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So because I'm a musical theater major, I get access to practice rooms and you can check these out Sherwood Music School three twelve and you get access to a practice room with a piano. This one happens to have two for teaching lessons, but they're pretty boring. But you get a stand, a stool and a mirror so you could look at yourself and wave to cameras. I spend a lot of my life in these rooms, practicing and singing. My vocal lessons happened in a room very similar to this one. And as someone who is a musical theater major, that's where I spent a lot of my time. Music majors also have access to these rooms, and technically, Amy Columbia student can check out a room at this building show in Music School. Thirteen twelve South Michigan. Now excuse me, I need to Thanks. Right. You have a way to get here on time. Here, start. This was a clip from the first day of my classes, and this is the classroom. This is a standard classroom at Columbia College. Chicago, as you can see, is shaping the U shape and there's room for discussion. As you can see here, one of my friends is actually discussing with our instructor. Most standard classrooms at Columbia follow this type of layout. This is eleven four school. It's pretty important building. This is the first four. It's. It's about time. Here's a front come back here with much larger elevators. Wei have a floor, which is coming. A lot of places around here. Just chill. Study. Eat now. It also got these, like conference rooms on this side. Here is the cinema, which is like the biggest. But the road there because they had a movie screening. So this is one of the biggest spaces we have on campus. This is where a lot of lectures conferences are. Warning. This may control Leo. This is my campus. Really Pro tip. If you're walking to class with twenty minutes early. If you're skating, leave ten. If you need any more time than that, leave sooner. Stop. Right now we're communication Department. Call it journalism. Great video, You newspaper people writing rhetoric. Just regular communications people. They'll be here. Yeah. In this building. Uh, plenty of writing classes, reading classes, literature. All that jazz happened here in the communications building. It's pretty great, diverse building that you will definitely be in for your writing and rhetoric classes for your basic curriculums. The Columbia Chronicle is located in this building. So your journalism major, or you like reading newspapers. Our school newspaper is located here. My role step shake, but it's like absolutely shaking. Your blood. Oh, God, It's too cold for them. We're just Corky Columbia art students, you know, just freezing. Yeah. On this block A lot. A hundred buildings here. Six. Twenty four. This is where the career center is right now. There's also a lot of classes here, Are you? And there's also saved two big performance space. And I'm here. We have the centre. That's what they call it. Six hundred Michigan. You come here for a tour. You're probably right here. Sports. But come here. Here. And then there's also the museum content is inside of this bill. Right here. Your center mission Center. Basically, you come here for an event will probably end up here at some point. Um, yeah, It's a cool building. I know some people who have classes here. Um, quite a photography majors. You have one of them named Drags in campus, which is new. Most of the classes. On, Come on, some of the biggest building. Found on Wabash, including the entrance thirty three Congress. And buildings like six. Twenty three South Wabash. I'm sixteen South Wabash Forceout. Wabash? Yeah. So here two run. Building six twenty four south. This whole building is connected to it. Moments. So we have regular classes here. If you go to the end of the half that tank it on the life force and then these elevators will take you to the other one is the first. Quick things I've been in here. Check. This is third floor library. There's a quiet space in here, which is if you're looking to study. They're also studied ruse. If you could reserve. And over here there are some gender bathrooms in a meditation. Which that's really great. You should use it for studying, say, just use it for actual meditation or prayer, which is really cool. Work. This is a space in the library called the third Floor Reading room. Yes, yes. Thank you. This is where the Harry Potter Club meets. So I'm here some inner nerd. No. This is the fourth floor. A lot of fashion looks here. What sort of talking people. The floors are generally organized by what is found. And here is the fourth floor It's University Center. This is the second floor. Second floor has all the amenities you have. All your mailbox should suffer here. And the mail room which hold packages for you and any other large male down here. Just me their support. There's the multimedia rooms here, all time movies. Of ninety if you're having sex. Here's the launcher where it stinks in here. Yeah. Four. Back there. So usually won't have fishes getting a washer dryer. Come in. And she's like You really lose things. And here's a computer lab where they have printers do have supplier on paper, but otherwise printing is free. Oh. A friend of mine. Yeah, You have all the music practice, sirs, so there's a lot of them that's really here. Here's the management office where you could go in like us questions. If you have problems, Ari on duty is usually here, so go answer any questions you have. Here. Great. So there's usually here by car. Coming here. Teo, Careful work. But it has really nice balcony and it was good. All right, so that as soon as you come out, the elevators are residents. Of course, it's good garbage and recycling the study of arms