Columbia College Chicago Dining & Food

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All right, snow. A lot of people eat of these places right around here. Got epic burger, hand express blaze pizza. And then there's a Panera on the corner. A lot of people, even these places, partially because it's right underneath the university's center, Yeah. So this is one of the places that a lot of people really like to be on campus called Plays Pizza. It's not like local. It's definitely a change. But it's a really good pizza. This is it's really fast and you can take things to go, and it's just a really, really good option for that's like filling on like not too expensive. So this is definitely like a good spot to be on the topic of food. I've heard a lot of people say that this place is really good. They offer a student discount. I'll admit that I've never been kicked, so I'm not one for going places for breakfast unless my parents are visiting. But people say that they have good breakfast and lunch. So so again with food. Uh, how cheesy it iss. The Dunkin Donuts here is very, very popular. It's ah discussion, whether or not dunking doughnuts is better than Starbucks and vice versa. Generally, it's depending on where you come from. Probably the most Starbucks on campus. It's pretty small, but Starbucks, Starbucks to a lot of Let's talk about places to eat on campus. There's really no. So there's one dining hall that is access restricted. So you either need to have a meal plan or live in the building where the dining hall is, which means I actually can't get access to it. But I did used to live in that building, so I can tell you a bit about it. Don't do it seriously. Don't do it. If you live in the building and you live in a suite, you have to take a meal plan. Sorry, he had to make the best of the situation. But if you have a choice to sign up for a meal blend, don't. The hours are ridiculous, the food is not good and often give people food poisoning. Trust me is not worth it. So duck. Also, the way the meal plan works is kind of complicated. If you live in the building, you have a certain amount of meals. You could do breakfast, lunch and dinner if you have out of the building. So and any residents, It's not in the building that the dining halls and you could only come for dinner and lunch and only during certain specific hours. And it's really over complicated, and it's not worth it financially, because everyone that I know that lived outside of the building that had a meal blend didn't use all their meals up. So you buy a lump sum of one hundred fifty, a belief for the semester of the year, and then you use them every time you go in. No one I know use the mall No one. Most of them still had over a hundred meals at the end of the semester because it's super into me and not good. So just ex. Nay, the meal plan, eh? Unless you have to, then