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The Bell Center

The Bell Center is the perfect place on campus to work out, play sports, take fitness classes and hang out with friends. Inside, there are 8 gymnasium courts, 4 racquetball courts, a fitness studio and a pool.

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Emily Muench
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This is one of the fitness centers on campus, and it's really cool because they have a group fitness classes, David, Jim, and they also have a dance studio where you could just kind of do random kinds of exercises. Down? No. And personally, this is my They have a record ball courts and or and so you can equipment. Also played wishes the Super Friends numbers and this is one of the main parts of the world. Fitness from here, a bunch of different action work out. They host things like volleyball tournament, Other fun things in here. This is all sorted just to hang out with friends. One of my favorite events that they host in here during the school year is during Drake Relays, which is they host this big volleyball tournament where it's a six on six. Their food and pizza and prizes is a super fun time, and this is the fitness studio. This is also my favorite rooms because it has a nice for one day, and also you can just do random stuff so here it is. Well, we'll talk about it outside because it's kind of why I'm here in the fitness studio. They have things like ballet bar and hip hop and God and fun, things like.