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Okay, It's happening. Everybody, stay calm. What? The Frick is up. You two. It is time. It is officially time. It is the time you have all been waiting for. So white Metzger would like to cordially invite you to log. All right, guys, quit college. Renee, Thanks for asking questions from being the door. Yeah, it's gonna be real ladies terrible, cause we're driving. It's like pitch black out. Whatever. Um, Derek s How did I get? Well, first of all, we should stop by calling them and respect them for women. Because it's 2018 and we respect one. It I'll just talk to it like this. Everyone is always gonna say, Oh, you just got to be a nice guy. I gotta have a good person out and everything. No, no, no, no, no. Girls don't like that. You got to get hot. Um, next question, Does Jake snore? If you have to know, Jake's my roommate Jake. Layman. Picture will be right here. Okay? Yeah, I will be. Jake does not snore. I don't think so. Is a silent sleeper. Yes. How many girls ask for your number per day? Zero our angel out for him. Screw you. I'm getting I'm getting probably six. Know the answers to your right? Is college better than high school killed? I'm really kind of touched on this on early video. So it's just it's a matter of opinion. No. Yeah, Here's the thing. Everyone has different experiences when regarding schooling. So, like, I didn't have a very good high school experience. So therefore I lean towards college where someone else could have a wonderful high school career, and I think that colleges overtime Next question. Um, what's your most irrational fear? Commitment? I'm kidding. Um, your future girlfriends will be watching this and be like, Why it? How dare you? No, um, my most irrational fear is probably Oh, I'm terrified of lotion like the feet. Not like, not like scared of it. Like the feeling of lotion on your hand. That's a fear that's more just Yeah, it's not fear. It's just like I don't like it. I don't like lotion either. I don't like lotion. The feeling in my hands it's weird. No, no, but not mine. Seriously is commitment. If any of you got to know me, you know that's true. Final question. When are you selling more? Merge? The fans want some guys. I would love to put more merch out there, but I still only have, like, 287. So fine job knowing below. Exactly. Subscribe. Let me grow. Let the channel grow. Then I will put out more merch. I just leave 500 subs. Seems like a good point. Let's get nerve. Let's go, Let's go. 55555555 If we get in the 5 55 I will make more merch. You have my word. And that is the end of Q and A so we don't have any more tonight. No, that's it. All right. Sorry about the terrible lighting again. Um, we'll see you guys in Dayton. Thing is a map of the building. Most important feature of our dorm room. Not really. Okay, so we got a lot of closet space here. This is all given to us. This is right side. You know, we got this nice in here, you know, freshen up in the morning. This is my stuff. My bad my desk can t need. That's right. That's right, Caleb. It's pretty spacious. Dorm. Chad three officers. Well, I'll be sleeping. Hey, at least it's carpeted. There we go. Gotta love the carpets. Hi, Mom. Hey, Jet Jet weapon. Jason Tatum tonight. Best of all time. Each other? I do. What do you know? Where did I don't know. It's like 12 seconds. Later way. Wait. Hey, guys, Welcome back to clothe. I've been getting dirty money. Jordan Belfort Second, Benny. Stop swelling. 15 cheeseburgers tripped him up with words. I think you guys I've never skateboarding or snowboarding or anything in my life. I'm gonna give this a shot. Hey, guys. I just reached 200 Selves. That's not that impressive. No one cares. What did you tell him? Okay. Thanks, guys. This is looking e. I know. It's been a while. It's been a little long hiatus. Um, but, hey, while I was gone, apparently I reached 200 subs, which is pretty dope. So thank you guys for that. So, for those of you who don't know, um, I am now huge college guy. I attend Paul University in the great city of Greencastle, Indiana. Really a lot going on in Greencastle. Don't look that up. Yeah. So I'm playing tennis here at Paul, and I plan on doing a lot more of this. I just had to get situated moving, get ready for classes and all that stuff. Yeah. So for this video to celebrate 200 subscribers, I thought I'd give you guys a little dorm tour, let you see the crib and everything on and then waits a few questions, So yeah, we're back. I'm going out. Nobody. You You could see your name. That's why we made Jake. That's me. Has always subscribe to the channel. Welcome to my crib. All right, so We got a white board here for beautiful drawings made by Not me, because I can't draw well here. We got representing the great Hoosier State. Obviously Indiana, who grace state in the world. You gotta represent this, I think is Maryland. It's my roommates, not mine. So I really couldn't tell you here. You got my tennis stuff because you know, I'm always grinded. You know, that deep three athlete lifestyle. I'm just grinding all the time. You three athletes up here, we got the man, The myth, the legend. Reggie Miller. You can't go in a dorm room in Indiana. You're a cluster Now. I want to take a second to appreciate. Look at this beautiful table. This beautiful table, you might say. Oh, maybe I bought it off Amazon. Maybe I bought it somewhere. No, my roommate will feature and like, two seconds he's been in the video. So go check him out and check me out. Because I'm also sometimes. So my roommate made this table with his bare hands. Carve this cut. This would burn this into the