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So here's the thing about Planet Court. Plymouth Court is currently like where a lot of freshmen let's. Plymouth Court is home to the honors floor and one out of the two gender inclusive housing floors. The other one is in the art and the Ark is the upperclassmen building, so you have to be twenty and older. Toe live there. Um, and currently, Plymouth is kind of like a Hub two, but they actually are not gonna have this next year, so I don't know fully what freshmen housing is going to look like. I'll admit there's a lot of uncertainty. Um, people aren't really sure where the gender inclusive housing floor for undergrad for underclassmen is going to be moved. We don't know where the honors floor is going to be moved, but as of right now, next year starting fall next year, we will have the Dwight the Ark in the university center. I know a lot of freshmen living the university center and those air the more traditional dorm style like sweet style dorm's. So be aware that, uh, there may be a higher percentage of freshman living man. Um, but I wish I could give you a little more insight. Unfortunately, because Plymouth is going to not be here, future's a little uncertain as faras. What you should brain for your dorm. It depends on where you live. Um, if you live in the Dwight, you do get a microwave, but you don't get a dishwasher. Um, definitely, like, bring stuff to do your laundry with. I would really recommend, uh, laundry baskets. Um, grocery bags like plastic and paper bags cost money in the city here, so get reusable bags and honestly, like, I don't know if you know those like shopping carts that you sometimes see older people walking around with. They're very popular here in the city for very good reason. I have one on my Christmas list. It makes shopping in the city a lot easier. So that is definitely something that I would recommend. Also, if you're not used to hard water like tap water, where I come from the tap water's really, really nice here. It's not his nice. It's not bad. But if you are used to like, really clean, crisp, soft water, I would suggest maybe investing in a filter Also like if you live in an apartment like these, definitely. Like if you want certain appliances, like toasters or not rice cookers or like a crock pot. Bring them. Definitely. And you are going to need to bring pots, pans, dishes, uh, silverware, glasses. I mean, you have to fully stock the kitchen. Decorations are always good. It helps you feel more like a home. We bought a lot of our decorations together. Definitely. Bring your technology, huh? Well, I brought my way. You ever my switch around my computer? Uh, yeah. You're gonna need a vacuum. You gonna need a mop? Two kits? Not about being too invested. We've been meaning to buy a toolkit since the beginning of the year. And we haven't, um, also drying racks are good. We have them over their way. Also have a shoe, Matt, for when it gets like snowy witches. Now, that way, we don't have to track in salt and slush. That's on our shoes. We can leave him at the door. I mean, use your judgment, bring what you think you're going to need. And I mean it is a big city. So, like, if you are missing something, you could easily find it. Generally, we have CBS right down the corner. We have a target around the street. We have a jeweled down the street, Trader Joe's right by the jewels. It's it's pretty easy to get what you need here. So definitely don't worry about that. So, uh, something that's important to know you will find this out. Like I think it orientation or something. But just F Y I Plymouth Court is currently the only residents hall that you can get into without somebody who lives there but to get, like, up the stairs and into the rooms or, like to the elevator bank, You do have to have somebody check you in. That's the way it is. With every single resident hall. You have to have somebody who lives there, check you in. And each person who lives there can only check in two people at a time. So, um, that's why when I show you guys the other dorms, I'm going to have one of my friends show you around because I don't ever go into those dorms, but they know them. Super. Well, in that way, you can get a better idea of what the place is like. That's also why I won't be able to show you guys the Ark. The ark is the upperclassmen storm, so it's they call it the Upperclassmen dorm. Basically, you have to be twenty years or older to live in there, and I don't I'm a freshman. And while I'm nineteen, I don't know anybody who lives in the Ark because a lot of my friends who are that age already have off campus housing. If you're thinking of coming here as a freshman, like, you won't be able to live there anyway, if you are coming as a transfer, I know a lot of transfers do live there. Um, yeah. Good morning. Well, good afternoon. I'm on my way to my editing one class. Well, it's after two classes. One is, and in one, just like, instructional type cores. And then the other is a lab. So we're back to back. And yeah, so that's what we're gonna do. I'm trying to see if I could get a little inside foot is, you know, but so we're getting ready right now. As you can see, I guess Starbucks moved. All right, so I'll see you guys there. Uh, you ready to walk out the door? Dead. She is dead and we're back. Usually I go and get some star vice. Is that it? Go on, get Starbucks Because I usually get free drinks. So, yes, we're going there first. Here is the eleven o for building, also known as the film and television building. It's a very nice I'm about to go inside. So I must tell you, that's the cafeteria area right there. Here. Also there. We also have our gospel choirs performances at the end of the area. Here. The spirits are here, so yeah, it's a very nice building. There's a lot to do. Last classes that go on in here. So you know over there, you know the music center. The buildings that are constantly building. State Street. Two guys with fire building their immediate production Guys. It's million on this campus like wise campuses Shit. From that You from Dearborn Park. It's a right across the street from the Plymouth. It's over in the Clark area. It's still in the South Loop, but it's like a little hidden little park. A lot of dogs come here. Fun fact. There are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of dots in Chicago, like more dogs than ever thought