretty busy right now. Super hard to find a table sometimes. So let's move up to the third floor, which is the same layout as the rest of the floors. Um, but, yeah, here are my friends. This is our stadium was built just recently, so yeah. One thing I will say, though, is that see issues not really good at football. Um, I would say we only went like three games a season, but they really do a lot of hard work, so I'm really proud of them. So these parking lots are usually where people tailgate. Somebody said earlier that freshmen have to move all of their cars before game day in order to let people be able to tailgate. So also is of the stadium. This is the practice field for the football players here. This is the entrance. I can't go inside right now because there's Footballer's during practice and I just got yelled at about taking videos of them. Here's just some stuff that's happening around CSU. Um, before today, yesterday was election day for midterms, but actually, they were doing a lot of voting kind of mobilization. CSU, which is super cool. Um, and I actually just got some free tea cups, some free. Your bomb, matey, from those peeps over there real quick. I was just kind of explaining what Clark is, but the reason thought it's a pretty popular kind of building is because first of all, they have those, like, circle things on it. And second of all, it is one of those belting saw a lot of like entry level classes are in. So we have, like, kind of basic core classes every CSU student has to do. So I would say most of those classes kind of occur in Clark, um, being a Paul political science student, I don't really have my own building. I'm sort of of stuff. It's kind of just anywhere they can fit a class in. Uh, but I would say most of my classes are either in Clark A, which is in front of us or Clarke B c. Clark C, which is behind us. Yeah, I would say, must. My classes are in Clark C. The political science classes are pretty much thrown anywhere that they can go. So, yeah, Another thing that I really love CSU does is we're allowed to actually flier only on Clark this building. So there's a lot of flyers going on, just kind of things that are happening. And for Collins on the campus, even in, like, just call her out of this general. So I often find myself just kind of reading these for minutes during my passing periods, but, yeah. So we just left the plaza. Just going to give you a quick panorama of some buildings. That is computer science that's our natural resource is building. And then this is Clark, probably the most recognizable building CSU. Um, this is Clark a right here, Clark. CIA's all the way over there behind those trees, but I would consider this one of the main buildings because pretty much everybody has a classing Clark. So I'm in Clark A right now. This has been a pretty important building for me. Like I was saying earlier, It's where most inter level classes are. So I would say pretty much everybody has a classic car. Mom, I'm trying to go no classroom, but I don't want class in here, and they're awful. So me See if I can kind of find a classroom toe look inside of But yeah, Clark is probably the most recognizable buildings because of those like kind of hole things that I showed you on the outside. But you see if I can find a classroom. So this is what a lecture hall in Clark looks like. Obviously, they're usually pretty full. I would say these are the worst chairs ever, because whenever you try to back out, everybody else in Euro actually has passed back out to, um, these are some of the biggest lecture halls I've ever hod. But I actually am not sure if I've ever seen in completely full, I would say in these costumes there's probably a about fifty to one hundred students with usually one teacher. The larger classes also obviously have TA is that help them, but not a huge student faculty ratio. It's pretty normal, but I would say most of my classes, since they're smaller, are like thirty people tto one teacher, which makes it a lot easier to learn, um, and ask questions. You don't really feel embarrassed, like talking in front of the one two people, but I would say that everybody probably has at least one huge lecture