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Dorm Room Tour

Take a look inside a typical dorm at DePaul University! This is a suite-double (two rooms joined by a bathroom), as opposed to a single, triple, or double-deluxe room.

Video Location Clifton-Fullerton Hall

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Belle Ross
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Hey, what's up, everyone? It's bell again from DePaul University. I just woke up and I'm gonna show you what my dorm room looks like here at Paul. So right when you walk in, we were argument shelves. I know we're not allowed to have candles, but don't tell anybody. It's actually a lot bigger than I thought They were going to be. All my could've brought something a little bit too much, but pretty bad, actually. Write some notes, things I need to do and then a bulletin board. I saw you jump pretty far to be able to get up there underneath. You're only allowed to have one string light for room. So we ordered for the year a refrigerator just inside here. Don't we have anything in their microwave? And these two came together and it was only like one hundred seventy dollars to rap for the whole year. A must just have a curing up here till a coffee cart. Just have some hot chocolate, some more storage lunchbox, all the good stuff. This is my roommate side, but for her privacy and just going leave that out. Then there's a single right across from us, and it's super nice. There's four drawers, pretty big you can store like makeup to brandish to pace contacts, hair stuff on here? Yeah, during production. It's actually pretty nice inside, like the pressure and the temperature is really high. Some of them in other dorms don't have doors, but this is nice because we have doors, then just Yeah, that was it. So now that we got the two are out of the way, I'm just going to sit down and answer a couple questions you guys might have regarding dorms out to Paul and just how this whole housing situation works. So I live on the Lincoln Park campus to Paula's two campuses, the Loop campus, which is in downtown Chicago, and then the Lincoln Park campus, which is in Lincoln Park. I've been clipped in further ten dorm, and, like I said, in my opinion, it's one of the nicer. Dorms is a bit more expensive, around ten thousand to eleven thousand dollars per year, but it's worth it. So second question is how did I meet my roommate? So when you get accepted to Paul, you're accepted into a Facebook page and you can ask questions, meet people through there. So a lot of people, what they did is they posted about themselves pictures, what their hobbies were, where they're from, and I met my roommate on there. Or there's a housing portal where you can connect with people through there. So third question is, what's a dormer essentials that were necessary for me when I was moving in. So first about something they don't even think of getting a pair of scissors? Because you never know when you need to open up a package, take tax off clothes, which I do a lot. So decisions are really good to have in your room, just in case. Like I said, the closets are pretty big, but you will have big sweatshirt speak. So you're gonna want storage Tubbs or Hangers somewhere to hang your things. Yes, spice it up like make it make it feel like because you won't be spending the whole year here. Last question is, what are the benefits of living on campus? So a lot of actually think it might be required as freshmen that you live on campus for your first year. I mean, if you think about it, there is Lou Presidents housing. If you're all the way down there, it's mostly upperclassman. It's just hard to get involved with Interpol, since I love living on campus. I mean, I walked on the hall and there's someone in my communications class. It's Yeah, it's a It's a good way to meet people, I'd say And number two a lot of your classes will be here, So a lot of your general classes will be on the Lincoln Park campus. I can explain that more and future videos about how the cost system works yes, living on campus is a plus. Thanks, everyone for joining me on my little dorm room tour. Um, I hope in future videos that can help explain clarify things about Palm here and I'm excited to bring you along for the ride.