there could be in Chicago. There's that many dogs in Chicago, and Jibran Park is a great place to come. If you're interested in scenes and dogs. If you need a place to get out of your apartment from your roommates, if you need a break from class, you, Khun study here. If it's nice out, think about snowmen here. If it's snowing out, it's just a nice little kind So dining is a little bit different here. Wei have a lot of apartments, style dorms here. And because of that, you have your own kitchen. So you're not required to get a meal plan unless you live in university center. Uh, because then you don't have your own kitchen. Now, if you, uh, you do live in an apartment style building, you can get supplemental mia plan. I have one, because this is the first year I've never lived on my own. And I'm learning how to cook. Andi, it's really helpful for that reason. Uh, it's also just convenient because you can also buy from a store here so it's It can be useful depending on your circumstance. So if you get a supplemental meal plan, you get one hundred fifty two meals for the whole year and you get three hundred seventy five dollars to spend in store over the course of the year. Uh, you have restricted ours. So, like, you can't come here for breakfast. Most people don't miss that. This is where a supplemental. Your plan. This is where you enter. You have to go into this injury and your card material of slight JJ. I have two girls. God distortion that rotates today. You're this one also changes every day Your station. Fun fact, it's bring station. Here. One it does pizza. So. Can't allergy. Fine. Oh, this is the little store inside of the dining hall. You have a lot of difference. Not just and like the supplement your plan, you get money to spend in here. Yeah, Difference. It's pretty great. Even if you live in an apartment style place I have on multiple occasions. Got cereal here because I have a lot of cereal. So yeah, we also star boats are screaming. They have sent you here to choose what? Oh, yeah. What's up, you guys? My name is May control Leo, and this is my campus rear, a first year student. It's definitely way better to live in a dorm or on campus, just so it's a little less confusing. And then once you hit your sophomore junior senior year, you can move out to the city and find your own space food. I just have a bucket of food next to my bed because it's important to eat. And sometimes space in the kitchen is love. So this also helps to make sure no one takes any of my stuff you first got here. Colombia's going give you like a lot of plastic cards. You need them all. People won't tell you that you need them all, but you need them all. It's like the world runs on plastic. May I have them all in this little thing? All my cards in this little thing? Once I come in for the day, I put it down there and I don't touch it because that's really important and you don't lose it. So that's the white blues right across from this gym and far so during the day you can watch people aggressively workout and at night drunkenly stumble into their uber's. Or sometimes on game days. You, Khun tell what? When? When When the bears are Just around the corner from the music building is seventy two East eleven straight. Also Click Willie, known as the Theater Building as he passed by between the two buildings. Khun, See here there's this mural that was painted by a previous student. Here you can see Columbia values its art and its students and installs. He's kind of exhibit so that the world can see how talented it's students are. As you can see, it is a very busy time in the theater. Building Theater is one of the three largest departments here, Columbia. And that means during the transitional time between classes, you can see that the students tend to amass here. We're all waiting for the elevators to go up because this building is in fact six stories tall. This is the central Life blood area of the theater department. This is where audition postings or posted, as well as paid opportunities, even. And as you can see, this also is a lounge area for students. I very frequently running to my friends here. And there's a microwave for heating up your meals. Actually, I got distracted and started talking to one because I forgot. These are the directing projects for the year and they have posted photos, which is really exciting. As you can see here I am about to run into a professor and a friend looking Yeah, you blogger. Hi. Yeah. As you can see, we try to keep spirits led here, even though sometimes we can be a bit enthused. As you can see, this is a studio space with blocks, tables and chairs. This building is full of rooms like this one. However, this one does not have a date Ensler. But this is what the majority of the classrooms looked like in the theatre building. Here you can hear me riffing with a friend about the fact that they got kicked out of the stage combat room. However, they're always studios available. As noted, I wish him luck with their small sores, and I head downstairs to the lobby. This is the lobby of the theater building. It is not just the lobby of the building, but also the lobby for some of our theater performance spaces behind those double gray doors, there's also the either construction lab with through those glass doors, you see, this is seventy two East eleventh Street, the theater building at Columbia Good morning, everybody. My name is Ryan staying up from Skokie, Illinois, and I go to Columbia College, Chicago, downtown. It was really the old science, like out of a sandwich. It was the only choice for my school, and I believed it was the best choice for what I wanted to do. My current major is film TV. I swished it from communications because it wasn't what I thought it would be. But way enjoy my film and TV classes, everything Artie, light music or film, TV or occasion. Public guards himself like that. I think calling me it's the best school for you because they have their teachers that are either in the industry, that they're teaching it or been in the industry. And that really helps when it comes to choosing who's best for forcing you or teach you which way to go to the basket cultured, doing what you get out of college. So that's why I picked Colombia. Also, there's so many other people around you. They're always supporting you. And there's so many talented people around there, like even if you have a project that you're