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A Day in My Life

Join Belle as she takes you along on a typical day consisting of classes, a Target run, homework, and hangout time with friends. Because she's located in the city of Chicago, there's always something to do no matter the day of the week!

Video Location DePaul University - Loop Campus

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Belle Ross
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In my eyes for you with my toes in the sand used way invention. It's Wednesday and I've got two classes today and I've got some fun stuff planned for tonight. She was My life is like here at the pool on a daily basis. First we gotta stop the sack because I have to print on the paper. Don't everyone? Just All right, so I just got done with my classes in the loop for the day. So I'm gonna go do some errands to run a target, and I'll take you guys along with me. More for it's hard target and first things first. I need to get a hairbrush because I left mine back in Indiana. Um, and I've never been here before, so I don't even know where to look so Yeah. Here are my floor to get more work done because I feel like when I'm outside of my room, I could be more productive. So I'm just gonna finish up some work on my laptop, and then I'm going out with some friends tonight to a restaurant, and then we're gonna go back to my other friend's house so I could meet her puppy. Guys, It is currently eleven. Thank you for joining me on today and I will see you on the next episode.