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Thinking about Eastern Connecticut State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Eastern Connecticut State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Eastern Connecticut State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Eastern Connecticut State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Eastern Connecticut State University experience. These Eastern Connecticut State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Justus an f y i tze how close campuses to my house. See this white Ours right here in this, like weird building that is campus so pretty for breaking close if you ask a great way. So this is my room. This is my bed that's never made. But like what else is Lou? These are my pictures and all my things on my wall that are you know, that is really funny. Um, this is the backdrop. And then here's my computer my sides able things Incense college Stressful. Now we got more candles because colleges dress cool. Then we have my cute little you who is the cutest little thing ever in the whole world. Right here is just where I keep all of my shoes and make her pictures. Here are my post doing with plates that have not put on weight on my shoes. My huge carpet My giant cause it doesn't mess are going into And then some other cute bald, no neck, But yeah, so use general way I knew my This's the changing library. Check it out. This is the first. We're gonna take a quick check. Right Delete Press, which is a library cafe that people go to. It's pretty popular. It's got the best any of these on campus and more explicit sitting lives. Do your homework, then you get it. Our next unit's achievement center. Also, Moses the backlash. I want a first year student. You come here to get ours and for the homework, because usually comes up to eighteen hours, but it's pretty useful and a lot of work done when I come here, okay? Lastly, this is the Academic Services Center. This is where most of us come and talk to their advisors about really anything to talk about. I came here a lot to change my major. I've changed my major three times, but if I didn't really helpful and they're always there for you and you always just to let you know when you could meet them whenever you want on Wednesdays from two before you have open hour so you could walk into any time with any advise or not just your own. This is the second floor of the library checkout in return books of circulation. That's it's a nice spot for a resting. This is a third for life, which is also known as the wife. If you need to study without any distractions or noise, this is where you go in motion. This is you. On nights like this before four, which is the last you couldn't find. The Archives Library has four hundred thousand volumes in over So right now I am standing in a classroom here. Web Hall, one of her academic buildings. Average class size is twenty three and student faculty ratio is fifteen point six to one. Also in Whitehall, you confined Professor's office is working with them for Bob Sours, lecture halls and more fashions like this. I'm still in with Paul, and I'm gonna show you guys real quick where the offices are found from professors Typical you'LL find yourself down here when you're signing up to meet with them regarding homework, classwork, anything you really need to know. And during advising week, you can sign up for a time and go over with you the classes you'LL be taking next year and make sure that you're on track to graduate on time. Hey, T Ana, where are we right now? Okay, so we are actually in the science building, and this is one of the lecture halls. The science building offers courses in classroom for math and science and has offices for the professor's as well. The science building has labs and regular classrooms, and the labs are especially clicked for chemistry and biology. So this is one of the main lecture halls. And this is where I had my chem class last semester. Let's go check out one of labs. Something I really like about coming to Eastern is that the class sizes are generally small, which gives me a better chance to build a relationship with my classmates and my professor that we know each other on a first From volleyball, basketball to animals to pep rallies. You'LL find yourself in the Geisler gymnasium over time through a school here on our sports games here in the gym, or somebody gets super rowdy and shows a lot of spirit. As you can see with going on right now, last month's enemy reliable and our team won the championship get super super competitive. So this is the fitness centre before machines and waits, and it's a good place to come and work out. It's open, say Moses Student Okay, so this is basically middle of campus. Here is our student center. That's where most of our that's go on. My car conferences that you just saw. Um hey, so what we're sitting in right now is our outdoor feeder. So this is the stage on DH. That is where everyone's supposed to sit. Haven't attended one of those yet, but you know, when that happens, I'll be there. This is our fine arts buildings of your art nature. That's where you'LL be. Ninety percent. Oh, and right over there in the comes building, which actually just got bills. Two. That's great. That would services building, that is, they would services building. And that's where you go. If you have any financial aid issues any like on campus jobs, you could check. They're all types of fun stuff. Um, you're gonna spend a lot of time in there your freshman year. I'll tell you that right now, but other than that, that's pretty much what the students Hey, guys. So I won't be giving you my dorm tour. I live in Constitution Hall, which is a first year residents hall. That is sweet style. So let's get into it. So when you first walk in directly to your left, you're going to find our closet in here is basically some miscellaneous stuff. We've got two suitcases are vacuum. I used this. When I go home on