working on something that there's always so many people around you that can help you bring that thing toe life. So Colombia's community is amazing. So I love Columbia and you're going to see what it's like in my life every single day. So I'm on my way right now, so my news B class and I'll see you there. The best life I'm the best Light Made a couple friends from my best friend turned on my house I see the web moon Enough. It's like dreams from the nothing like skirt. I'm the best Life is a birthday. This is from my apartment with a pat on the back. Val, you need son sees a peace happy I'm reading. Do you know if you like someone, Jerry doing Paulie? You're just talking. That's the commentary. I was in the film and I slept But I have to talk to God just down and prayed for this So my surprise he will cry. So you made this scene the calm one And then I want to pay for it Cast with the rest of the dash that when they came for me on Twitter with the bag last party Being so problematic is the hash I I can't believe they want to see me lose that bad talking junk And this thing this match I'm giggling Collect the devil, have the last laugh and no more people. And I'm just keeping to myself I'm my own competition. I'm compare with myself the best Another Columbia building is nine sixteen South Walk Ash clinically referred to as well. Nine sixteen. It's where the animation and your active media arts classes happen, and it is actually a multi level building. They're two hats, including a student loans there. The nine sixteen building is important to me because this is where I first fell in love with voice over work, I found an interactive arts median design student who was looking for someone to voice on their video game. And I said, Sure, why not? And that's kind of where I figured out where I really enjoy doing voice over work. It's a lot of fun you to stretch your acting jobs without actually having to stretch your body, which is a complete one eighty from my major, which really, I think stretches me as an actor and a performer in general. Here, Columbo. You can see that students are always congregating at places and always working on work. And here you got a brief glimpse of one of the classrooms for inter actor art to media design. It's a computer lab. That's what it is. Sometimes at Columbia even run into professors just because I know what you have this one due to the fact that I no longer have to take those types of classes. But they're always around because they always have class, and they're a great resource even after you're done. Here is another lounging space, but during busy days you'll see a lot of dance and theater students stretching themselves out before their class. Down this hallway is a bunch. More dance studios with mirrors along the walls and dance floors. What again? Just because it's Columbia, most of them are actually left by keypads. Another thing. Colombia is known for being on the forefront of LGBT eh issues and also accepting all students you can see here. There's a general neutral bathroom. A large majority of the campus buildings have at least one, if not more. Here we have the audio experimental lab and the electronics lab to places where you can work on some pretty dope projects. And they also have clubs dedicated do them here at Columbia. Now we're taking the elevators through the other section of the building to go up to the fourth floor, where there is the loft or the biggest bestest lounge. Once again, perhaps, which is the things that are going on on campus supposed to twice a week and in the loop, which is Colombia website to slash ab slash email thing. Or you can get all the information left. Four School. When you get to the loft, the first thing you do is you check in at the desk to your right, you give them your student I D number and then you can go on and go about your day. They also know what's going on in the loop. Another event. So what happening? And it's run by students. So it's also cool way to meet new people. Right now in the loop is some student organization training going on, and of course, there's food. We'll get back to that. But first I'm going to take a seat and see what's going on. This is one of the more studious days that happens at the loft. But often you'll find students taking a nap in one of the plush bean bags or generally grabbing whatever free food that has been left. Speaking of free food left, I got me a slice, a bagel, cream cheese, now off to class. Because Chicago is in the Midwest, it does rain a ton here. So I am walking back for I'm sure, what music school down Michigan Avenue, the big thoroughfare downtown. And I wanted to talk about green spaces. Columbia doesn't have any official school on Lee Green spaces, but as you see behind me, there is a park. This part is called Grant Park, and it's one of the public parks of Chicago. It's a really cool park, and it's really long. It actually extends and change his name to turn into Millennium Park and then Maggie Daley Park and pretty much runs down the entire downtown side of Chicago. And cumbia kind of uses that as it's extended green space. So, for example, I am a part of our medieval combat club, and we meet out here on good days when it's not raining and it's not snowing. On other days, we went for, ah, bad weather. We rent a gym from an elementary school and use that. But Columbia has no formal gym space or green space because it is an art school and most of our students are focused on art stuff. But there is plenty of places you can go. Chicago has a wonderful park district. Thiss is one of the gems. Hi taking on this campus in Chicago. So there's like restaurants everywhere. Constantly. I recommend wing stop devil dogs, Jimmy Johns. They're all great places that deliver and get out quick. Double dogs is ah, highly recommended. One fire. Just late night food. I'm standing outside the university centers cafeteria. Yeah. Lots of schools used the same cafeteria. Roosevelt t'pol Columbia were all in there. So non raises come through the back door. We get special little entrance that smells like french fries. Walk in. Give him your card. There's lots of food. It depends on the day. Why? Food is good. I'm gonna be honest. After all of my morning classes, I come here for lunch. It's a great place to just like, eat and forget it fuels it Feels like a like high school kind of quiet. You know, it's food, breadsticks or fired.