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The Audition Process for a BFA Actor

Three of my ensemble members (Danielle, Sabrina, and Savannah) help me explain the audition process of getting into the BFA Acting program! They help me go in depth on the prescreen and the in-person callback. We then finish off with a bit of insight of our class!

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With my friends Danielle, Sabrina and Savannah they are all in my section in my p f. A acting ensemble. They're going to talk to you a little bit about the audition process here. The first thing that you do is you make a pre screen video that you sent to the school, and that includes two monologues. Then there's a little portion where you talk about, like what theater means to you. So you make a video and you spice all that together. Then he sent it off, and then I don't know how long it takes, but it's like about like a week might do in a week or so after I think that the deadline closes. Yeah, um, you figure out whether or not you get an in person and live audition, and then once you get a call back someone here, which one of you are going to talk about class? Oh, um, reading on heroes. You come in and they they, um, split you up into groups and they'll take your group to room, and it starts out with a warm up. We don't go immediately into auditioning, so you do some movement and you do some partner work, which is really cool. It's just to get you guys all warmed up and comfortable with each other, and then we move into the Teo. Um, you perform when your monologue from your pre screen and you'll do in front of the other auditioners, and they'll also be videotaping you. Then once that's over, um, you get, you know, you sit down and watch your finals go, You're done. I they're like kind of mark on their paper, I guess, and pair you with another person, and then you do a scene with another audition earlier, and this is a cold read to hold. When you get the paper with the line, it's like a good fifteen minutes walk back in do damn shit. It's not even like everyone gets the same scene, You know, it's like there's, like ten different players, very personalized. They definitely give you a scene where they can see you playing the role. Yeah, And then when you do do your scene, whoever is like your people, you're auditioning for the faculty. Then they will do some work with you to see how well you take direction, which is really cool. Um and then following that, you'll do an interview. So after your scene, your faculty member will ask one of you to step out while they're the person does the interview, they'll ask you some questions. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be who you are because you don't want to go to a program that doesn't want you or doesn't want to accept you based on who you are. You go somewhere and act like someone you're not. Then you're going to be going to a school that thinks that you're someone you're not, and that's not valuable. Also just trust that the work that you just did was valuable work and you will end up where it was to be. Someone told me that it's not a rejection process. It's a selection process about finding the right fit. Paul to me is I auditioned for ten schools and this school was the only school, Really That I felt really wanted to know me really wanted to know everyone and really was selective like they recorded your audition. They reported your interview, they saw you work with people, and I think it's so telling once, now that I'm here how that pays off because I think this group of like, people are like we're so spent No, you're not weird. There's a special special, and I think the energies in the different the different things that everyone brings to the table creates this really cool unit. I think that's because they're so impatient. Selecting a love that yeah and like the videos are, are showing toe all the faculty members. It's like when a classes selected, it's literally hand picked. So we're all compatible with each other and feel how unique they picked.