weekends, I use it to carry heavy things. Definitely recommend one of those. We hang our coats up and we've got some bathroom and cleaning supplies up here. So from here, turn left. We're going to find our vanity area. Here is where we wash our hands. We brush our teeth, we can do our hair Sometimes We got straightener right there, but yeah, So I really like this because you put some led lights up here. So at night, it's really cool when all the lights are out. But yeah, and next to my left again is our toilet room. We've got a toilet to a paper holder. It's nice to have a trash can in here. We have our plunger and we had twelve. Paper holder here is well and, you know, thes air. Always relevant for twenty rooms and walking out down the hall right here is our shower room. So right here, you'LL find our actual shower. I think it's a pretty nice size, and right here we have hold our shampoo conditioner. We have our cards, this one's mine stuff like my shampoo conditioner stuff down there. And I even have a robe that I like to use right here and my towel. We have hooks to hold those things, and that's about it. So next we're going to show you my room. So here's a quick overview of what it looks like. And when you walk in directly to the right, you're going to find to Klaus, sit, So show you my closet. They're pretty spacious. As you can see, I have a lot of room left, even though there's a lot in there. So a top. I have all my sweat shirts folded. I got my nice clothes just so they don't get wrinkly. I definitely recommend one of these. This is a shoe rack. As you can tell, I have a lot of shoes, so it's very helpful. Don't to throw him on the ground coming moccasins, but that's really it. I've got some hats right here. Have some hats hung up here with my scarf. I hold my purse is there, and lastly is my laundry bag directly to the left of here. You're gonna find my roommates closet and a mirror, which is very hopeful when you need to see outfit of the day, you know? So next is this area. This is where we have our many friends, which I highly recommend. It's a necessity for college students. Kind of keep some, you know, drinks keeping cold. We have some fruit Hamas, stuff like that. But these are kind of a necessity. Also, we have ah, freezer, which we kind of keep our ice cube trays in here, and that's pretty much it. And above, this is our cure IG one hundred percent of your coffee. Drinker. You need to bring one of these to school because you're gonna wake up in mornings and you're not going to want to have to walk across campus to go get a coffee. But yes. So we've got some plates, bulls, even utensils, coffee, tea and some cups. Next up is my desk So as you can see the Dexter pretty big. I have a mirror right here because I like to do my makeup in the mornings right here. You can hang stuff up. I have a calendar right here, which is weekly, which I really, really love compared to the monthly ones like that one. Because I have more room to write out what I'm doing for that day. And I think it's easier to keep track of time when I do it this way, but yeah. Okay, so let me show you a storage space isn't here. So this is where I keep my class binders and I've got one, two, three, four. I've got foreign. Those are pretty big binder. So that shows you just how much space these have. Then I have, like, my everyday necessities, like deodorant, perfume, hair brush, jewelry. I've got some nail polish, makeup brushes, stuff like that. And this is one of the bigger drawers. It goes all the way back. I've got my hair stuff, my makeup bag and a lot more. And there's one more. This is where I keep my writing utensils, which has a lot more space, too. That's pretty much it for right here. But I really like the dusk there, very spacious. And I pretty much have extra storage because they're that big. So next up is my bed. My bed was actually lowered not too long ago because this how our beds came at for height and I just got sick and tired of jumping up to get onto my bed. So I got it lowered, and I'm so happy I did that. I honestly think I sleep better with it lower, but yeah, So blow my bed. You're going to find one of my bureaus, which is right here. And I have sweat pants in this first one and sweaters in this bottom one and to the left, I have some blankets, toilet paper, water bottles, books. There's a lot of storage under the beds, but since my lower I don't have as much storage, but plenty so quick view of what we can see from our beds. This is Web Blanc. This's where a lot of activities and events go on when it's warmer out. So I'm super excited for that. I mean, my roommate actually had the idea of stacking two of our bureaus on top of each other as, like, side desk to our beds. And honestly, it's the best idea we've ever had. We've got some books right here. Lollipops for friends that come over some tissues. Be better controllers, water bottles. We have a diffuser, I hope my glasses here and stuff like that, just like the everyday things you need that you just put on inside your bed. But that was a great idea. This is my room mates and my two or the bottom. And I keep my show. You. I keep my laundry stuff and my shower stuff in here and down here is my snack drawer. Clearly I likes next quick overview of what my roommate side looks like. If your bed comes higher, this's how much stores you get. It which I gotta say, is a lot like more than enough, and we'LL show you what it looks like to be lying in bed. We've got our TV right here, and we have a PlayStation in a clock. I definitely recommend having a TV, because sometimes it just gets boring at night. And it's fun to be ableto relax and have the TV going. Watch the movies with friends. Here's my roommate's desk, and these are our two bureaus. The top ones, my roommates and this one's mind. This is like my everyday clothing kind of stuff. Just the basics. Here's the door to get in a room. We have to keep chain holders right here and our trash. But yeah, that's about it.