top table. So everyone check out tables for tuition. I'll tell them right there. You know, years chilling. I don't want to climb up to my bed. I'll come lounge here. It's a nice little Bhutan. Falls out into a bed, as you see behind me were represented in case we ever forget what days are for the boys Saturdays. Always for the boys. So you have my beds up here. I gotta make that climb. Look here every time I want to snooze way. Got this. Nice broke ou 40 something inch TV. Beautiful. We got a fridge full of stock. Get in here. Check that out. We got Gatorade's. We got a little pick me up if you need it. And we got a bunch of water because, as we know, as I've always preached, hydration is key. Then we got the Xbox over here. All your gaming needs taking care of their If you ever wanna get walked in Madden, you know, to hook me up. Um, this is where Jake sleeps. And then we got the deaths over here because, you know, I'm all about the books. So all my books are here. My snacks, my fuel Throughout the day, as you can see all my clothes, it's a nice closet. Decent size father. It's on this side on the door. Got my hats. He got my hats, my towels, These things key. If you're about to go to college, get a shower county. You're gonna need it. I guarantee you. You get one of these. I should have to, but I just have a lot of So So you see, you got all my clothes, My jerseys shot, my boy. Jason Tatum, represent, please notice me. Jason, I love you. Yeah, that's about it. As you intel, dorm rooms are pretty small, so there's not much to work with. But I think we did the best with what we could. Um, if you want comment below, if you want to see Aaron's room, we'll give a dorm tour of that one. All right, now that you guys have seen the room, let's hop into these questions. You guys asked me. So if you didn't see, I asked you guys ask me questions on Snapchat and Instagram. And if you don't follow me, please do so. So you don't miss the next time. Next Q and a. Once we hit 304 105 106 100. I'll keep doing these Q and A's just so you guys can get to know me as you guys grow as there's more of you gotta let you know who I am. What's your guilty pleasure? So I think my guilty pleasure when I'm in the car alone and, like everyone jams out in the car alone but like might go to jam session in the car is the soundtrack to the greatest show theme that movies does. So if you haven't seen it, go watch it. The soundtrack. Beautiful. So I guess that would probably be my guilty pleasure. Who's my favorite friend to make videos with? That's No, I know. Okay, so I think my favorite friend to make videos with is probably Michael Bailey, because first of all, he pretty much wrote produced all of boat and you haven't seen Boat. That's our song that came out last month. I think so. Go check that out. But the dude's the dude's smart dude. Smart. He knows what he's doing. So um, a he's a funny guy, so I think probably Michael's my favorite person to work with. What do you miss the most about Gary? So for those who don't know, Garin is the high school I went to, um, graduated, like, four months ago, so probably just the people. I mean, I had a lot of friends that are still going there now, keep in touch and stuff. But it was nice seeing those people every day, walking through the hallways. It's a nice place. It really is. Um, yeah, I loved high school high school. Which do you prefer? High school or college? Now this one's tough because I've been in college for like a little over a week Now. It's pretty dope. Not gonna lie. Colleges don't get a lot of free time. You kind of do what you want, kind on your own. There's an adjustment period, but it's a lot. You meet a lot of people. It's a good time. But I also loved high school high school. A lot of people hate on high school like it's not a good time. I enjoyed my time in high school. I had a really good four years, so I would say in the moment right now, I'd prefer high school. But that could very well change in the near future because college is pretty sick. So yeah, how does one have such good looking friends, or are any of them single? That Caleb kid sure looks cute available. The key to having good looking friends is to be good looking yourself. And so that's how I like to approach a situation like that. Just if I'm looking good than other good looking people wanna hang out with me and it's just it comes full circle. So it really is. And yes, so Caleb is single and available. So Caleb probably seen here and my videos a couple times. So yeah, if you if you're interested, comment below I mean, I guess I can set it up. I'll be a matchmaker. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? I think it's because the glue it needs, like air to dry. So once inside the bottle, he doesn't have access to air to dry it out. That's what makes it stick. So want to take the cap off? The air comes inside, it dries up. That's when you get, like, really Dr Bader Leo. If you could date one beautiful and wonderful Catholic woman, who would you choose and why? I'm gonna have to go with the love of my life since probably eighth grade. And that's my girl, Slim Gomez. I mean, what else? What more could you want in a girl? I Justin's out doing his thing. So you need a rebound. Selena, I'm here for you. All right? I know you're watching. I got you. Is Papa John's Jimmy John's dad? But yes. Would you rather find a horse sized duck Or 1000 duck sized horses give you one horse sized duck? I feel like I feel like I could take them. I feel like you'd be a little slow. I'll be quick. I could get around it. Where is the couch, guys? Remember Couch Gate way back when this started