here. Social hour. No. But right? Okay, so this is my room. Julia. So I live in a semi sweet. So that means, like, this is about me and my roommates room. We have a shared bathroom with two other people who live on the other side of the same. Some kind of way out is us. Um, so there are some sweets and apartments in this building, but this is something. This is my closet. Yeah, it's very big, very spacious. He's big. That's, like, bigger than my closet. And I was in the apartment. That's her closet. Yeah. We need to get out of twenty along the dusk. Look, some things. Frigid necessities. It's. Who are you? So two thinks drawers a big Here you are shower so power. Toilet here, you know? Yeah, yeah. No, the security in here tight. So when you bring it guts, you have tio, have you check in at the front desk, Steve. Andi think you can have a guest overnight for three nights in a two week period, and I don't want to be. They don't have to be consecutive, but just three days to two weeks, can't you wait another two weeks? So, as Hannah said, Security is kind of intense. It's not just the University center. It's also like all of Colombia's residence halls. So we at least like if you check somebody into like, a just a Columbia residents all you don't have So years old and you have to show you this is true arms. So this is what's on every floor in this building. This is one of the biggest building from campus, actually. This is the first floor, six twenty. Hey, one of the big ones. The emissions from your restaurant. Always good to know with this over here house, which is compartments. Franny's. There's another one eleven up for. It's work room. The stories in this building are really narrow, so most people only go down then just helpful. Tip more classrooms here. He was a kid. No. St. That's a different classrooms. Printmaking. Do you have to? So it's a six. A lot of offices here. Should I? You know what these offices are? Your college adviser center multiple times, very help. You can talk to. You can tell a lot of these flavors are structured pretty much the same. People just kind of hang out and find some peace and quiet because we don't really the streets. This is good. We don't have our student center. It's because, like some choice place. Once that stuff, that'll be there. Curious a more classrooms. Since this is one of the biggest building action. Maybe. Yeah. Get a couple of small lectures like spaces like that one. Thirty people are pretty sure we're pretty small classes here. So this is where our science and math is. If you retain signs that somewhere in this building that. Yeah. Prince and stuff. I just I think this is where his labs are. Right arrest. Us. Hackett. Into our detection. Every you know, people program. Yeah. Okay. Something else. This is the fashion department. So this isn't so in classroom. Quite a few good fashion classrooms that are on this level with helping look like this. So I'm not a fashion major, but I take so in for non painters, which is why I'm in here. And it's a fun elective if you want to learn how to, so it's really good. Um, yeah, the machine's in here actually slowed down a little bit. For sewing, grin on majors and for the beginning construction classes. Yeah. You. This is where a lot of to sorry. All right, so wait. Don't. Small. It's That's what I go home. This is the first floor minus sixteen. No. If you couldn't tell. This is the Interactive Arts and Media Building. So a lot of floors have the same general out. This is the second floor of nine sixteen. Come on. No. The nice thing is that there is a gender neutral bathroom there. I have designed portion of my theater class here. There's a time of dance studio. He's one of us. Wait their leader. So upon the higher floors there some more stuff, but it's mostly just the same. The one thing is that up on the fourth floor they have the loft, which is this space that a lot of clubs do meetings in and a lot of sports just kind of like hang out in, so that's on the fourth floor of What have you guys? It's Meghan. This is my campus real. I'm showing you all like Quade's campuses, places we're gonna hang out, Chill. We're in Chicago, so our campus is literally the city. So my favorite place to come is honestly Grant Park. It's a public plot of land that the city putting years ago that there like this has to remain public. So I bring income and just enjoy. As for grass and trees and stuff, Um, so it's great. I love it. It's a great little place to get away. It's right across the street from the six hundred building from the library. The bookstore, the six twenty for all of that right down on Michigan Avenue could walk to the lake. You could go over to Millennium Park, go to the bean. You go anywhere you want, but Grant parks a really great place to be hello. You. When you lived in Chicago. Always put on an extra Jack, you'll need it. This is the Music Center at Columbia College Chicago, one of the two music buildings. It has four floors, and I have spent a large majority of my time here as a musical theater major and also as someone who is in the OC Appel Ensemble. As you can see, Columbia College spreads out its classrooms all along this main thoroughfare of Michigan Have me there also some on Wabash and eleventh Street, as well as the farthest Southern building at sixteenth Street. But this is the music building. Columbia has two, and this one's referred to as the music center or its address. Let's take a look inside. Once again, you'll see me showing my idea to the security guy, and this is where I spent a large chunk of my life over the last couple of years. I am in the Aqap Elon's on Let Colombia, known as Breakaway, and I spend about six hours a week in this building because of that, through