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Dining Hall tour

Welcome to the Caf in the University Center! This is the only dining hall on Columbia's campus because we have so many apartment style dorms. Here, I talk about the supplemental meal plan and how it works, as well as what you can find in our dining hall.

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Ryan Quade
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So you're not required to get a meal plan unless you live in university center. Uh, because then you don't have your own kitchen. Now, if you, uh, you do live in an apartment style building, you can get supplemental mia plan. I have one, because this is the first year I've never lived on my own. Uh, it's also just convenient because you can also buy from a store here so it's It can be useful depending on your circumstance. So if you get a supplemental meal plan, you get one hundred fifty two meals for the whole year and you get three hundred seventy five dollars to spend in store over the course of the year. You have to go into this injury and your card material of slight JJ. I have two girls. You're this one also changes every day Your station. Oh, this is the little store inside of the dining hall. Not just and like the supplement your plan, you get money to spend in here. Even if you live in an apartment style place I have on multiple occasions.