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Mikaila shows you her Favorite Spot to do Work

Video Location Michael C. Carlos Museum

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Mikaila Schmidt
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I am a huge proponent of setting new room with no sound and no distractions, because that's the only way that I could do it. When I have forty five minutes in between classes and I'm on campus anyway, I love to come up to this secret spot above the Carless Museum, which is a really cool museum on campus that I'll show you guys later. It's a super secret private spot that I didn't even know about until my junior year. It's really, really beautiful and super super nice. You gotta climb all of those stairs, so not best to do it. I don't like day and it overlooks the entire quad. So you can't really beat these views. It's actually amazing, especially when it's nice outside. So when I do study on campus, this is my good to spot, But keep it a secret, all right?