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In this video, my friend, Natalie, and I talk about the weather in Des Moines, the size of campus and the environment/surrounding area. The intimate size of Drake really makes me feel more connected to my peers and my professors, and I like that I am never more than 10 minutes away from any building. At Drake you don't feel like another number in their statistics. The faculty really does care about you and they want to see you succeed.

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Emily Muench
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So Natalie and I are walking to class, and we figured that while we're on our way there, we would answer some frequently asked questions. So a lot of people ask about the size of our school. So drinks undergrad is about three thousand people, and with graduate students, it's about a population of five thousand. I really like this campus, sighs I long with Emily because there's just there's enough people that you're not constantly seeing the same people. There's always room to make friends in different clubs to join, but it's small enough where I feel like I'm gonna be intimate with my professors and in this student in my major that I need to work with every day. I also really like it because since the campus is so intimate and like compact that your class sizes are never too big to the point where you feel like you're just another number and you can get a class and guaranteed well under ten minutes, no matter what, where you're living on campus. So another question that we get a lot here is what is the weather like right now? Today it's pretty hot. It's pretty humid and yeah, it's a nice day. Uh, the wind just kind of cuts through you and it gets kind of icy and snowy. Since the campus is pretty small, it's never like you're outside. All the trees get very colorful and pretty, and it's my favorite season here. Um, but since we're so close to downtown, it's never more than a bus ride away, which is really nice because sometimes when you want to get off campus, you could just go downtown, get some lunch or go shopping and stuff like that. Personally, I really like our size and style of campus. When I, which were other schools that had really big campuses. I felt like I was really overwhelmed and I didn't know where anything Wass. I feel like Drakes campus is so nice that you know where everything is, and you know that if you need to get off campus, there's definitely ways to do that. Well, we need to get to class, but I hope that answers some of your questions about Drake.