this channel? The couch is currently sadly sitting on my front porch back home. So if anyone I mean anyone, please wants to take it off my hands or my parents hands. Please just reach out to me. I will willingly give it to you. How's DePaul? It's dope. We'll give you man in San Diego a shadow. I got you Sam Doyle living life out in Cali. Everyone go give him a following. Instagram. He's a good guy, all right. Last but not least, I have a request to feature one of my good friends songs as the outside this video. So while you enjoy this outro, please check out my friend rather well, she's spotify. She's really talented. She makes really good music. So please check that out and I'll see you guys next week. Who's We'll get 1000. You're too, baby. All right, So moved in. Why am I out of breath? I don't know. So I moved in here about five days ago. 665 or six days. E O. Move back into the paw into fraternity, this time no longer in the dorms. Got a decent sized room compared to last year. Back on the college routine. Starting practice, starting school. It's a little different than when? The summer when I could just shoot whatever I wanted. So might as well start out this year. Same way we started out last year with a dorm tour. Well, the room, but I don't know, enjoy. Welcome to the crib. So probably the main feature of this new room is this nice, wonderful leather couch. In a fun fact about it, it reclines. Yeah, no. Over here on my side of the room, we have my desk Now. Obviously, in my desk is where I do my homework and all that stuff. But more importantly, it's where I can shoot my videos. I entered a lot of videos here, so be expecting a lot since I moved in yesterday. I'm still rearranging a few things. So right now You guys were sitting on a goldfish box, but we'll get all set up and we'll be cooking out some videos coming up soon. Trust me. Obviously, I came prepared with the essential goods. 41 ounces of Skittles, The cool light I talked about in the last video. Another light, a calendar. But I'll hopefully use at some point in my life. And, of course, business cards. Boom about upping bada boom like and subscribe. Now the view from the reclining couches. Pretty nice. We got a TV set up here. The X box, a movie, a baseball bat that was here when we got here. Saturdays for the boys, That banging. So yeah, overall, Good little main attraction Main set up here over on my roommate side of the room. We got another couch. Boom, boom. We got another TV and a few more posters. We got the mini fridge over here locked and loaded with the good stuff. A lot of mountain D'oh sitting pretty there. Got some snacks. Do sit around a closet space. She's nice. Close, more clothes. Close, close, close. So yeah, pretty decent sized room. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Quick little dorm to her now back to old, wide or future old white for you guys Future white for me because I haven't recorded that part yet, but yeah, enjoy him. Sounds cool. All right. Yeah. So that's what we're living with. Um, as you can see the set up here, I'm at the desk. I got this right above me, which is awesome. I love it. Honestly. Not a terrible set up for YouTube and everything. So should be good to go on that front, but yeah. So I asked you guys to ask me some questions. Same thing I did this before. Asked you guys asked me questions about college, about fraternity, about life, about literally anything. So let's answer them. What's the best part of going to this school? Um, that's tough. There's a lot of good things. I just one thing for me I really like Here is the campus size. So, like, it's a small school like there's not a lot of people compared to, like, bigger state schools. But the campus doesn't feel like a small school. It's kind of spread out. So it's like you don't feel like you're in a very small school, which is nice. It's good to kind of not feel like you're just couldn't find a small area. Which something I really like about this campus. So yeah. Next up. Do you have a girlfriend? Um, no. Thank you for asking. Thank you for reminding me. Bang, Kill Mary Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice. Um, I don't want to kill any of them. All right, we respect. We went on this channel, so I'm just gonna choose who I marry. Um, I would marry Selena Gomez. What is your life motto? So I've told a few people this my one motto with one rule that I think I can just sum up all rules, all laws, all obligations as humans. Drummer. Please don't be stupid. It's easy if you think about it. Literally. Any rule, any law that you've ever been told can be filed under the giant law. Don't be stupid. Oh, you want to kill someone? No, don't be stupid. Oh, you want to steal someone else's stuff? Don't be stupid. Oh, you wantto go to Japan and film in a forest that you should be filming at. Don't be stupid. You wanna eat sunscreen Don't be stupid. Literally. Everything can fall under. Don't be stupid. So that is the life model that I live by. As if everyone in the world just doesn't be stupid. Gonna have a lot less problems. So there's my life advice. How can you look at a baby and name it? Gary? I don't know, man. I don't know if Gary. Yeah, that's tough. That's tough. Like a nice newborn baby boy. And just call it Gary. I apologized to carries out there. I don't know, man. I don't know how you could do that. What is your favorite activity do on campus? Well, besides this No, it's this making videos for you guys. Vikings record predictions this season. All right, so we'll be realistic. I've been a little biased in the past When making predictions on how the Vikings will d'oh! I genuinely