rehearsals and sectionals and other things related to it, the music center has really been important to me overall, just because I've always considered myself to be a technical musician. But it's really emphasized to me. The importance of ensemble work and practice as well as the resource is it gives me like this here, the reverence of my center dedicated to music majors and other people who need help with performance resumes because you need to work and you need a resume, and these put them with the music emphasis on them. These are all ensemble rooms and practice rooms, depending on the equipment in the size and as you can see as you passed by all the doors here or locked with combination codes. That's because everything at Columbia pretty much is access restricted, except for thes practice rooms here, these are open anytime. The building, our and our free for any student to use as long as they're open. There's the smallest ones on campus, but they're always available. Miss. Of course they're full, making them convenient when you forget to book a space which you could do online. This is the third floor of campus, and I've spent a lot of time just walking these holes and spending time meeting people. But one of the most important things that I have actually found here is the student lounge. It's a place to print your extra sheet music and give snack and look at the posters on the board. But it's also a place where I've met a lot of my collaborators, people who would go on to help contribute to be just collaborators and then friends. It's a great place to meet other people, especially during the down time between classes. This hallway is where you're gonna find a lot of the fulltime professors, and I've actually taken a lot of voice lessons in here is well, this main area here is where there's a lounge as well as where you can look at any official documents that are coming up for this, for example, that Will will help. Form is coming up, and there are some handouts for that, as well as other opportunities that are going on for music majors in the area. Course, you also have this lovely desk here where if you don't have the access code to a room, you couldn't come and ask them to unlock it. If you have it reserved, or if that room is necessary for your class and you beat your professor here, it's a great place to be. Last but certainly not least, is the concert hall. This is one of the places where large performances off ensembles, as well as featured guest and performers, come. You can see Columbia has a smattering of piano was pretty much everywhere I would actually show you inside, but it is closed because something is going on. This has been the music center at Columbia College, Chicago. The library at Columbia College, Chicago extends over five floors. On these floors, there are media center's computers, tables to study at and, of course, books here for both the research and reading pleasure. You can always find someone in the stacks looking for something they need, but it's more than that because the library extends over five floors. There's always students here, but it always seems to be quiet and empty, along with cool abilities and options such as our study rooms are group project rooms and a meditation room for those moments where you need to de stress and relax from the day. Columbia College Chicago's library has a ton of resource is to offer, and pretty much any time I'm downtown and I'm not in a steady you lounge or in class. I'm here. It's a great place to hang, and it's also a great place to get work done because it is so quiet. And there is WiFi library at Columbia College. Chicago is one of the gyms and also has won many awards for being an excellent college library. From your college famous for his famous moose. There's your roles all around Chicago. Get out and find them. Yeah. My name is May control Leo. And this is my campus, riel. Columbia College. Chicago has a large acceptance rate. I believe it's somewhere around eighty percent. The only things that are required for your application is a high school diploma, so they encourage you to submit your scores. It's really up to you. Cumbia is a school that is not difficult to get into when answering those essay questions. They'll be honest and be truthful because they do read them, and that also will help you in applying for scholarships a suit if you get in. Here. Nice, very you. What? You got to enter the dryer. This's why somebody here? Perhaps this lock Well, looks like when you first walk in waiting area. Still in study here, male. There's no individual last May. It's just my man. Yes. Over fitness. Sending cardio bills and stuff another fitness center here. Wait, Machine. Raph, wait over here. These are the stairs. Go down to the basement where cycling is. Oh, my God. It looks like once you get out. Lava lamps. One person posters. Screaming. Three. He has two soccer belly. It's a long story. Come in. There's a bathroom there, there. Kitchen. Places to sit. Then we get our got four rooms, Myron. Working on line Wonder cabinet. Sort of arts and crafts kind of thing. What? Yeah. Yeah. This is where you come when you have a package or other questions stuff. This guy. Vending machine. Francis. I would never think like me we saw are still here. So, yes, we're feeding very art school there. Thankfully, I'm not sensitive at all. I think he's made apparent by some of the things. Yeah, clearly you have issues. Just come up here. Yeah. Over here. Good. You little All right, Grandma. And there's a little over done. Yeah, we're having this. Last night, I imagine you get some good people watching here. We were just chilling on As people like you walk in that door and go to the elevators. Once they got, like, right below us,