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Goodbye CampusReel!

Thank you CampusReel for giving me a platform to share my life at DePaul, and thank you everyone who took the time out of your day to view these videos! I hope that they were informative and helpful in terms of your college search. Best of luck to you all, and I look forward to seeing some of you around campus next year. xoxo, Belle

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Belle Ross
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Well, campus, Really? That concludes my time being your dip, all university represented. I hope that you guys found these videos really informative. I know I had so much fun over the past few weeks filming and running around the city and around campus trying to get the best material for you guys. So I hope that you do choose to Paul, and I do have a few piece of advice to help you get through your first year for one, college is hard. No matter how prepared you think you are, it's it's gonna hit you emotionally, and it's gonna be a tough first first week, first few months trying to get adjusted to your new life at your new school. Yeah, this is pretty personal, but I had a pretty rough time just getting into the swing of things when I got here to dip all. You really have to push through, and that's going to make you so much stronger when you come out the other end of it because you really hear you. So wherever you go speak sure to keep pushing through because it's gonna be really worth it at the end. When you have the end of the year when you finish it and you could say, Look back and say like, Wow, I really overcame that So yeah, keep going. Um, despite what you may think about four classes a quarter, you do have a substantial amount of homework each night. Each weekend there's always gonna be something Dio so manage your time, get a planner, get a calendar, do whatever you need to do to stay organized because deadline's will creep up on you and number three. College is all about making mistakes and finding yourself through those mistakes and learning from your mistakes. How many times am I going to say the word mistakes? I guess what I'm really trying to say is it's It's okay to be yourself and to fail sometimes because success comes from the best failures and I've done it a lot. So thank you again campus rial for giving me the opportunity to but you guys about my life to Paul. I hope these videos really helped you in your college search. If I see around next year, make sure to say hi, this's bell and signing out.