think we can win the division. I don't think it's going to be easy, but I think I think 11 wins can win the division. So I'll put us at 11 5 and winning the NFC North. How are you? Even a sophomore in college also love you and miss you? I know. I look like I'm 12. I've made it a point in this channel that I look like I'm 12. I understand. I looked like I had 12. I act like I'm 12 sometimes, but hey, talk to me in, like, 30 years from now when I look like I'm 21. What's it like being international superstar? You know, sometimes it's tough, really. Um, only the best thing for me is just Always remember where I came from. Keep me grounded a little bit. Um, I really started from the bottom. I mean, we used to only have, like, 500 subscribers. Now we're like, 5 50 And it's just blows my mind how we can just grow so quickly. So really all credit to you guys. Thank you for Game is this moment. I wouldn't be anywhere without you guys, so honestly Oh, my credit to you Stay humble. Best Disney movie. Only one correct answer. Of course. Uh, I made a video on it. It's Team Beach movie. Not even close. Any argument you could make for any other movie is just wrong. Objectively, it's wrong. Subjectively it's wrong. You're wrong. It's Team Beach movie. If you could customized one thing in your normal life, what would it be and how would you customize it? If I understand this question correctly, I think I would go weather and I would make it. So The whether I would choose is the weather. When it's like just about to rain, it's like there's like the 5 to 10 minute period where you don't know if it's gonna rain. So you're sitting outside like Is it gonna rain? Or is it not like you just don't know? That's like my favorite weather ever like that little in between like rain and sunshine. You see the dark clouds there. They're like, you know, a storm could be coming, but also it could just kind of, like, fizzle out and just not be anything. If you could be a professional athlete for any sport besides tennis, which border would it be? Basketball would be sweet, because I feel like that's the most like, harmless way to be an American icon because I feel like footballs, like like the forefront of American sports right now. But it's just like I don't want to die like that scares me. Look at me. I wouldn't survive. Um, so I think basketball, ideally, if I could be, like, really good were, like, so good that just came natural. So I'd have to, like, work that hard. Sounds bad. But, like, come on. So probably basketball. If you could sign a brandy with one clothing brand. What one? His goodwill clothing. Brent, I'm gonna choose Goodwill. All right. Thank you guys for submitting questions. Honestly, thank you guys for support. Um, hopefully get back on a regular posting schedule soon. Make sure to check out the podcast. I'm shooting a few episodes here soon, and always check out the 9 to 5 dot co right here. Boom. Go sign up, log in, Do whatever you gotta D'oh! I'm posting their daily. So yeah, keep up with my stuff. Thank you guys for watching. And I'll see you guys next time. Yeah, Dream girls dream and not be dreaming This'd all the days You got me Seen it Said I love you, baby No one meaning Okay, Yeah. Okay. What's up, guys? My name's white Men's grand welcome. Did you shoot a video like right now? No way. That's so This is where it happens. This with cabins. Dude, we got to make a video together. Collab, I tell all my friends. Watch your video. I'll get you a bunch of use. I promised you didn't Honestly, Like I thought about starting my own YouTube channel one time. Like I made a project for my English class and my teacher, like, really? Like it got, like, a B plus. And I think that anything was really good. I used my movie and puts a few clips together, Put some dope music behind. It was really sweet. I shot the whole thing. Was my go pro, right? That's what's up, everyone. It's Monday morning. I am so excited for today. Today I'm going to class. Then I'm going to practice. Then I'm gonna get something to eat, and then I'm gonna get a bet. It's gonna be an amazing day. I hope you guys have a wonderful day. I know I will. Okay, guys, it's Tuesday. So today's schedule been to go to class, You need a practice. Gonna eat, then go to bed. See you guys tomorrow. What's a video about? You tell me what you're shooting at. You don't tell me. Don't tell me. I want to be surprised. Do not tell him the video. Tell me a little bit scary a little bit, please. All right. As promised. It's Wednesday. Today I'm going to class practice and you're a bed. OK, so today's video what I want to talk to you guys about. OK, so today's video we're gonna be talking in today's video way like camping is intense, intense, but also intense. It's double, double meat. Whatever. Yeah, nothing. Oh, well, times it may get repetitive here at least every day. I gotta walk out and stepped foot under this. Beautiful. To be quite honest, the best part about being a youtuber on campus. So everyone around here is just so supporting of what I d'oh! What's up, man? Hey, do it. You need to shut the up. Yeah, See you later. And I honestly didn't feel like you need me to do anything for your video whatsoever. I'll do it like you mean like jump off like a building for you. I'll do it don't crap games on no help. Oh, geez. I don't know what I'm talking about anywhere. I've been talking myself for, like, 30 minutes, and I'm going crazy. You gotta put me in. You're out. You're out to be so sick. You like David Dover was, like between me and David's over, like, describe all that. Oh, my God. I've been getting dirty money. Jordan Belfort second pit stop